The Top Performer's Guide to Speeches and Presentations: Mastering the Art of Engaging and Persuading Any Audience

The Top Performer's Guide to Speeches and Presentations: Mastering the Art of Engaging and Persuading Any Audience

by Tim Ursiny, Gary DeMoss

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ISBN-13: 9781402250439
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 04/01/2007
Series: Top Performers
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 144
File size: 460 KB

About the Author

Tim Ursiny, PhD, CBC, RCC is the CEO of Advantage Coaching & Training ( He is a coach/trainer specializing in helping people reach peak performance, great relationships, and personal happiness.

Dr. Tim regularly speaks for Fortune 500 companies that want workshops that are practical yet entertaining. He also coaches CEOs, executives, sales professionals, and others on a variety of subjects related to performance and life satisfaction. Dr. Tim's previous books include The Confidence Plan: How to Build a Stronger You, The Coach's Handbook, and The Coward's Guide to Conflict, which is currently in its third printing and has been translated into several foreign languages. He is currently writing a series of books called What Top Performers Know about... around such topics as change, conflict, networking, attitude, and public speaking.

He lives in Wheaton, Illinois, with his wife, Marla, and his three sons, Zach, Colton, and Vance.

Gary DeMoss is the director of Van Kampen Consulting, which provides communication and relationship-skills training to financial advisors. Gary has been with Van Kampen for twenty-four years. He began his career with the company by starting and directing their national sales. He was later named director of marketing and in 1998 started Van Kampen Consulting. Gary is a keynote speaker, seminar leader, and consultant to advisors who want to build their affluent client base, and he was recently selected as a platform speaker at the 2003 Million Dollar Round Table conference.

He is the coauthor of the book The Financial Professional's Guide to Persuading 1 or 1,000, which helps advisors learn the science and art of delivering more powerful client presentations both one-on-one and in group settings.

Prior to joining Van Kampen, Gary was with Procter & Gamble in sales management. He has a BS in business from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

Jim Morel is the founder/chairman and CEO of Jam Consulting Group, Inc., a sales and management consulting firm. In addition to his work as an executive sales coach and consultant, Jim is a sought-after keynote speaker. Prior to founding JAM Consulting Group, Inc., he worked for thirty years in financial services in several areas, including senior management as president of a broker dealer company, commissioned sales, and international and national sales management. Over the years, Jim has successfully rebuilt and re-energized hundreds of sales teams struggling at one time or another.

Jim holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in education, psychology, and science from Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana. He is on numerous advisory boards and is involved with many nonprofit organizations. Jim lives in St. Charles, Illinois, with his wife, Sherry. He has three children, Tom, Kaleen, and Marques, along with six grandchildren.
Tim Ursiny, PhD, is a success coach and the author of The Confidence Plan (Sourcebooks, 2005) and The Coward's Guide to Conflict (Sourcebooks, 2003). Gary DeMoss is the author
of Making the Client Connection (Dearborn, 2004) and The Financial Professional's Guide to Persuading 1 or 1,000.

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Style and Structure

Have You Ever...?
Have you ever spent a lot of money on something that you ended up not using? Let me tell you about a gentleman I once knew who had extreme buyer's remorse. I was attending a major event for leaders across the country. At this particular event, each speaker paid $10,000 for the opportunity to stand up for five minutes in front of this elite group of professionals. This was their chance to speak to a group of influential buyers who they usually would have no chance to get in front of. So the cost was significant, the stakes were high, and the ability to present well was crucial.

Unfortunately, the first speaker got up and was obviously nervous. He was stumbling over his words and ended up thanking the audience for about one minute (20% of his allotted presentation time). At this point I was no longer looking at him-I was looking at the audience. Often when we study speakers, the best way to gauge their ability is looking at the audience because the people listening will tell you everything you need to know. As I watched I noticed that a third of the crowd was fiddling with their pens or looking around. The speaker then went on to give detailed information about his credentials and experience for about two minutes (40% of his presentation time). At this point about half of the audience was engrossed in some other activity, such as chatting with their neighbors. Three minutes into his five-minute presentation he finally started to talk a little about his product, but did so by dumping as much information as possible into that last two minutes. By the end of this presentation, no one cared about anything he had to say. Ten thousand dollars were down the drain because he did not know how to engage his audience.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Developing Your Personal Signature as a Speaker
- Why Top Performers Must be Great at Presentations
- Who is this Book For?
- The Core Concept: Using Your Whole Mind
- Objectives and Overview

Section I: The Essentials

Chapter 1: Style and Structure
- Have You Ever...?
- What Top Performers Know About Presentations
- Three Main Levels of Speakers
- The Speaking Drug: Adrenaline
- Common Presentation Blunders
- Tips from the Pros

Chapter 2: The Four Cornerstones: Conviction, Preparation, Direction, and Delivery
- Have You Ever...?
- The Four Cornerstones
- Tips from the Pros

Chapter 3: Personal Speaking Tools: Eyes, Voice, and Body
- Have You Ever...?
- What Top Performers Know About Presentations
- Fear in Delivery

Section II: Right Brain Engagement: Don't be a Half-Brain Speaker

Chapter 4: Relating to Your Audience through Story
- Have You Ever...?
- What Top Performers Know About Presentations
- Tips from the Pros

Chapter 5: Mining Your Life for Stories
- Have You Ever...?
- What Top Performers Know About Presentations
- Telling a Story Well
- Three Key Elements to Using Stories
- Mining Your Life
- Tips from the Pros

Section III: Presentation Mapping: Finding Your Way through a Presentation

Chapter 6: Introducing Your Idea, Making a Case, and Advancing Your Message
- Have You Ever...?
- Presentation Mapping
- Introducing Your Idea
- Advancing Your Message
- Tips from the Pros

Chapter 7: Whole-Brain Speaking: Bringing It All Together
- Have You Ever...?
- What Top Performers Know About Presentations
- Three-Step Process for Mastering a Talk
- A Final Thought...

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