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Tourism: The Business of Travel

Tourism: The Business of Travel

by Roy A. Cook

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ISBN-10: 0132091593

ISBN-13: 9780132091596

Pub. Date: 05/28/2009

Publisher: Pearson Prentice Hall

Tourism, the world's largest industry, continues to experience consistently worldwide growth. With this growth comes a wealth of opportunities and challenges. In their second edition, Cook, Yale, and Marqua invite you to join them in exploring the many changes that are shaping the future of this exciting industry.

The second edition of Tourism: The


Tourism, the world's largest industry, continues to experience consistently worldwide growth. With this growth comes a wealth of opportunities and challenges. In their second edition, Cook, Yale, and Marqua invite you to join them in exploring the many changes that are shaping the future of this exciting industry.

The second edition of Tourism: The Business of Travel retains the fun-to-read conversational style that made the first edition so successful. But many changes have taken place in tire tourism industry. This new edition provides a thorough overview of the tourism industry and highlights the revolutionary impact of technological 'changes on every segment of the industry.

As the title suggests, tourism is viewed through the lens of business; focusing on the management, marketing, and financial issues most important to industry members. In addition, the text begins with a comprehensive model of tourism, and the book unfolds by considering each piece of the model in succession. All students should find the text enjoyable and educational no matter which part of the industry they find most interesting.

The authors designed this book so that it engages students in the learning experience. Its appealing writing style and its hundreds of current industry examples make it the perfect text for students taking their first tourism class as well as anyone who wants to I

Special Features

  • An integrated model of tourism links all its pieces together.
  • Expanded discussion of the growth segments of tourism; singles, disabled, adventure and extreme travelers, and nonprofessional meeting attendees.
  • Enhanced discussion of the importance of tours, tour operators, and meeting planners.
  • Increased emphasis on human resources and personal selling.
  • Special attention to the Internet and its impact on the tourism industry.
  • Ethical/critical thinking dilemmas generate student discussion.
  • Tourism-In-Action items provide students with in-depth industry examples of chapter content.
  • Service quality is accentuated with a complete chapter devoted to its coverage.
  • Macro-issues such as social, economic, and environmental impacts are highlighted.
  • End-of-chapter readings, appendices, and integrated cases give instructors added opportunities to generate student debate and interest.
  • A complete instructor's supplemental package including a website allows instructors to customize the course to fit their students' needs.

Product Details

Pearson Prentice Hall
Publication date:

Table of Contents

Part 1The Traveling Public and Tourism Promoters1
Chapter 1Introduction to tourism2
Could a career in tourism be in your future?4
Services and Tourism5
What is Tourism?5
A Tourism Model6
The History of Travel and Tourism8
Bringing Tourism into Focus14
Geography Provides a Window to the World15
Studying Tourism from Business Perspectives18
Tourism's Challenges and Opportunities24
Where Do You Fit In?24
Topics Covered in Each Chapter25
Chapter 2Tourists: the traveling public32
A Ride on the Wild Side!34
Foundations for Understanding Tourist Motivations35
Segmenting the Tourism Market40
Specialized Tourist Segments47
Delivering High-Quality Service55
Chapter 3Bringing Travelers and Tourism Service Suppliers Together62
One Stop Does It All!64
Tourism Services65
Serving Traveler Needs66
Why Use Intermediaries?68
One-Level (Direct) Distribution Channels68
Two-Level Distribution Channels69
Three-Level Distribution Channels74
Distribution Channels of the New Millennium80
Tourism Information Sources and Services82
Selling Adds a Personal Touch83
Part 2Tourism Service Suppliers95
Chapter 4Transportation96
The Graduation Gift98
Surface Transportation101
Amtrak and VIA Rail Canada Services102
International Passenger Rail Service104
Cruising the Highways and Byways105
Important Transportation Links111
Soaring through the Skies112
Improving Operating Efficiency and Effectiveness119
Chapter 5Accommodations130
Expect the Unexpected132
Oh So Many Choices!133
Rooms, Rooms, and More137
Organizing for Successful Operations141
It All Begins with Sales146
Using Technology to Tie it all Together152
Chapter 6Food and Beverage162
Sometimes It's More Difficult Than It Seems164
Major Influences on the Development of Food and Beverage Services165
Building a Culinary Heritage167
Building Profitable Operations176
An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure179
Chapter 7Attractions and Entertainment194
So Many Things to Do and So Little Time196
A World of Opportunities198
Foundations for Understanding Attractions and Entertainment198
Heritage Attractions200
Commercial Attractions208
Live Entertainment215
Chapter 8Destinations222
Dreams Can Come True224
From Resorts to Urban Destinations225
Classifying Destinations226
Far from the Maddening Crowd229
Links to the Past230
Seasonal Delights230
Spotlight on Sporting Activities232
Year-Round Playgrounds234
Bright Lights and City Sights244
Building on Success244
Part 3The Service and Hospitality Environment251
Chapter 9Putting Quality into Hospitality252
All's Well That Ends Well?254
Service Encounters257
Service Quality Model258
Quality and Customer Satisfaction261
Human Resources: The Key to High-Quality Service262
Service Mistakes265
Service Guarantees267
Chapter 10Economic and Political Impacts of Tourism276
Chamber Director Headache #1456278
Looking to Tourism for Economic Growth and Vitality279
The Multiplier Effect282
Other Economic Impacts285
Tourism and Politics287
Public/Private Organizations290
Tourism Planning294
Political "Tugs of War" over Tourism295
Chapter 11Environmental and Social/Cultural Impacts of Tourism306
Reflecting on the Future308
Tourism and the Environment308
Environmental Impacts of Tourism312
Social and Cultural Impacts of Tourism313
Unintended Consequences of Tourism on Culture317
Mass Tourism versus Ecotourism319
Chapter 12Exploring the Future of Tourism332
On the Road Again334
The Shape of Coming Tourism Markets335
Identifying and Meeting Future Tourists' Needs341
Moving into an Era of Competitive Cooperation342
Accelerating Technological Advances344
Travel Agents' Changing Roles348
Scanning the Horizon for Future Tourist Activities350
Keeping the Human Touch?352
Appendix AProblem-Solving and Decision-Making362
Appendix BManners Matter366
Appendix CChoosing a Career and Finding a Job372
Integrative Cases381
Brewster Tours382
Carnival Corporation (1998)391
The Cottages Resort and Conference Center409
Fasten Your Seat Belts--Turbulence Ahead for Travel Agencies417
Gateway Durango, Inc.426
Resistance to Change?435

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