Tortillas & Peanut Butter: True Confessions of an American Mom Turned Mexican Smuggler

Tortillas & Peanut Butter: True Confessions of an American Mom Turned Mexican Smuggler

by Dr. Linda Sonna, Lois Sonna Mark


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"Jaw-Droppingly Hilarious!" Carol Romaine-Penn, Award Winning Writer

National Indie Excellence Award Finalist, Multicultural Nonfiction

An Amazon Top-10 Best Seller in Travel/Mexico, Humor, Biography/Memoir, Crimes & Criminals, Teen & Young Adult Biographies, Solo Travel, & Single Parenting

BookLife Prize, 2017

Tons of cultural tidbits tucked between the chuckles

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20% of profits go to the ACLU

Includes discussion questions for book clubs & classrooms

Covers topics for multicultural and diversity courses:

- The women's movement & the 60s cultural revolution

- Immigrant adjustment & adaptation

- Immigrant parenting

- Identity development in 1st generation children of immigrants

- Minority group issues (racism, sexism, prejudice)

- Values & attitudes in individualist vs. interdependent cultures

- Diverse customs & mores

- Diverse orientations to time (past/present/future)

- Diverse orientations to activity (being/becoming/doing)

- Diverse orientations to social relations (hierarchical/collateral/individual)

- Diverse views of nature (fate/destiny/genetics vs. personal mastery/self-efficacy)

- Cultural evolution & expatriate re-integration

- Culture shock

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781619720329
Publisher: Dr. Linda Sonna
Publication date: 12/18/2021
Series: Print Book , #1
Pages: 354
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.79(d)

About the Author

Dr. Linda Sonna grew up in the Chicago suburbs and graduated from the University of Illinois. She maintained a private counseling psychology practice; authored ten psychology self-help books; wrote a nationally self-syndicated column; taught psychology and human development at the Dallas Community College District in TX; taught at the University of New Mexico in Taos; and served as professor of multicultural counseling at Yorkville University in Canada. She has lived in Mexico for over a decade. Access her full vita at

Lois Sonna Mark grew up in Cicero, IL, and attended Roosevelt College in Chicago. She worked as a journalist, women's editor, and columnist for the Citizen Newspapers in the Chicago suburbs. After moving to Mexico in 1968, she built the Instituto Norteamericano de Estudios Bilingües in Irapuato into a major educational institution and restored the historic La Casa de La Inquisición for its campus. She now lives in the U.S.

Table of Contents

Author's Note: Now & Then

Prologue: Certificate of Authenticity

Chapter 1: Revenge of the Dodo Bird

Chapter 2: Guilt Attack

Chapter 3: Flight to Hot Tamale Heaven

Chapter 4: Exploring Neverland

Chapter 5: Destiny Calls

Chapter 6: A Star is Born

Chapter 7: Spanish Lessons

Chapter 8: Pass the Breast

Chapter 9: The Porcelain Chalice

Chapter 10: Batman Speaks

Chapter 11: Contraband Confession

Chapter 12: A Smug Smuggler

Chapter 13: The Beef Battle

Chapter 14: International Intrigue

Chapter 15: Wanted: Lois Sonna

Chapter 16: Dancing with Death

Chapter 17: The Galloping Gringa Gourmet

Chapter 18: The Witch of Irapuato

Chapter 19: My Darkest Hours

Chapter 20: Kidnapped!

Chapter 21: Beastly Bureaucratic Snafus

Chapter 22: Piñata Perils

Chapter 23: The Water Heater Caper

Chapter 24: Bordello Brouhaha

Chapter 25: The Clairol Counselor

Chapter 26: The Seduction

Chapter 27: Traffic Court Trial

Chapter 28: Human Trafficking Hiccup

Chapter 29: Guilty As Charged!

Chapter 30: My Federal Frauds

Chapter 31: War Dance

Chapter 32: Canonizing Saint Lois

Chapter 33: Caught in the Act!

Chapter 34: The Nacho Solution


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