Too Good at Goodbyes

Too Good at Goodbyes

by RC Boldt

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First Top 40 hit at age seventeen? My first tabloid breakup scandal quickly followed. 
Earned my first Grammy? Discovered Mommy Dearest was embezzling my money. 
Landed a leading role in a movie? My fiancé called off our engagement the next day.

I might have a multi-million-dollar recording contract, a sold-out world tour, and more money in the bank than I ever imagined, but every time I hit a milestone in my career, my personal life suffers.

Then in steps my new bodyguard, rugged and with a past I connect with. The closer we get, the more powerful my feelings grow, complicating our professional relationship.

I thought Kane would be different. I hoped he'd be the one man to stand by my side, undaunted by the fame and attention that trails me.

The press calls me the "Ice Princess of Pop" because of my unyielding façade throughout heartbreak and betrayal. Perhaps it's time to show them the real me.

With every syllable, I pour out my emotions and allow them to puddle, forming lyrics from my soul's breath. And with each word, my broken heart cries out for Kane, begging him to help me break this pattern.

To help me stop being so damn good at goodbyes.

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Publisher: RC Boldt Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 10/29/2019
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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Too Good at Goodbyes 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Aylewysis 12 days ago
I’ve been a fan of RC Boldt’s work since I won a copy of Out of Love. Kind of nice the couple from that book, Foster and Noelle, makes an appearance in this book. You see, Kane, at least initially, works with/for Foster. But Kane is asked to fill in as head security for Simone temporarily. There is an instant attraction, but neither act on it right away. It’s a great, sexy romance which Ms. Boldt is fantastic at. Both have been previously hurt by past relationships, so neither wants to “lay it all out there”. But it was fun watching thing change between the two. One of my favorite characters was Simone’s best friend, Matthias Tobin. That man has no filter when it comes to his bestie, he always had me laughing when he showed up. I really hope Matty gets a book of his own.
sferguson105 13 days ago
I was soooo excited to get Kane’s story! The chemistry between him and Simone is immediate and intense. I love a great bodyguard read, and this one is probably one of my faves! They both come so far, overcoming demons of their past, and it was fantastic seeing them heal together. And catching up with my favorite Fernandina Beach crew was just the icing on the cake! A great must read I would highly recommend!!
Laura_F 16 days ago
I've only ever read rom-coms by RC Boldt so I was very pleasantly surprised by the amount of angst in this book!! The Ice Princess of Pop has gained a new fan!! I loved everything about this story. From the behind the scenes looks at the music industry to the heat between Simone and Kane, I couldn't put this down. I lost hours of sleep so I could finish in one sitting and every minute was worth it. I laughed, cried, and everything in between. I have added all of Kane's friends books to my TBR so I can get to know more about the fantastic people Kane and Simone have in their lives. RC Boldt is becoming a definite favorite of mine.
Anonymous 16 days ago
Simone King and Kane Windham are both familiar with heartache. While what they have experienced is different for each of them, they still have lived through it. When Kane is offered this temporary job as head of security for the Ice Princess of Pop, he really wasn’t sure what to believe, the press or his friend. Simone doesn’t trust and the life of a pop star is far from easy and struggles with trying to understanding who Kane is. Will Kane be different then the others and will Simone be who his friend said she is? Right from the start of the book, the author pulls you in and keeps you wondering until the very end. I love how the author starts the book in the present and then most of the book goes back to bring you up to how we got to where the story started. Things you expect to happen is not always the case so these surprises add to the enjoyment of the story. I wasn’t thinking I was going to like Simone, but she is not what the press makes her out to be. The emotions that the characters go through you can really feel and experience them right along with the characters. You will laugh, cry, be frustrated, sad, happy, to whatever other emotions they have going on. This book was very difficult to have to put down and I was very sad to see the story come to an end.
xrayer0 16 days ago
Kudos to Ms. Boldt because she has outdone herself with this book. A strong heroine and a broken hero. Can they put each other back together. Simone is used to being able to only depend on herself with only a couple people that are true friends. Kane is trying to get over heartache. When Simone and Kane are put together they learn the real person under each other façade. Ms. Boldt always write great characters but with these two she dug down deep and brought us two people that you fall in love with immediately. I also learned a few things on how to be a strong women from Simone. This read makes you think so much on how rumors can be so destructive and affect someone's life. An emotional, heart wrenching and romantic read.
Anonymous 16 days ago
Too Good At Goodbyes is a story with a lot of charm. I really like the writing style. Simone and Kane are very likable individuals. It was easy to relate to them. I was quickly drawn in and captivated by their tale. I didn’t want to put it down. If you like Rockstar romances or even if they’re not your normal read I’d recommend this one. You may be pleasantly surprise by it.
CeeCeeHouston 16 days ago
5 STAR ROCKER ROMANCE Compared to most other tropes (excluding horror/dark romances) rockstar romances don’t normally feature high on my list of ‘to-go’ reads. But, I love RC Boldt’s writing and so I choose to give this one a go and I’m so glad I did. This was every bit as good as any other story she’s given us. Emotional, heart-warming, sweet and with enough steam to overheat my kindle. Simone and Kane have a fantastic chemistry and even though they try to fight it, it’s way too strong a connection that pulls them together. Simone is trying her best to appear as a strong, confident woman, to be the person she needs to be, but it’s hard. Kane can see what she needs, both inside and out. He sees through her bluster to the heart of gold she tries so hard to hide. They make the best of couples and I was sorry to see this story come to an end. I loved it, and I’m sure you will too. One-Click today and get your rockstar fix today.
Kelly_BTCBlog 16 days ago
What a refreshing take on a rock star romance! Too Good at Goodbyes was a heartachingly beautiful book! The story showcases the classic “Hollywood star/bodyguard romance” and gives it an incredibly unique overlay of emotionally damaged characters and heartbreaking plot twists. The story dives deep into the heart of what it truly means to KNOW someone, to break through the walls someone has built around them and discover who they really are deep inside. Simone and Kane are quite similar characters. Both have been hurt by the people they loved, causing them to shield themselves as well as their hearts from enduring love’s painful sting again. But in doing so, they’ve each adopted iced facades, changing their outlook on life and connection to true happiness. I feel that’s why they have such a strong pull towards one another. Yes, there’s that immediate attraction and chemistry between them, along with their undeniably intense passion. But it’s the emotional pain and insecurities they feel and share with each other that really binds them together. Too Good at Goodbyes delivers on so many levels. Heartache, drama, humor, and desire blend together to make this slow burn romance an instant must-read. I love stories with emotionally scarred characters. The Good Samaritan is one of my absolute favorites books, so to read another fantastically penned story by the author with perfectly flawed characters was an absolute treat! I truly loved it! Fact or fiction: You won’t be able to put down this down. Fact.
Anonymous 16 days ago
oo Good at Goodbyes is a standalone by this author. RC has struck again with a story that captivates your attention and has you seeing that the grass is not always greener on the other side. She flips the rock star romance to a female lead instead of the male lead and I believe it makes the story so much better. Simone King is the 'Ice princess of Pop' and on top of the world, but we should all know that what we see is not always what is behind the scenes when it comes to Hollywood. Bad sells, but I have to say the Good shall learn to sell in this day and age. Kane, ex-military and works as security is struggling in life/love, his buddies see this and help him. The perfect opportunity to step away comes and he lands the job of guarding the 'Ice princess'. How bad can it be? Like the tabloids say or worse? Well I'm sure not going to tell you, so read the story and find out! Haha Both of these characters have hearts of gold, but have bad luck in the love department. I love how protective the ones who truly care for Simone are! This story is full of drama cause let's face it she's famous, but it shows you just how well stars hide what is real and is a shame cause I think real is better. The ones who see you for you are and not what is portrayed are the true ones that won't say Goodbye! You will feel the tension, heartache, love, laughter at times and see that with music you too shall find love when the time is right. RC scored a hit with this rock star romance! But then again, did we expect anything differently. Each story gets better and better and I love her writing style.
slsuhr 16 days ago
I have been hungry for Kane Windham’s story for what seems like forever. This devastatingly charming hero with that laid back southern swagger was an immediate scene stealer in previous books and super alpha heartthrob status was achieved in Too Good at Goodbyes. Although, honestly, I felt like I got a little bit of a different Kane here. In place of the devastating charm, there was more angsty alpha. Part of that has to do with the nature of the storyline here and what it lacked in the sort of devilish humor, it made up for in heat. The sizzling chemistry that sparked between Kane and Simone was apparent immediately and it only burned hotter from there. It was dang sexy. But, I did sort of miss that devilish humor that I’d associated with Kane - which didn’t resurface until the last quarter of the book. And man, I wish I’d had more of that. The playful side of Kane and Simone was absolutely to-die-for. It took a bit for me to really warm up to them, but by the time I turned the last page, I was utterly smitten. Also, Simone? Is my favorite kind of heroine. Her heart of gold was on display from the get-go, and I was blown away by her strength and courageousness over the course of the book. She’s the true star here, the perfect balance of female warrior and loving caretaker. Her friendship with Matty was also incredibly satisfying. I loved the dynamic between the two and how genuine their friendship was written. Talk about a scene-stealer – Matty’s over-the-top personality seemed to fill in for the playfulness that was missing from Kane and it was absolutely impossible not to love him. In all, this really was a super satisfying love story. These two are perfect for each other, Kane gives good groveling, and I smiled so hard at the way their happily-ever-after played out. It was exactly what I was expecting, but I loved it all the same. Definitely worth the read!
mamalovestoread22 16 days ago
Simone King is America's pop princess, her fans adore her, and the media loves to follow her every move, they are always there to snap shots of her and spread them across the internet. Which means she's forced to live in a private little bubble, with security guards always one step in front of her, and behind her. When her main security guard decides to go on a long awaited vacation, he finds her the perfect replacement, a military trained hunk, armed with the skills to keep her safe, and her knees permanently weak. The moment Kane Windham wanders into her world she knows she is in trouble... he is gorgeous, kind, and has forbidden written all over him! Too Good at Goodbyes brings you into the lives of two souls that have given up on love, one finding it and then learning that it's not being returned by their mate. The other finding it, only to learn that it was all for show. Simone knows that getting involved with Kane could bring unnecessary trouble to her life, he's only in her world temporarily and he is nursing a broken heart from a woman he still loves, and that can only lead to heartbreak for her. But as much as she tries to resist, she soon learns it's pointless, her heart wants what it wants, and it wants Kane. Watching these two circle around each other was downright torturous at times, between their resistance to give in, and the sparks brewing between them they stirred up some serious heat between the pages. I really enjoyed this one it was captivating, steamy and so good on the heart... a perfect read in my book! Highly recommend! I requested an advanced copy of this title from the publisher, and I am voluntarily leaving an honest and unbiased opinion
lindseydomokur 16 days ago
4.5 stars. This story was an amazing portrayal of what can happen in the music business. There were times my eyes leaked tears and other times I laughed out loud. The lyrics were my favorite part of the book. I LOVE when a book incorporates original lyrics into the story. So often we get books about rock stars, but where are the lyrics, where are the songs? This book delivers. Simone is a pop star that the tabloids have dubbed "the Ice Princess", but this couldn't be further from the truth. Zane is hired to step in when her body guard takes a leave but he has only the press for his knowledge about Simone. He sees that what the tabloids say isn't always the truth. He sees the real her, the truth of how good her heart really is. While they both recover from broken hearts, they bond, but they don't know that the heartbreak they experienced before is nothing compared to what will come. True heartbreak can only be felt when the person you truly love breaks you. This is a story about how the media twists public figures and how we shouldn't really believe what we read. This is also a story about healing once you find the one person you are supposed to be with.
Kayreader 16 days ago
As a superstar, who do you trust? Friends, lovers, employees, everyone in your life might be using you. R.C. Boldt brought a beautiful story to life in Too Good at Goodbyes. An intimate look at a rockstars life and a man who was broken by love. This is no ordinary tale of love, this is one that is sensitized by living under a microscope and two hearts learning to love again. Everyone lives under the impression that famous people live glamourous lives. I'd say the answer to that is yes and no. Yes, they travel to exotic places and have the very best of everything at their disposal, but also no, because their fame causes them to be sequestered in hotel rooms unable to view the local sights, enjoy the amenities, or really partake in much of anything. So how do famous people fall in love or make friends? Kane Windham is hired as a temporary body guard for Simone King and he doesn't take that responsibility lightly. Simone lives under a spotlight and her life isn't exactly her own. She shows one side to the world and keeps her personal life private. When Simone meets Kane the instant attraction is there, but they are both professional and don't give in to their attraction, even though they live in very close quarters. After a few weeks of cool professionalism, they finally give in and indulge in their attraction. Even though they both have been hurt, they find they have a lot in common. They grow close and eventually wonder if they could be more, that is until the past comes back. Is there a reason why Simone is called the Ice Princess of Pop. Perhaps she is too good at goodbyes for a reason.
Chloe Trivelpiece 17 days ago
R.C Boldt has magic to her words.  She brings more magic with this story of Kane and Simone. Simone is the “Ice Princess of Pop” but she is so much more.  She is an admirable character with an inner strength and fortitude.  I loved her fragile heart and what she does for her inner circle of people she loves. Kane is nursing heartbreak.  He needs to get away from his current world and gets the opportunity to protect Simone. This is a lovely written story about two scarred hearts who find solace in each other.  This is also the story of trust and preconceived notions that tend to lead to the wrong conclusions. The chemistry between Kane and Simone is like a house on fire. I loved the bit of the slow burn and the friendship that started it all.  It was lovely to see Kane realize all the different layers of Simone.  It was also lovely to see Simone work at trusting Kane into her inner circle. This wouldn’t be an R.C. Boldt story without a bit of angst and some sadness.  This story gave me all the feels! It will give you all the feels too. The secondary characters are phenomenal and bring even more dimension and charm to the story. Another stellar story by Ms. Boldt! Get your hands on this!