Tough Justice: Countdown (Part 5 of 8)

Tough Justice: Countdown (Part 5 of 8)

by Janie Crouch

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The hunter becomes the hunted

With just seconds to spare, Special Agent Lara Grant and the team manage to rescue a hostage. Victory! Thanks to this eyewitness, they now know the killer’s name, and might even have a lead on his next target. But not even the FBI’s best can protect everyone from the deadliest, and most dedicated, criminal. And when the entire CMU comes under attack, it’ll take a desperate act to keep the team together. Lara puts her own secrets—and her own life—on the line in an attempt to lure the bomber out of hiding and into the open…once and for all.

Part 5 of 8: an explosive new installment in the thrilling FBI serial from New York Times bestselling author Carla Cassidy and Tyler Anne Snell, Emmy Curtis and Janie Crouch.

Praise for Special Forces Savior by Janie Crouch:

"Compelling. Crouch doesn’t disappoint with another spectacular Intrigue read filled with explosive action and well-developed characters and plot." —RT Book Reviews

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ISBN-13: 9781488026157
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 02/01/2017
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 328,244
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

USA TODAY and award-winning author Janie Crouch has loved to read romance her whole life. She cut her teeth on Harlequin Romances as a teen, then moved on to a passion for romantic suspense as an adult.

Janie lives with her husband and four children in Germany, in support of her husband's U.S. Department of Defense job. Janie enjoys traveling, long-distance running, movies of all kinds, and coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

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Tough Justice: Countdown (Part 5 of 8) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
PennieM More than 1 year ago
This series is speeding up and the bomber is on the run. They have saved "selfie guy" at the last second but he is still at jeopardy as his identity has been scrubbed and the bomber has given him a new one. We now know who the bomber is and have found his bunker but he has now set his sights on the CMU team. Lara specifically and when he contacts her and engages with her she does not back down. Treat a bully like a bully...However, now he seems to have turned all that against the rest of the team... Great series. Nearly seamless moving from book to book. What happens next! **Received ARC for review from the publisher via NetGalley**
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Kind of rushed but I still enjoyed it. Still want to know if Lara finds out how her mother was actually murdered .
Honolulubelle More than 1 year ago
Favorite Quotes: Nobody moved for just a second, unable to believe they’d gotten so damn lucky. ‘That’s right, you heard me, you ba$tard$. Clear!’ the man yelled again. ‘Now someone please write an epic poem about how f*ing awesome I am.’ He’d slipped her his own note. There’s no I in team, but there is a you in f* you. Things had gone downhill from there. Every park ranger in a statewide radius seemed to be at Cougar Mountain when they arrived twenty-seven minutes later. They were circling the car like they were a coven of witches about to put a hex on it or something. My Review: The Whisperer/mad bomber was continuing to outsmart, shock, and vex the best of the best. The manner in which he exacted his revenge before going in for the kill was ingenious. The plot continues to build with ever increasingly warped and brilliant twists. Lara’s more obnoxious personality traits are putting herself and her team at increased risk and forcing a distance with the long-suffering Nick; that poor man. The segment ends with the most heinous cliffhanger yet – which is beyond cruel – unless you are like me and already have all the installments uploaded.
BooksAndSpoons More than 1 year ago
Finally, the CMU and Special Agent Lara Grant has a break in the case against the bomber named Whisperer. They not only have saved a life with only seconds to spare, but they have a name, they have an address, they have viable clues, they have a direction where to take the case, and they finally feel like they are one step ahead of the culprit. And that's when the team mentality breaks down. In part five the case moves forward with a fast pace, and the information the team has in their hands stretches them even thinner than before as they are confirming the clues. Nick and Lara's already complicated relationship comes to an edge, as Lara's inability and willingness to work as a member of the team comes apparent. The completely different styles and approaches to work seem to pull them farther apart instead of enforcing them to work closer as partners. The raw underbelly of the team is showing, and liaison with the team dwindle. Lara's stubborn nature and temper are starting to show clearly, and are frustrating. The characters of the CMU team are showing a more vulnerable side of them in part five, with both the positive and the negative side of the human nature. The scenes are changing fast, the case is moving forward until it takes a move into a direction that can be the end of the team, thanks to Lara losing her temper. I have to give it to these four authors, the seamless work they have done with this serial novel is rather amazing. I have read books by all the four authors before and I can hear the distinct voice and style of each author as they each tell their part of the tale, yet the difference is barely there, like I previously said, more like looking at the same view with a step to another direction or with another focus on mind. The way the story is built forms a habit, a nearly an addiction, to get to know more, to find out not only about the case, but about the destinies and faith of the members of the team. ~ Four Spoons with a teaspoon on the side