Necroscope: The Touch

Necroscope: The Touch

by Brian Lumley
3.8 5

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Touch (Necroscope Series) 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
And I loved it. I have no idea what u Debbie Downers r talking about. This was a really good book. I think u may need to read this again. Youmight have missed something the first time around. I highly recomend it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
When I saw that there had been a new Necroscope release I could hardly contain my excitement. When you read one of the Necroscope books you become immersed in such an amazing literary world that once you put the book down you start looking over your shoulder in fear that one of Lumley's vampires are there. Amazing detail and complex story lines and plot twists fill the books beginning to end. Though the title of the series is 'The Necroscope' the history and development of the rest of the characters from E-branch and the amazing twist on vampires, the Wamphiri, are just as essential to these books. This is not the case with 'The Touch'. Half way through the book you begin to wonder if you are really still reading something carrying the title of the Necroscope. Poor character development and an extremely predictable story line plaque this book from page one. To my absolute amazement the Wamphiri are only a mention of past necroscope adventures and don't make an appearance in this latest installment. But instead are replaced by a telepathic alien race who come off as hokey at best. In this title Lumley hints at and gives off the subtle impression that the Necroscope, instead of being just supernatural, is in fact a warrior of god. Which in my opinion was slightly ridiculous and caused me to raise an eyebrow while reading on a few occasions. By the end of the book the 'Necroscope' could have gone the entirety of the story without once using his abilities. The times he Did use his powers, you feel as though they were forced into the story for the sake of being able to brand it with the title, The Necroscope. The story line was weak, the character development was somewhat lacking and you, in the end, feel cheated that the Necroscope legacy has taken an unfortunate twist. Lumley could have left out the four or five pages of the necroscope actually BEING the Necroscope and simply titled it something else. It leaves you with the final thought that Brian Lumley either ran out of ideas for his Necroscope and is struggling to write, which I doubt, or he wrote this book as a novelty which he really didn't care about what the outcome would be, which is just sad.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am a die hard fan of the Necroscope story lines, but I have to ask what the heck happened here?!?. This book seems as it was writtin by someone else other than Lumley. The highlight was when Harry showed up and the rest of begining, middle and end of the book died a cheaping death. I am used to being swept away in a world that keeps getting deeper and deeper. A story that not only has weight but makes you forget where you are.
harstan More than 1 year ago
In 1990 the E-Branch agents of the British Secret Service sense the death of the Necroscope Harry Keogh though he dies in a parallel universe. Not long before Harry¿s brain splintered into nano pieces, Scott St. John wakes up every morning at 3:33 feeling alone since his wife Kelly died at that time and pondering once again the nightly dream of a dart of light striking him at 3:33. Still sorrow is his demeanor. --- This time the golden dart is not a dream as a splinter of Harry¿s soul strikes Scott. The grieving human soon finds himself communicating with the deceased and traveling anywhere in the universe on a weird moebius strip loop. The E-Branch crowd senses a new ESPer and recruit Scott at about the same time a government employee mysteriously is killed when his epidermis is turned outside in. He meets Shania the Shing't who warns Scott that the Mordri Three renegade psychic healers from the few survivors of her race using their skills to kill have come to eradicate the Earth. With the encouragement of Kelly and the support of Shania and an odd telepathic she-wolf, Scott tries to save the world. --- Though Harry is being replaced by a rookie Necroscope, his presence is still around as Brian Lumley refreshes his terrific horror science fiction thriller with the newbie Scott. The action-packed story line is driven by a bewildered Scott struggling with the loss of his wife as much as he is wrestles with adapting to his new skills and responsibilities. It is not everyday that someone begins to talk with those that are dead or have to save a planet with telepathic allies who are not all human. Mr. Lumley provides a triumphant invigorating Necroscopic thriller. --- Harriet Klausner