Too Bitter to Swallow

Too Bitter to Swallow

by San


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The controversy is like a storm in a tea cup or the Shakespearean phrase-Much Ado about Nothing or much fuss about nothing. In modern era, when innovation and invention are guiding or motivating factors, both are supposed to be enterprising or gifted with the quality called enterprise to out-beat the stifling competition in markets. Then there ends the matter: entrepreneurs and enterprising businessmen are the same and those on the fence or sticking to traditions-traditional businessmen-will have to mend their ways or face the disastrous consequences.

Economic development should be complemented by social as well as human resource development to bring off or pull off overall development for a nation or a state. And that overall development should in all sense be fairly distributed all over and not just in concentrated pockets. This is amply evident from the gaping contrast in situation between Maharashtra and Kerala.

When this kind of overall development sets in, begins the boom in flow of money to markets and subsequent boost in business at every nook and corner. That is the inherent connection between overall development and business, again crystal clear beyond doubt from the situation in Kerala.

This is the reason why trade is the highest employment-provider, both direct and indirect, in God's Own Country and deserves an emphatic approval as industry from 'real' experts.

So a vibrant manufacturing sector is not essential for a nation or a state to project itself as industrially or economically developed!

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ISBN-13: 9781945579684
Publisher: Notion Press, Inc.
Publication date: 07/19/2016
Pages: 124
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About the Author

After 'gasping for breath' for 26 years in journalism, San is now trying his luck through his first book as an author. Born, brought up and educated in Kerala, San endeavours to make his voice as loud as possible by way of all literary techniques at his disposal. But then none can achieve that landmark without his readers' recognition.

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