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Touching the Light, Day by Day: 365 Illuminations to Live By
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Touching the Light, Day by Day: 365 Illuminations to Live By

by Meg Blackburn Losey

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Meg Losey is a spiritual teacher with her feet planted firmly on the ground. Her teachings help readers “get real,” claim their own power, and use it for the good of their mind, body, and spirit of others.

Touching the Light Day by Day offers 365 quotes and brief healing and inspiring meditations. It’s a great book for either


Meg Losey is a spiritual teacher with her feet planted firmly on the ground. Her teachings help readers “get real,” claim their own power, and use it for the good of their mind, body, and spirit of others.

Touching the Light Day by Day offers 365 quotes and brief healing and inspiring meditations. It’s a great book for either beginning or deepening a practice. It’s invaluable for both the novice and the expert to get in touch with their own inner voices and spirit guides. Losey invites us to open our hearts and merge with God Consciousness, something, as she teaches, anyone can do.

This little gem of a book is Meg Losey’s gift to her readers. These illuminations come to her each morning. She invites readers to use them as they will—for daily meditation. Or open at random to find a helpful thought. Or use them to invite our own spirit guides into our lives.

Sample Text:
“A little chaos now and then serves to shake us out of our comfortable discomfort.”
“Our sensitivity is directly relative to how much we are willing to feel.”
“Elegance has many faces, and one of them is yours as a being of creation, not only created of light, but reflecting.”

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365 Illuminations to Live By

By Meg Losey

Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC

Copyright © 2012 Meg Losey
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-60925-640-1



A little chaos now and then serves to shake us out of our comfortable discomfort.

I accept that chaos serves to motivate me even when I don't understand why it is happening.

2. Our ability to create reality is directly relative to how strongly and purely we believe in the outcome.

I know that whatever I imagine is already a reality and that the process isn't important as long as I am willing to keep moving toward the outcome.

* * *

3. Anticipation without expectations leads to excellence of experience without disappointment.

I am willing to ride the wave of creation, allowing it to deliver to me from all its possibilities.

4. Creation is both elegant and eloquent without needing to show off or uttering a word. Look around you ... everything is a reflection of us.

I accept that I am beautiful inside and out no matter what.

* * *

5. That deep unconditional love we seek from others lies in the divinity that is us. It isn't something to find, to take, or to have, but rather to be.

I am divine, no matter how imperfect I or others believe me to be. I can be nothing less.

6. Our sensitivity is directly relative to how much we are willing to feel.

I am open to the depths of my soul, willing to feel fully all that life has to offer.

* * *

7. Time is of the essence means what we do with it matters most.

Putting off what I want in life is no longer acceptable. I choose to apply my time directly toward all that I desire.

* * *

8. We usually recognize eloquence when the words spoken carry truth.

Today I will listen past the words and into their true meaning.

9. Often what feels ominous to us is simply something we can't comprehend.

This day I won't be afraid of what I don't understand. Instead I will embrace it with all the love my heart has to offer.

* * *

10. Elegance has many faces and one of them is yours as a being of creation, not only created of light, but reflecting it.

I am an expression of creation's elegance, and I reflect all light because I am that.

11. The intensity and satisfaction of our experiences depends upon our willingness to have them.

Today I am willing to be open to whatever comes; no matter what I think, there is magic in everything.

* * *

12. Hidden treasures lie just beneath our belief that we don't have any.

I don't have to know what my gifts are to have them. I am unlimited in what I am.

* * *

13. Intimidation is someone else's idea of getting you to do the right thing.

I don't have to jump through hoops just because someone else thinks I should.

14. Stop. Be still. Listen. Are the voices you hear inside your own head yours or everyone else's telling you who you are and what you want and even what to do?

This day I am willing to listen deeply to what is hidden inside of me, for it is there that the real truth lies.

* * *

15. Death is inevitable. It is life we must choose in order to have lived at all.

I will not wait for life to come to me. I embrace life while I move my feet exactly toward all that I wish to experience.

* * *

16. Our dreams remain dreams until we choose to live them.

I am willing to step beyond the boundaries I have created to live whatever I can imagine.



In truth, we are not valued by association, accomplishment, or otherwise; instead, we are valued by our own perceptions. The question is, is it really us keeping score, or the voices in and around us?

What may have happened in the past doesn't matter. It is what I do with now that matters.

18. The intention of an investment is to benefit you in the future. How are your thoughts, words, and actions today going to benefit you later?

Today I will take note of the kinds of sentiments I am expressing, knowing that each of them will come back to me a thousand fold. I choose a positive future filled with only what I really want, not what I fear.

* * *

19. Sometimes just "winging it" works far better than all the best laid plans.

Today I am willing to be flexible, going with the flow; even when I don't know where I am going, part of me does.

20. Who are we without the mirrors of each other? Only we know who is behind the mask.

When I look past my fears of not being enough, good enough, or deserving, I see myself in everyone around me, and we are beautiful.

* * *

21. We can blame whomever whenever but ultimately the diligence was ours.

I accept responsibility for all of the choices that I make and have made, and know that when I don't like what I have chosen, I can simply choose again.

* * *

22. What can't be driven can be finessed.

This day I will stop trying so hard, noticing that sometimes it is the little things I never considered that make huge differences in my life.

23. Free. Will. No one is giving it away ~ we already have it.

I have the freedom to do or choose whatever my heart desires in every moment.

* * *

24. Intention, undirected, is always a what if.

Today I won't just wish, I will act on my wishes so that they become reality.

* * *

25. We are fully adaptable except for our resistance.

Today I will say yes. Whatever may have stopped me in the past no longer matters.

26. Coming full circle is in one sense completion, in another starting over, and in another Karmic, and yet in it all, an opportunity to start fresh with a clean slate.

I realize that endings make room for new and exciting things to come my way.

* * *

27. A moment of observation can contribute a lifetime of knowledge.

This day I will slow down and really notice what is happening around me.

* * *

28. Reality is a field of possibility defined by choice.

Reality isn't happening to me, I am happening to reality! I choose to create all of my desired outcomes by making the choices that are my God given right.

29. Sometimes in chaos while things are moving way too fast, if we don't get emotional or caught up in the craziness, we can begin to see clearly, almost in slow motion, almost in suspended time, the doorways to something different.

Today as I experience what seems to be chaos, I will look closer so that I will recognize opportunities that come my way.

* * *

30. Create more than you use.

I understand that balance is necessary. Today I agree to give back as much as I receive.

* * *

31. What if the impossible were just a bunch of possibilities entangled?

I realize that everything is simple and there is no need to complicate anything.

32. Our most intense feelings are our creation, no one else's.

This day I accept that I, and I alone, am responsible for how I feel. No one can change that but me.

* * *

33. We can only imagine what is possible. Everything is.

I believe that anything I can imagine is already possible, I just need to find the way there.

* * *

34. Our abilities aren't comparable; they are a package of forward expression that is our unique gift to ourselves and the world.

Who I am is irreplaceable in this world. I am a perfect and mighty being of creation.

35. Loss leaves room for what is yet to come.

I realize that my feelings of emptiness are nothing more than my soul craving to be filled with new and exciting experiences.

* * *

36. That deep unconditional love we seek from others lies in the divinity that is us. It isn't something to find, to take, or to have, but rather to be.

I choose to step into the world today with a sense of complete fullness. From there, all of my experiences will be enhanced because there is no room for anything else.

* * *

37. Our Spirit is Mighty. Our Enemy is our Fear.

Today I embrace all of my vulnerabilities as aspects of my perfection.

38. If we imagine and believe something to be so, the reality already exists, and there will be a moment in time when we and our reality intersect.

I know without a doubt that if I wish to create something in my life, it is already so.

* * *

39. As we know ourselves we will know all others.

Today I choose to share compassion with myself so that I can feel more deeply in all of my relationships.



Our attention often gets so focused on the process that we forget the intended outcome.

This day I realize that whatever I imagine, so it is.

41. Surrender implies defeat. Humility allows for all possibilities.

When I let down all of my defenses I become a living possibility.

* * *

42. A lifetime only seems that way when we are looking for what we think we don't have.

What I have been waiting for wasn't realistic. Now it is. This day I realize that I have all that I need and that perhaps what I thought I needed was fear trying to fill me with distractions.

43. Good directions are only a suggestion. Free will determines the final route.

Today I won't waver from my intended route unless I decide to do so.

* * *

44. What is wild may not be really so, instead just free of self-imposed encumbrances.

Today I will let myself out of the cage and freely express myself with ease and grace remembering that I don't have to hurt anyone to tell the truth.

45. The strength of our ability to move beyond the mundane is dependent upon our courage to do so.

I embrace every moment with great courage and gentleness of heart, never looking back or forward, shining in this now.

* * *

46. Seek not to follow others away from your true destination, for it is there, all the time, within you.

Even when my mind doubts me, my soul knows the way.

* * *

47. The mark of true intelligence is the wisdom that silently guides it.

This day I will not cover my true intentions with excuses or words; instead, I will listen deeply to the GPS of my soul.

48. Feeling intense means we have left our comfort zone ... finally!

Today if I feel anxious I will celebrate myself for having leaped into new possibilities.

* * *

49. What we defend about ourselves was never real in the first place.

I realize that if I need to shield myself maybe I need to look more honestly at what I am defending.

* * *

50. We can hit any target with intention, forethought, concentration, and a steady aim.

Today I will remain true to what I have conceived possible, because since it is my creation, I know I can't miss.

51. Jealousy is like having an incurable illness and waiting desperately for someone else to die from it.

This day I realize that the experiences I am having are exactly mine, and as full as I am, I have no need for concern about what others have that is different.

* * *

52. Our perceptions are only as great as our willingness to imagine.

Today I am willing to consider that anything is possible only when I am willing to imagine it.

53. Sometimes when we are caught in the illusion, the greatest destructive forces are hidden in the most joyous of experiences.

Today I will be especially truthful with myself, being willing to accept truths that maybe I didn't want but that serve to pave the way for what I do want.

* * *

54. Self-sabotage is our way of saying we aren't worth it.

This day I accept that I am worth it, deserving, willing and grateful to have or experience all that I aspire toward.

55. How high we can fly is completely dependent upon our willingness to take off.

Today I realize that no one is keeping score and that nothing limits me when it comes to experiencing fullness in my life.

* * *

56. There is no real meaning in words, only in the spaces between them.

Today I will become an observer, noticing truth beyond words and allowing that truth to reveal itself to me as it will.

57. One oops is worth a thousand laughs ... or a lifetime of regret ~ our choice.

Today I will laugh at myself every chance I get.

* * *

58. How hard we work trying to fix things that aren't broken!

I will only embrace what is mine to carry. All else I release with relief and gratitude that it isn't mine to lug around.



When we have our minds on what was, we miss what is.

I realize that what has passed was. What is now is the key to all else.

60. The need of the ego to falsely define greatness comes from its learned sense of insignificance.

This day I refuse to accept from anyone anywhere anything that states or implies that I am anything less than perfect.

* * *

61. Interior development means exterior gain.

Today I will get to know myself, learning what I really want and shedding all that I do not.

* * *

62. We are obscured by our ego's sense of greatness.

I realize that being vulnerable is not only OK, it reveals my true self and therefore everyone else's too.

63. A prayer is only as powerful as the passion behind it.

Today I won't beg when I say my prayers. I will command with the force of creation all that I know can be true, that it is I who decides my own fate.

* * *

64. If we were books what would be our content? Would our stories make sense? Do they?

I realize that my life's story is an ongoing masterpiece that I create because I choose it to be so, and the challenges in my story can have any outcome I create.

65. While it is validating, evidence of our achievements isn't necessary for us to know we have succeeded. There is no score to keep, no judges hovering over us but ourselves and our very best in every given moment. How can we lose?

This day I let go of all need to achieve and instead embrace the opportunity to live in every now as if it were the only one there ever would be.

* * *

66. The value of what we hold onto is questionable.

I realize that what doesn't serve me is holding me back from what does.

67. We can wonder about life, speculate, doubt, question, or even be unsure of our journey, or, we can wonder, be in awe, marvel, and, yes, even be astonished at all of the perfection around us.

This day I free the child in me to wonder at everything I encounter.

* * *

68. Instant gratification is all about filling a hole that never existed in the first place.

Today I let go of my need to feel secure by needing instant results. I understand that creation is working diligently to provide me with what is exactly perfect.

69. When we feel insignificant, it is because we haven't recognized ourselves.

When I see myself in any light today, I will witness my own splendor in relation to all other things.

* * *

70. When we "handle" things, we interfere with their natural unfolding.

This day I let go of my need to control all outcomes, knowing that all is already created in perfect light.

71. What we believe, we have learned. What we know is truth. What we know is our unlimited consciousness bringing back to our limited world all that is immeasurable, infinite, and pure. What our minds do with that is a travesty. Trust what you know.

I really get it that I not only don't have to understand everything in life, I can't possibly. Today I agree to let things be as they are.

* * *

72. The only way a door will open is if we walk toward it and turn the handle.

Today I will not give away my power; instead I will step firmly in whatever direction I choose because I know it is perfect, and no one knows this better than me.

73. The walls we construct will withstand our imagined enemies as well as our worst enemy ~ ourselves ~ and restrict the depth of all our relationships. They are unnecessary.

This day I relax into my easiest being, willing to feel deeply and to love willingly all that comes my way.

* * *

74. Sentience: The ability to feel and respond with feeling. We sense with our entire being, with our energy fields and our bodies as a whole. When we are present in the now, we become aware of the more subtle things we are picking up and can respond rather than react.

In this now there is more going on in me than I can possibly grasp. I accept that that is OK and that I don't always have to know everything.

75. Life isn't a contract to be fulfilled, or a purpose to be sought. It is for living, pure and simple, unobstructed by guilt or grief or anything else that can take away our joy. Live largely, loudly, and lightly!

Today I choose to live out loud with joy and lack of inhibition.

* * *

76. Satisfaction is a platform for expansion. If we are constantly looking for something better, we are never satisfied and therefore remain in need.

My light shines brightly through all obstacles, showing me the way toward my greatest desires. It is up to me to walk in my own light.

77. Value is a perspective that we tie to all things external but forget to apply internally first. If we did, everything would look different, and all of our perceptions would have an entirely new system of discernment.

I am not only valuable, I am priceless, irreplaceable in every way. I deserve whatever I want and need and am open to receiving it all with gratitude.

* * *

78. Loneliness is lessened when we are comfortable with our own company.

No one can fill me because I am filled with the unconditional love of my source. Instead, I accept all that I know: that I and all whom I encounter can only augment each other.

79. A gentle touch, a hug, a kind word can change not only someone's day, but their entire life.

Today I will reach outward toward others with loving kindness and compassion, particularly when I don't want to.

Excerpted from TOUCHING THE LIGHT DAY BY DAY by Meg Losey. Copyright © 2012 Meg Losey. Excerpted by permission of Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Meet the Author

Meg Blackburn Losey, PhD, is the author of the recently released The Children of Now Evolution, the international bestseller The Children of Now along with several other books including Conversations with the Children of Now, The Art of Living Out Loud, The Secret History of Consciousness, and she is a contributor to What Wags the World. Dr. Meg is the creator of the Touching the Light Healing Modality and offers Certification courses. She is an international keynote speaker and lectures worldwide. Dr. Meg is a PhD of Holistic Life Coaching and holds a Doctoral Degree in Metaphysics and has served as a consultant to Good Morning America and 20/20. Visit her online at www.spiritlite.com. 

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