Touched by Nature: Plant Spirit Medicine Journeys

Touched by Nature: Plant Spirit Medicine Journeys


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Inside these pages are woven together the voices and stories of many people whose lives have been touched by plants in general and plant spirit medicine in particular. These include contributions from some of the many wonderful herbalists using plant-based medicine in a way that goes beyond the physical, biochemical model.

The stories are arranged in chapters that take the reader on a journey to discover this medicine of our time. It is sometimes said that in the time of greatest need there is the greatest help, and plant spirit medicine has certainly emerged at a time of great need and challenge, and it is taking root and growing. The plants themselves, sentient and alive, are calling to many to awaken to a deeper experience of the energy of nature and of our human place in it. This can be felt and understood in direct relationship. The elemental forces that manifest the seasons offer a doorway to move into this perspective. For all the many reasons people may seek out the medicine, there will always be something deep and interesting to learn from an experience of it once we have made the connection.

Anyone can learn to communicate directly with plant spirits and befriend them in a way that opens rich dimensions and, over time and with persistence and patience, a quiet revolution of perspective can result. Becoming a healer, however, and practicing as one is a more committed business that requires dedication, perseverance, and sacrifice. It also holds many rewards. Plant spirit medicine offers the healer the framework of an elegant and rigorous methodology within which to access and effectively channel the energy of the astonishing realm of plant spirits. In the unfolding of our own journeys as healers and receivers of the medicine we witness an unfolding of consciousness in ourselves and our patients that offers something truly hopeful for the journey of the planet.

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ISBN-13: 9781911597636
Publisher: AEON Books
Publication date: 04/01/2019
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 638,624
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About the Author

Pip Waller is a medical herbalist and plant spirit medicine healer living in North Wales, UK. She has been practicing and teaching natural healing methods for 30 years. Her first book, Holistic Anatomy, was published in 2009 and continues to increase in popularity. In 2015 she wrote The Domestic Alchemist, a book of 501 herbal recipes for everything from laundry and medicines to string. Her third book, Deeply Holistic, an inspiring book about being human and caring for all of our needs, came out in January 2018.

Lucy Wells came to plant spirit medicine after a journey through other energetic medicine systems and has been practicing since 2006. She combines her healing with other arts and performance work and continues to study, write, and explore the nature of deep and transformative practices. She is also a trained funeral celebrant and therapeutic counselor.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements ix

Foreword Eliot Cowan xi

Introduction xv

Chapter 1 A medicine for our time 1

Chapter 2 Plant spirit medicine in practice 21

Chapter 3 Receiving the medicine 41

Chapter 4 The journey of the seasons 61

Chapter 5 Meeting the plant spirits-the shamanic dream journey 81

Chapter 6 The healer's journey 105

Chapter 7 Called by the plants 125

Chapter 8 Journey for the planet 143

Chapter 9 The onward journey-how the plants direct us 161

Appendix A Plant Spirit Medicine Today 181

Appendix B Acorn Magic 189

Contributors 191

Illustrators 200

Resources 202

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