Too Blessed to be Stressed for Moms

Too Blessed to be Stressed for Moms

by Debora M. Coty

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Do you feel like you’re drowning in the everyday stress-pool? . . .
Wish you could make busy-ness a business so you’d be a millionaire? . . .
Welcome to the maternal order of slightly sagging sisters of the 'hood. The motherhood. 

With her own offbeat brand of wit and near-wisdom, popular inspirational humorist Debora Coty addresses heart needs of moms drowning in the churning stress-pool of busyness. In her beloved mom-to-mom, grin-provoking style, Coty offers empathy, laughs, real-life stories, practical parenting survival tips, and fresh biblical insights to help you hear Papa God’s still, small voice through life’s chaos. 

Whether you're struggling with stress related to attitude, time-management, guilt trips, patience, or something in between. . .this humor-filled volume will deliver a much-needed smile and equip you with simple-to-implement tips for attaining the peace we all crave—the peace that passes all understanding.


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ISBN-13: 9781683229162
Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Incorporated
Publication date: 09/01/2018
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 224
File size: 638 KB

About the Author

Debora M. Coty is a popular humorist, speaker, and award-winning author of numerous inspirational books, including the bestselling Too Blessed to be Stressed line. Deb considers herself a tennis junkie and choco-athlete (meaning she exercises just so she can eat more chocolate). A retired piano teacher and orthopedic occupational therapist, Debora currently lives, loves, and laughs in central Florida with her husband, Chuck, and three grandbuddies and one grandprincess. Deb would love to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and her Too Blessed to be Stressed blog at her website, While you're there, sign up for her free e-newsletter!

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PMS: Pretending Mom's Sane

Motherhood Mayhem

If I keep my eyes on GOD, I won't trip over my own feet.


As a first-time, expectant mom, I smiled in breathless awe as I prepared the baby's room, washing crinkly stiffness out of brand-new crib sheets, smoothing them to perfection over the mattress of the newly assembled crib, and arranging — then rearranging — adorable baby animal–themed mobiles and pillows in anticipation of the arrival of my precious son.

Every morning I stood by my baby's bed and lovingly patted the sacred, hallowed place he would lay his sweet little head.

Then one day, my hand came up hairy. What was this? Cat hair? In my baby's bed? No. No. NO!

I hid behind the couch, spying on our snowy-white cat, Shawna. Sure enough, she'd taken to jumping up and sleeping in the crib. In the all-about-me nature of felines, she'd apparently assumed that her humans had provided this soft new domicile just for her napping pleasure. After all, up to that point, she'd been the sole recipient of our love and attention — our furry baby.

Okay. Surely this misunderstanding could be resolved. Shawna simply had to learn her boundaries.

I gently shooed her out. She leaped right back in.

I hoisted her out of the forbidden crib and transplanted her to the opposite side of the house. Ten minutes later, she was back, whiskers bristling and tail twitching in annoyance.

"Nuh-uh, you bad girl!" I fussed, attempting to use her food bowl as redirection. She turned up her nose and hightailed it back to the nursery.

I chased her with a shoe. She hissed at me.

Do demons possess cats?

The war was on. But that strong-willed feline kept winning every battle.

So I shut the door. Shawna would surely forget about the crib during the remaining weeks until the baby came.

Ahhh. Enter beautiful baby Matthew. His name means "God's gift."

Yep, that's what we tell people, anyway.

In truth (now don't judge me, girlfriend), Chuck and immensely pregnant I chose that name during a midnight showing of Invasion of the Body Snatchers at the local theater. The lead character Matthew (played by Donald Sutherland) was being chased by human-replacing aliens hatched from grotesquely throbbing, mucus-oozing, casket-sized pea pods (inspiring plot, right?). After we'd listened to evil aliens shout, "Mat-thewww ... Matthewww ...," for two hours, the name sorta stuck.

But hey, it sounds a lot Christian-er to say he's "God's gift," don't you think?

I digress.

So we brought our delightful bundle of joy home from the hospital, took a bazillion photos, beamed as relatives, friends, and neighbors oohed and aahed, then tiptoed into the nursery to lay the sleeping infant in his crib.

But someone was already there.

Shawna had reclaimed her territory.

The battle of wills resumed, both sides more ardent than ever: In, out. In, out. In, OUT!

Then the dreadful last straw when I peeked in to check on my peacefully sleeping baby and found the infernal cat draped across his warm little head.

"That's it!" I cried. "You're outta here!" Snatching Shawna up like a four-legged rag doll, I heaved her out the front door. "See how you like being an outdoor cat from now on."

Well, she didn't like it one smidgen, no ma'am. That stubborn critter dashed inside every time the door opened, only to be rounded up and tossed back out. Her outrage was palpable. Hell hath no fury like a female scorned ... regardless of the species. She was one torqued, snarling, revengeful soul, let me tell you.

Then one Sunday morning I found her perched on the couch like the queen she was convinced she was. She'd apparently snuck in and decided to demonstrate her smug sovereignty. Ousted yet again. But wait. Something seemed ... off.

On the ride to church, I kept sniffing. Hmm. Did the baby need a diaper change? No, but something wasn't right; I just couldn't put my finger on it.

A faint acrid odor kept niggling my senses during the worship songs. Then as the pastor began preaching, I reached into my purse for a pen to take notes. Yikes! What in the world? It was sopping wet in there! I held up my dripping pen and a sodden roll of Life Savers — now black and slimy — as the sharp ewww of ammonia slapped heads in my direction.

Cat urine. That spiteful cat had taken revenge by peeing in my purse.

How she managed to straddle my open purse (a male I could understand, but a female?) will forever remain a mystery, but everything in there was completely ruined. My wallet and all it contained ... saturated. And the horrific smell! Gag. I ended up having to throw that purse and its contents away. Except the cash. I'm far too, um, frugal (some might even say tightwadical) for that.

The only positive consequence was that it was a great excuse to spend those reeking bills faster than a bride at Bloomingdale's. I deftly ignored the wrinkled noses and arched eyebrows of the poor cashiers handling the nasty stuff. They doubtless thought I'd fished it out of a sewer.

Sigh. Just another day in a mother's life, right?

Challenges are definitely part of the motherhood download. No getting around it, so we just have to get through it. Not only must we manage the moods and ravages of our own roller-coaster hormones, we somehow have to juggle the craziness balls of everyone else under our roof.

Jealous pets are just one of the milder hazards. Between midnight colic, leaky diapers, projectile vomiting, weapons of mass destruction (toddlers), car-seat chaos, skinned appendages, gum-matted hair, sibling crash dummies, trampled feelings, adolescent hormonal tsunamis, and endless teen angst, moms must grope deep inside their battered souls for compassion. And a few slivers of humor wouldn't hurt.

Thankfully, our Creator thought of everything. Did you know pregnancy actually alters a woman's brain, changing the size and structure of areas involved in emotional attachment to their young? A recent Nature Neuroscience study found that motherly nurturing skills — like perceiving the feelings and perspectives of others — are enhanced in pregnancy and continue for at least two years after giving birth. Darn good thing too.

Wouldn't it be awesome if this extra helping of grace and forbearance lasted throughout those turbulent teen years? But hey, we'll be grateful for any crumbs we get and do the best we can.

Even if it sometimes feels like it's not enough.

Like when we make awful parenting mistakes. When we drop those do-it-all juggling balls. When we're positive our kids will turn out to be serial killers.

I'll never forget the day my teenage daughter informed me that she'd probably be in therapy for years due to my mothering. Ouch.

My response? "Well, it's your job to be a better mother than you had. It was my job and my mother's and her mother's before that. Keep all the good stuff and improve on the bad. One day in the future, maybe one of our descendants will get it right."

Listen, sister-mom, we don't have to wallow in shame over our mothering mistakes. Every single one of us makes 'em. Some hide them better than others, but we all fail at times. And it's okay. Really, it is. Papa God created us as imperfect, stumbling, what-was-I-thinking humans, knowing we'd be raising offspring just as flawed as we are.

The good news is that our heavenly Father loves us to pieces anyway. And wants us to look to Him as the only example of a perfect parent.

So guess what? Ten years after my daughter's doomful pronouncement of my mothering deficiencies, she and her husband bought the house next door to us. Go figure. They now intentionally include me in every aspect of raising their three children. I rejoice that my maternal mistakes have somehow been smoothed over. Redemption is sweet!

And despite your misgivings, sweet thang, your redemption will be too. No matter how badly you think you're screwing up today. It's called God's grace.

So please don't beat yourself up with the vicious lie that you're the worst mother in the history of the world. You're not. Nor was I, although I would've bet the farm on it many days. You cannot judge your worth by your current circumstances. Don't allow yourself to fall into the emotional black hole of self-condemnation; Papa God's love for you is immeasurably bigger than your biggest blunders.

Well, except for the time you barbecued your cat. Oh. Wait. That was me.

Just kidding, cat lovers — Shawna wouldn't fit on the grill (I measured). She finally adapted to her outdoor abode and happily straddled flower pots to a ripe old age. How proud I am that she learned that skill on my purse.

Navigating the 'Hood (the MotherHood)

1. What were some of your biggest challenges as a new mother? How did you make it through?

2. Which do-it-all balls you're currently juggling are the hardest to keep in the air?

3. Do you struggle with self-condemnation? It's okay to admit it ... every mom does from time to time. How about pausing right now to lift those nagging feelings of failure up to your heavenly Father? You just never know what kind of redemption He has in store for you.

4. What keeps you sane in the midst of the motherhood mayhem? Hey, girlfriend, when you feel like life's falling apart, I know a really BIG Someone with a really BIG glue gun.


I'm Not Crazy — I'm CrazyBusy

Seeking Balance

I will strengthen you, surely I will help you. ISAIAH 41:10 NASB

Hey, did you hear about twenty-seven-year-old Amber Miller, who, in her thirty-eighth week of pregnancy, completed the 26.2-mile Chicago Marathon then checked into a hospital to plunk out a healthy baby girl?

Now that's what I call a mom on the fly!

Well, you and I might not officially run marathons, but we both know our feet fly at a marathoner's pace most days. So many things we must do; a few things we want to do; and countless things we should do.

You know, should is a dangerous word. It's a stress-filled, pressure-packed slave driver. It ruthlessly inflates the bulk of a mother's to-do list, often crowding out healthy sanity-essentials with guilt-induced clutter.

* "I should go to that parents' meeting; in a weak moment, I said I'd be treasurer."

* "My mother thinks I should cook a big dinner every night like she did."

* "I really should make time to bake a pie for my new neighbor."

* "Shouldn't I crochet cute beanies for my kids like Perfect Patti does?"

* "I should clean my house so the kids won't write notes in the dust."

Our shoulds may be fueled by self-comparisons with friends and neighbors, subtle cultural messages, high expectations imposed on us by church, civic, or family members, or maybe even unrealistic regulations we've self-inflicted to become a perfect mother ... as if that fairy-tale creature really exists.

But as every woman striving to squeeze into last year's skinny jeans knows, more isn't always better; sometimes it's simply overwhelming. You know, we can be whelmed without being overwhelmed. Whelmed is livable; overwhelmed is strangling. We just have to recognize that we truly do have the power to choose which shoulds are potential coulds ... and then unapologetically embrace the woman our choices make us.

Only then can we clear the choking clutter and take a deep, cleansing, reinvigorating breath. Whew. The pressure is now manageable.

Once when I was playing baseball with my preschool grandbuddy, Blaine, his mama started filming. Suddenly I couldn't pitch the ball straight for love nor money. "Whoa! The pressure's on!" I acknowledged, throwing the ball everywhere but over the plate.

Blaine, wise beyond his five years, calmly laid down his bat, reached for an imaginary faucet valve, turned it, and said, "Okay, Mimi. Now the pressure's off. Play ball!"

Yep, sometimes we need to take the initiative to turn off the pressure valve and just play ball. Here are a few tried-and-true suggestions to stymie the flow:

* Be stress-smart. When you're slammed into a stress mess, sit yourself down and have a calming cup of your fave hot beverage and a snack (not baby carrots — something satisfying but not too fattening so you don't add calorie remorse to your stress baggage). Close your eyes. Tune in to Papa God's loving presence ... His heartbeat ... His peace. Slap guilt to the curb when the tyranny of the urgent attacks; you are important. Everything else can wait a few minutes. I promise you the world will not end while you regroup. Unless the kids start a fire in your panty drawer.

* Move to the front. Promote yourself off the back burner. Don't argue, girl, just do it. You may sacrificially place yourself there routinely, but your Creator doesn't. You're a front-burner person to Him. He wants you to enjoy this marvelous gift of life He's given you, not sludge through it. So it's time to add a little fun to your day. Write yourself into your schedule for an hour of something you enjoy a minimum of three days a week — walk in the sunshine, bike a woodsy trail, sing, boogie, dig in your garden until you find Papa God there, get your nails done — whatever tingles your toes. Put that beautiful smile back on your face. And speaking of pots on burners ...

* Avoid BOOP — Boiling Oatmeal Overflow Phenomenon. BOOP is one of my Coty Near-Facts of Science (theories not yet proven by actual scientific studies but nonetheless known by women to be true). You see, I postulate that women are like pots of oatmeal; at the beginning of the day we simmer — little manageable bubbles of stress rise to the surface and harmlessly pop. But as the day progresses, the heat escalates and the oatmeal boils higher and wilder and meaner until it overflows and spoils everything around with a nasty, ugly, sticky mess. The key to avoiding BOOP is to know when to remove the pot from the heat.

* Be a dipstick. The Lord puts only enough fuel in your daily tank for you to arrive safely at the destination He's routed out for you. All the detours you add will either run you out of gas or land you in a ditch. Check your tank, review your destination, and then engage in the Three Ps: Prioritize, Plan, and Pace yourself.

Listen, you don't have to end up like the disheveled, disillusioned woman standing beside me at a high school graduation party who muttered with a weary sigh, "My children suck the marrow out of my bones."

Nope, you can be like my friend Debbie, mother of nine (yes, I said nine), who pronounced in the middle of her mothering marathon, "Resting and waiting can be more faith-filling than doing and overachieving."

She's right. It's all about keeping your balance as you pound the pavement.

Navigating the 'Hood

1. What are some of the shoulds that clutter your to-do list? Name two should items you can prune from your current list to begin decluttering.

2. Do you tend to put yourself on the back burner? In which ways? Do you think this pleases Papa God, who lovingly created you and loves to see you — His precious daughter — smile? (I begin to grasp my true worth when I consider that my heavenly Father feels the same way about me that I feel about my own beloved children ... on a good day!)

3. Does my BOOP theory apply to your average day? How?

4. So, dear one, will you intentionally remove your pot from the burner? Let's review the Three Ps:

* Prioritize

* Plan

* Pace yourself

How can you practice these Ps in your current circumstances?


Unbuttoning My Attitude

Finding Room to Breathe

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. GALATIANS 5:1 NIV

What kind of volcano-erupting pressure drives people nuts like the Orlando mother who chased the bully of her nine-year-old daughter, threw the kid off his bicycle, and slammed him into a concrete wall? After choking him and threatening death, she drove him home.

The woman later told police she didn't intend to hurt the boy.

Um ... what?

Well, maybe you and I don't intend to hurt anyone either, but when unrelenting stress takes its toll and that molten lava of passion begins surging from our innards, we lose control. It erupts in rage and frustration and people get burned — sometimes people we love.

I'm guessing one of the reasons this woman popped her cork was because she was an overworked, overtapped, over-sucked-out mom. Like me. Like you.

Sister-mom, are you stressed under? Does everything feel like it's heaped on top of you and you're unable to wriggle out from beneath the pile?

If so, you need an intervention before your hope gets smothered under there. Not to scare you, but hopelessness is a very real possibility. Its seeds are planted amid relentless busyness, and you don't realize it's taken root and started to kudzu your spirit until you can no longer envision a tomorrow that isn't as bleak as today. (If you're north of the Mason-Dixon, you might need to Google "kudzu vine," the green plague that's smothering the South.)


Excerpted from "Too Blessed to be Stressed for Moms"
by .
Copyright © 2018 Debora M. Coty.
Excerpted by permission of Barbour Publishing, Inc.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents

Stress Test for Moms,
SECTION 1: Why Didn't Anybody Warn Me?,
1. PMS: Pretending Mom's Sane (Motherhood Mayhem),
2. I'm Not Crazy — I'm Crazy-Busy (Seeking Balance),
3. Unbuttoning My Attitude (Finding Room to Breathe),
4. Moms Wearing Training Pants (Parenting Styles),
5. Prison Break (Scaling My Fences),
6. I'll Pencil You In at 4:53 (Time Management),
SECTION 2: So Where's the Ding-Dang Motherhood Manual?,
7. Lipstick on a Pig (Hidden Wounds),
8. Thinking Outside the (Sand)Box (Being Enough),
9. Becoming You-Nique (Finding My Mothering Niche),
10. Blabber Control Issues (Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Laugh),
11. Too Blessed to be Obsessed (Letting Go of Mom-Guilt),
12. Chocolate Caulks Relationship Cracks (Forgiveness),
SECTION 3: Coloring My World with the Crayons Papa God Gives Me,
13. Detoxifying My Stinky Face (Encouraging Others),
14. Zombie in Sweats (Finding Elusive Rest),
15. Mommas in the Trenches (Mom-Courage),
16. My Hair Stylist Is from Oz (Confidence),
17. Ripening Isn't Just for Bananas (Everyday Miracles),
18. Gratitude Is Glade for the Soul (Developing a Thankful Lifestyle),
SECTION 4: Mothering Is a Lifetime Gig,
19. They're Not Crow's-Feet; They're Chuckle Crinkles (Choose Laughter),
20. Letting Yourself Go (Emotional Damage Control),
21. Call Me Thrill Rider (Finding Adventure in the Mundane),
22. Morphing This Worrier into a Warrior (Worry),
23. Patience Should Be a Verb (Perseverance),
24. Give Yourself Some Grace (Hangin' Tough),
25. So How Does This Mom-Gig End? (Living in Hope),

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Too Blessed to be Stressed for Moms 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 34 reviews.
Carolm More than 1 year ago
This is a must have devotional for moms of all ages. But is essential for younger moms. The author uses wit, scripture and real life scenarios to provide a devotional that provide guidance in these changing times. This book provides sound advice to help moms through day to day stresses. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour publishing and was under no obligation to post a review
Ndfin More than 1 year ago
Are you a mom? Do you feel stressed? How do you deal with this stress? Debora M. Coty gives so many great practical pointers, scriptures and laughter in "Too Blessed to be Stressed for Moms"! I loved her stories and humor! Some of the chapters are Motherhood Mayhem, Time Management, Being Enough and They're Not Crow's Feet; They're Chuckle Crinkles. Loved how this book applies to real life! I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.
SusanKC More than 1 year ago
With a great amount of humor and insight, Ms. Coty provides sage advice for mothers who are overwhelmed by the expectations that are many times self-inflicted in a world that expects one to be able to do it all. I for one, found this was impossible. I expected myself to be the perfect wife, mother and teacher and found myself slowly drowning from stress, fatigue and failure. If only I had this book available to me at the time. I had to discover many of these truths over a period of years. Ms. Coty remind us to search for our blessings every day. While I am pass the stage of mothering young children, a mother never stops praying for her children. In the midst of each struggle, we need to remember that we are not alone. MS. Coty provides her reader with hope, that Our heavenly Father is with us at every stage, including the messy, chaotic stages in the rearing of our greatest treasures, our children. This is a wonderful devotional that would make a great gift for young mothers. The devotions are short and to the point with a short story, scripture, quotes and questions included as part of each devotion. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review. All opinions expressed are my own.
Librarycataloger More than 1 year ago
This book could make you cry but it will definitely make you laugh! Reading "Too Blessed to be Stressed for Moms" is like finding a series of therapy sessions that have been bound in a 5" x 7" book that you can fit in your purse! I am past the "mother stress stage" but I remember how it was and I just wish that this book had been available when I was the mom trying to stay afloat. There is a Stress Test for Moms at the beginning of the book to help determine your level of stress and then the therapy begins. Author Debora M. Coty has included scriptures, personal experiences, well-known (and lesser known) quotes, and a section titled Navigating the Hood (the MotherHood) at the end of each chapter to help readers better understand that they aren't the only ones feeling like "they just can't do it anymore". She shares a huge amount of wisdom and seasons it with a tremendous amount of humor! Yes, it is entertaining but the inspiration and motivation offered are the author's primary goals. Being a mother causes many emotions. There are moments of overwhelming fatigue, total humiliation, extreme embarassment and a need to run away. Debora M. Coty assures us that these feelings are normal and they can be overcome because mothers also experience intense love and immense love. I especially liked this observation that she makes near the end. On page 215 she writes "As jarring as it is to admit, mothers never stop being mothers. We'll always care about, fret over, and fiercely love our kids--bone of our bone and flesh of our flesh. Our Creator hardwired us that way; we relentlessly love our children like He relentlessly loves His (that would be you and me!) Proof positive that we mothers are very special--we ourselves are very loved and we are indeed very blessed! "Too Blessed to be Stressed for Moms" is applicable to a first-time mother with a new baby or to a mom with numerous children; if you're now a mother to teens, you can definitely relate to the stress factors! This is a book that can be recommended to all mothers. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.
ksucindy More than 1 year ago
Too Blessed to be Stressed for Moms is a must-read for every mom who has felt the stress of her God-given role as the mother of her offspring. Debora Coty approaches the subject of motherhood with all its ups and downs with laugh-out-loud humor and earned-by-experience wisdom. Moms of all ages will delight in her entertaining and thought provoking approach to managing this most important of all life's occupations. Reader will identify with her, laugh with her and seek out the scriptural references that will help equip them for this journey. I was so enthralled I read this book in one sitting and didn't want it to end. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.
Janet55 More than 1 year ago
I wish I had had this book when I was a young mom. Well written with christian humor Debora Coty will having you laughing a loud. You won't be able to help yourself. Her stories are true to what every mom goes through. Practical advice for everyday struggles ,readers will be lovingly touched by her reactions. Using biblical principles Coty applies bible verses to give the reader strength and guidance as we go into turbulent waters. Grab a cup of coffee and maybe even a chocolate bar and read along and discover how to let go and let God guide you through being a mom. This would make a great gift for a new mom or a mom you know that judges herself to harshly. I loved the hope this book inspires I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.
Wanda_M More than 1 year ago
In this humorous plus serious book Debora M. Coty tells it like it is. I really like her attitude toward things. I also love this book titled, TOO BLESSED TO BE STRESSED FOR MOMS. She actually made me laugh out loud as I read some of the chapters. Especially chapter one when she talked about the cat and what happened with her purse. I loved that chapter. Debora sounds as though she would make a good friend for any mom. And the way she said, "don't judge me girlfriend". I laughed out loud because I loved that part, and could actually see her looking at me so seriously and blinking. Such a cool attitude. And in chapter 11 when she talked about her husband Chuck and herself, packing their bags and sneaking into the car, and what Cricket did after that. That reached deep inside me and touched my heart. And on page 181 when she talked about the python, that one not only gave me the willies, but also made me laugh out loud too. Very good one indeed!! I love her humor. Plus; the very scary situation that took place in chapter 23. My eyes got wide in that one, as I gasped and read on. A must read for all moms, and even if you are not a mom. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.
MelissaGH More than 1 year ago
What a great book for Mom's of all ages! I am excited to share this with our daughter-in-love. From everyday situations to personal unique situations, this book is encouraging to everyone. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.
Emma6ES More than 1 year ago
Too Blessed To Be Stressed by Debora M. Coty Inspiration for Every Day: 365 Devotions for Women Hardcover Ready to be rescued from the joy-sucking dully-funks? The Too Blessed to be Stressed devotional offers up a daily dose of devotions (and humor) for a woman's heart. Thousands of women have had the pleasure of reading the wit- and near-wisdom-filled books from beloved inspirational humorist, Debora M. Coty. Her best selling Too Blessed to be Stressed has become a perennial favorite. Now, be ready to be rescued from the joy-sucking dully-funks... In this all-new 365-day devotional featuring just-right-sized, truth-filled readings (gift-wrapped in humor) for your heart. The Too Blessed to be Stressed daily devotional touches on everyday life topics like relationships, love, boundaries, hope, brokenness, and praise, while helping you to arrive at healing, refreshment, and revitalization of spirit, body, and faith. Read on, and be blessed! As a first-time, expectant mom, I smiled in breathless awe as I prepared the baby’s room, washing crinkly stiffness out of brand-new crib sheets, smoothing them to perfection over the mattress of the newly assembled crib, and arranging—then rearranging—adorable baby animal–themed mobiles and pillows in anticipation of the arrival of my precious son. Ahhh. Enter beautiful baby Matthew. His name means “God’s gift.” I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review. I highly recommend reading. Too Blessed To Be Stressed by Debora M. Coty is a wonderful well written 5 star book. I am looking forward to reading more books by Debora M. Coty. Too Blessed To Be Stressed by Debora M. Coty Too Blessed to be Stressed: 3-Minute Devotions for Women by Debora M. Coty Too Blessed To Be Stressed. . .Inspiration for Every Day: 365 Devotions for Women by Debora M. Coty Too Blessed to Be Stressed: Inspiration for Climbing Out of Life's Stress-Pool by Debora M. Coty 2019 Planner Too Blessed to be Stressed by Debora M. Coty Too Blessed to Be Stressed Perpetual Calendar: 365 Days of Inspiration and Encouragement from Debora M. Coty by Debora M. Coty Too Blessed to Be Stressed Cookbook: A Busy Woman's Guide to Stress-Free Cooking (Prep Time 20 Minutes or Less!) by Debora M. Coty More Beauty, Less Beast by Debora M. Coty Everyday Encouragement and Hope: A Daily Devotional for Women (Spiritual Refreshment for Women) by Debora M. Coty and Pamela L. McQuade
MEPinkham More than 1 year ago
This book is a keeper. Once again, Debora Coty has done what she does best. Her devotional is full of real life wisdom and a sense of humor. Through her writing, we get to see the everyday, not-always-easy life that is mom-hood. Our days are easier to face when we can see them from a different point of view. When we can approach them with humor and the knowledge that someone has walked that road before and come out smiling ( and hasn't pulled all of her hair out ).To Blessed to Be Stressed is like a pocket friend that can be pulled out when you have a few minutes,or when something's gotta give, or else.. There's even some sage advice from Debora's daughter, Cricket Coty Boyer. I was gifted a copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review. The thoughts and opinions are mine alone. If you're a young mom, or know one, who could use a little help and humor to get through your days, you've come to the right place.
Chaplain-Debbie_777 More than 1 year ago
Helpful and Fun I am already in the Grammy stage of life and I really could have used this book when I was a young mom. It's a fun book that encourages and helps moms during those hectic years of raising children. Debora M. Coty uses her wit to connect with moms, in a way that lets you know that you are not alone in those crazy years. And I love that it has scripture throughout the book. I recommend this book to young moms who feel overwhelmed and are in need of some encouragement. “I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.”
Sonflwr More than 1 year ago
A nice little book of great reminders that Moms have a tough times balancing all the things in their lives and how to deal with it. Can be used as devotional material, but also just a book to keep around so that when you take the moment for you there is a chapter available that you can relate to. Each chapter has a scripture, a humorous personal story, a quote that will make you laugh, and several good discussion, or think questions. The author has taken those moments that could be disastrous and brought them to life for you. Not just for entertainment, but for that time when you need something to relate to – that person that understands exactly what’s happening in your life. It’s like having a friend sitting on the lamp table waiting to share something with you that will give you a boost to get through the rest of the day. A very enjoyable read that can be used in several ways. I recommend this book for busy moms, and plan to give it to my daughter-in-law, who definitely has her hands full with 3 active kids, a busy husband, a job, and all those activities of home, school, church, and community. WOW. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.
SunnieReviews More than 1 year ago
I loved this. Each section has a scripture reference that gives you a real boost for the day. The devotionals share a story to uplift your spirits. It's a beautiful book, inside and out. There are questions at the end of the chapters that help to analyze what you have read and how to better understand what was shared in the chapter. It's encouragement for busy moms and kind of reminds us not to beat ourselves up if we aren't the perfect mother. This book is for Christians who want to place faith in God to find the help and answers that we need. It appears that there is a nice series of these type of book by this author. I would love to read them, too. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.
LoriP123 8 days ago
Too Blessed to Be Stressed for Moms by Debora M. Coty is a great little book. It is filled with humor, understanding and biblical guidance to get through that stressful chapter of motherhood. I love the fact that is gives you useful information and then at the end of the lesson gives you thought provoking question to go along with it. Great little devotional for all mothers to enjoy. I was given an ARC from the publisher. All conclusions are mine and mine alone.
yzermandy More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed reading this book! Although you could read the book from cover to cover, I think you should take your time to read and really try to apply some of the scriptures to your life AND take the time to think about the questions at the end of each chapter. Seeing how I'm dealing with the stress of being a Mom of 2 boys AND a teacher of elementary school children has been interesting... and I've realized I do need to change a few things (currently I'm reading Ch. 23 Patience Should Be a Verb again and it so true; Perseverance is needed right now). This book is a great devotional for mothers of all ages and could be reread frequently. The way the author uses humor to approach the chapters is awesome and I find myself laughing and crying often. This is a great book and I definitely recommend it! *This ARC was provided by NetGalley for an honest review and all opinions are my own.
Baranski1987 More than 1 year ago
Too Blessed to be Stressed for Moms is a most wonderful devotional for Moms. Debora has outdone herself again she has written another devotional that with surly capture the hearts of Moms everywhere. This devotional is full of excellent advice, faith and scriptures. I highly recommend Too Blessed to be Stressed for Moms to all you Moms out there. Be sure to get your copy today.
SusanS More than 1 year ago
Debora M. Coty brings a breath of fresh air to moms who are really feeling the pressure…the pressure to be perfect, the pressure to be balancing everything, the pressure to always be “ON”. We all should know that no one is perfect, and Ms. Coty brings that reality with true life stories, humor, and some serious thinking. There were times a felt a tear or two trickling down my cheek. Other times I simply laughed out loud. Along with reality there are plenty of survival tips, Scriptures and thought provoking questions (Navigating the ‘Hood}. The book itself is beautiful. The cover definitely grabbed my attention and made me want to sit down and begin reading it right away. The ribbon marker adds a bit of femininity that I appreciate. The one thing I would change would be to make the brown print a bit darker. It is very readable, but my eyes are not as good as they used to be you know. All in all, it is a great book. I recommend this book to all moms, whether their children are infants or grownups. It would make a wonderful inclusion in a basket of goodies for that special baby. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.
LoraineN More than 1 year ago
Clever, fun to read, and oh, so true. I enjoyed each of these devotionals. They made me laugh and nod in appreciation. Most of all, the entire book was encouraging. I think many moms feel like they are spinning their wheels and getting nowhere. Added to that is the feeling that they are alone in that journey. This author reminds us, in entertaining and truthful ways, that we are not alone. Other moms experience the same trials and fears. More importantly, that God (Papa God as she refers to Him) is right there with us. Full review at my website. I received this book complimentary as a participant of the Too Blessed to be Stressed Blog Tour. I was not required to give a positive review. All of the opinions I have expressed her are my own.
wileysmSM More than 1 year ago
If it's possible to find humor in every day of motherhood, you'll find it here. I found myself laughing out loud through so many real-life, aptly named and described examples of mothering dilemmas and situations with our children. The author isolates the problems out of all the chaos of raising children and offers doable solutions. I also found hope and comfort with so many Moms experiencing the same or similar things that I did. I'm a grandma and looked back with a different perspective on so many of my mothering situations encouraged by the author: trying to be consistent, loving and ever present with my two sons. I now babysit my grandchildren and have some added insight and humor to encourage and lighten the mood for my daughter-in-laws. One says she feels judged by others all around her for her mothering skills. The encouragement I found mentioned in the book, that I've found to be true for this is that redemption will come for all my flaws when my sons want to be around me, and they do! One even wants me to live with them! There are many quotes in this book that will stick like glue in your mind to get Moms through tough times, great questions at the end of each chapter, hilarious illustrations from Moms and the author, and a multitude of Scripture verses and encouragements that will bolster your faith and carry you forward towards the goal of raising children who love God and love family. You'll love the book, can use it as a devotional, and can get all the rest of this "Too Blessed To Be Stressed series" to get help with your JOY! I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.
PamMooney More than 1 year ago
A truly inspirational book that is good across genders and ages. My first thoughts were - you want to talk about me? You care about my feelings? I don't have to be perfect? You are not perfect? I love this author and will be looking for her work from now on. She is smart and funny and on the mark. I love the "navigating the hood" after each section. While the examples are funny and informative the end of each chapter really brings the lesson home. Buy two copies you will want to share! A good read.
amybooksy More than 1 year ago
Too Blessed to Be Stressed for Moms is my first introduction to Debora M Coty's writing. Oh my goodness! Within the first few pages, I laughed until I cried. I instantly contacted another mom friend and told her she would love this book. I can not wait to pass my copy on to her. The stories told within the book are so relatable for me that I could be sure she was writing about me. I am giving Too Blessed to Be Stressed for Moms a well deserved five plus stars. I received this book from the publisher. This review is 100% my own honest opinion.
Deana0326 More than 1 year ago
From the moment I started this book, I have enjoyed reading every page. The Introduction is well worth reading and includes a Stress Test For Moms Quiz. I did take it, but I don't think I will share what i got. Let's just say as a mom, I seem to be stressed more than I realized. What a great statement she makes emphasizing that even though as new mothers we think we are the worst, we really aren't. New mothers will stress over everything which to me just shows how loving and protective we are towards our children. The author has great tools to helps mothers feel more comfortable in their journey. I really liked the Navigate the 'Hood (the Motherhood) at the end of each chapter. These are great questions to think on and help you absorb the chapters with more understanding. I like that the questions make you really look at yourself and help you see what changes you may want to make in your thinking. I really enjoyed Chapter seven when the author talked about Hidden Wounds. As a new mom, I carried deep wounds from my childhood. When i had my first child, I loved him so much I would have done anything to keep him safe. There was no one there for me when I was growing up, and I was determined that each of my children would know and feel my love as a mother. The chapter really encourages us to let those hidden wounds out and get healing. It also helps me to realize that "healing is a process." There is so much great nuggets of encouragement and information in this book that I encourage each of you to take your time reading the book. The author has written a great book that will bless everyone that reads it. It is definitely a must read for every mother who struggles, feels inadequate or needs encouragement. The book is easy to read and the author uses humor to help share her wisdom. I received a copy of this book from Read With Audra blogger program. The review is my own opinion.
cvegnad1 More than 1 year ago
A Mom's job is tough - you never know if you are doing the best job, you constantly question and doubt yourself (not to mention comparing yourself to others) and the never-ending list of things to do. It can be an overwhelming, stressful, underappreciated role but when you look at your children, you realize that there is nothing better in life then the job of a Mom. When we feel stressed and overworked, it can be easy to overlook the good parts in our life and feel blessed. We tend to focus solely on the things that are worrying us and causing us anxiety. We begin to feel inadequate and judge even ourselves. As a Mom, you are not alone! There is not one Mom who hasn't questioned their ability and their parenting ability at one point. This book acknowledges those feelings but also reminds us that we are not alone. That we all feel like this at times and the best medicine? Faith, humour and remembering the basics - your kids just need you to love them, to support them and fully be engaged in them. Coty uses her own personal experiences - that not only will have you giggling away but that you can one hundred percent can relate to - to help share her story of hope and guidance. Each chapter has a unique focus and gives us personal examples, tips and quotes to help us get through the hardest times. This was a well written, personal book that I couldn't put down. It was like having a glass of wine and a fantastic conversation with a best friend - you just didn't want it to end! A definite must read for first time Moms and second (third and fourth!) time Moms.
summer_no9 More than 1 year ago
This book had great story writing and compelling to read with also encouraging in every page from a fun and humor side of crazy mom stories like mom-guilt, worry, time management, emotional damage control, finding room to breathe and simply being enough to all moms that had to constantly deal with unexpected thing in daily life that all are matter because with the greatest through the power of Christ will help us to deal and be successfully with all of situation. I highly recommend to everyone must to read this book. “I received complimentary a copy of this book from Read with Audra blogger program for this review”.
lolly-pops More than 1 year ago
TOO BLESSED TO BE STRESSED FOR MOMS is a must read book for Moms of all ages. Even if your children are grown these stories will amuse you and if your children are young -- or even teens -- they will encourage you. I laughed out loud at some of the stories -- like the battle with the cat one. Super funny. And kind of gross. I grew hope to realize that maybe my "stupid" time will end when a child gets old enough and I'll know more than he thinks I do. I could totally relate to some of the stress - and even took the stress test. I got Orange alert - I was very close to the danger zone. So I needed a reprieve and some serious time in prayer and Bible reading to destress. The laughter helped too. There are verses, quotes, and discussion questions, making this a perfect book for small groups (of Moms), Mom's Time Out groups, or even your own personal study. It also has a beautiful cover and a ribbon marker to make it a perfect gift for a mom, for Christmas, for Mother's Day or just because. I was given a copy free. All opinions are my own.