Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook

Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook

by Michael Linenberger
Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook

Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook

by Michael Linenberger

Paperback(5th Edition)

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In this new fifth edition, Michael Linenberger updates his longtime #1 bestselling Outlook book to cover Microsoft's new Outlook version 365, which includes desktop Outlook 2016 Windows and Mac (and Window Outlook 2013). This seminal guide presents the author's latest best practices of time, task, and e-mail management, applying these best practices in Microsoft Outlook. Strategies for using smartphones are included. Anyone who finds they are overburdened by e-mail or working too late each day will benefit from this book.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780983364764
Publisher: New Academy Publishers
Publication date: 05/12/2017
Edition description: 5th Edition
Pages: 473
Product dimensions: 6.90(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Called the “Efficiency Guru” by The Detroit News, Michael Linenberger has been a management consultant and technology professional for more than 20 years. Formerly a V.P. at Accenture and head of the IT department at US Peace Corps, Michael now helps businesses learn his techniques of increasing workday productivity.

Table of Contents

Preface to Second Edition     vii
A Complete Book Rewrite     vii
Acknowledgments     x
Contents at a Glance     xi
Contents     xiii
Introduction     xxi
The First Time, Task, and E-mail Management System That Will Work for You     xxi
The Problem Is Rampant     xxv
Benefits of the Manage-Your-Now! System     xxviii
Designed for a Quick Start     xxx
Book Website and Newsletter     xxxii
The Basic MYN System
Managing Your Now in Outlook-Theory and Overview     3
Introduction     3
Manage Your Now-The Theory     3
Mapping to Microsoft Outlook     8
Managing in the Now-Horizon     11
Summary of System Theory and Key Components     17
Next Steps     18
Yes, You Can Gain Workday Control Using Outlook     19
Introduction     19
Outlook Versions     21
Navigating Through Outlook     23
Learning Outlook Task Basics     26
Entering Tasks (All Outlook Versions)     33
New Task Features in Outlook 2007     40
Introduction to Converting E-mails to Tasks (All Outlook Versions)     45
Summary     46
Next Steps     46
Configuring Outlook for MYN Task Management     47
Introduction     47
Configuring the TaskPad or To-Do Bar (All Outlook Versions)     48
Turning Off the Task Reminders Default Setting     59
Exit Outlook and then Restart Outlook     60
Next Steps     60
A New Approach to Managing Tasks in Outlook     61
The Manage-Your-Now! Methodology: How to Take Control of Your Tasks in Outlook     61
The FRESH-Prioritization System     73
Managing Deadlines     76
Summary: Your Task Management Steps     79
Exercises     80
Next Steps     81
The Bliss of an Empty Inbox     83
Introduction     83
A Very Simple System: Drag All Mail to the Processed Mail Folder     85
Using Search Tools with the Processed Mail Folder     92
Summary     102
Next Steps     102
Maturing the System
When to Use Outlook Tasks     105
Introduction     105
What Is a Task?     105
Put Nearly All Your Tasks in Outlook     108
Going Mobile?     111
Writing Only Next Actions on Your Now-Task List     115
Use Follow-Up Tasks for Actions You Are Waiting on Others For     117
Summary     119
Next Steps     119
Cure "Inbox Stress" by Converting E-mails to Tasks     121
Introduction     121
Using Outlook Tools to Convert E-mails to Tasks     125
Flagged-Mail Tasks in Outlook 2007     132
Create Follow-Up Tasks for Important Requests You Make by E-mail (All Outlook Versions)     136
Updated E-mail Processing Workflow     142
In Summary: The Cure for Inbox Stress     146
Exercises     146
Next Steps     146
Topic-Based E-mail Filing     147
Introduction     147
Topic-Filing Your E-mail     148
Tagging Mail Using Outlook Categories     153
Finding Mail Tagged with Categories     163
Finding Your Filed Mail Using Search Folders (Outlook 2003 and 2007 Only)     173
Tips on Using Categories (All Versions)     180
Tagging Mail Using Outlook Add-In Software     185
Summary     188
Next Steps     188
Managing in the Now-Horizon Using MYN Strategic Deferrals     189
Introduction     189
Review of the Now-Horizon Work Model     190
New: Using Target-Now Tasks     193
Using the Now-Horizon Model to Keep Your Workday Balanced     194
MYN Strategic Deferral     196
Summary     204
Next Steps     205
Mastering the System
MYN Delegation in Outlook     209
Introduction     209
Successful Delegation     209
The Task Delegation Approach     210
Summary     217
Next Steps     218
Time Management and Other Time Savers     219
Introduction     219
Time Management: Finding Time to Work on Tasks     220
Doing the Math on Your Workweek     222
Cleaning Up Your Task Time     229
Save Time by Auto-Categorizing Incoming E-Mail Using Outlook Rules     235
Maintaining Category Names Quickly and Efficiently     241
Finding Sent Mail Quickly: Put It in the Processed Mail Folder     245
More Outlook Time-Saving Tips     247
Using and Configuring Handheld Devices for the MYN System     250
Summary     253
Next Steps     254
Advanced Topics     255
Introduction     255
Intrinsic Importance      256
Tracking Goals and Projects in Outlook     262
Custom Tasks Views for Projects, Goals, and More, in Outlook     267
Category-Based MYN Goal and Project Views (All Versions)     272
The MYN Master Tasks View (All Versions)     280
Adding the Concept of Roles to All the Above Views     285
Hierarchical Goal, Project, and Task Folders (Outlook 2007)     286
The TaskPad/To-Do Bar Deadline Column (All Versions)     288
Adding the Compact Layout Back in (Outlook 2007)     292
Modify the Simple List View (All Versions)     293
MYN Defer-to-Review View (All Versions)     294
MYN All Now-Tasks View     297
The MYN Recently Completed Tasks View     299
Summary     303
Next Steps     303
Wrapping Up Total Workday Control     304
Understanding Outlook Folders in the MYN System     307
Introduction     307
Outlook Folders Explained     308
Exchange Server Mailbox     311
Personal Folders     314
Strategies for Setting Up Your Processed Mail Folder     320
Checking Outlook Folder Sizes     327
Offline Access to Outlook Data     329
Outlook 2003 and 2007 Navigation Pane     333
New to Outlook 2007: The Mysterious To-Do List Folder     339
The New Daily Task List under the Outlook 2007 Calendar View     343
Archiving Your Mail in the MYN System     347
Introduction     347
Understanding Archiving     348
Archive Solution Scenarios     351
How to Do Archiving: Manual Archiving, All Scenarios     355
Using AutoArchive     359
Setting Up AutoArchive Intelligently     360
Other Uses of AutoArchive to Prevent Exchange Mailbox Size Limit Messages     377
Resources and Quick Guides     381
Websites for this Book     381
Some Useful Books     381
Software and Product Links     382
Manage-Your-Now! System Quick Guide:Outlook Task Management Principles     385
Manage-Your-Now! System Quick Guide: E-Mail Workflow     387
Index     389

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• "Drowning in e-mail? Take this advice from author and workplace efficiency expert Michael Linenberger..." —CourierPost Online
• "If your Inbox has become a source of anxiety and stress... Michael Linenberger... has the solution" —Investor's Business Daily
• "It's not spam or cc'd mail that slows down your e-mail processing..." (this book shows how to fix it) —Fast Company
• "The system is easy to use... it works, it's not hard" —Kurt Andrews, WIMO-AM Atlanta News Talk Radio

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