Toward a Philosophy of Perception: The Magnitude of Human Potential - Cloud Optics

Toward a Philosophy of Perception: The Magnitude of Human Potential - Cloud Optics

by Margaret A Harrell


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This website brought to you by Margaret Harrell, the author of Toward a Philosophy of Perception.

Toward a Philosophy of Perception introduces the Love in Transition series, published in English in the "Lucian Blaga" University of Romania, to the United States. At the same time it adds a large number of Harrell's highly detailed cloud photography. Extending slightly into the infrared and ultraviolet range, they feature unusual colors in the intent to create paintings. Perception is dealt with from within the Blakean tradition of seeing several levels at once and also from within modern theories that vision is always incomplete, but we "fill in the blanks." Of note is a long extract from an inspirational memoir written for the Exceptional Human Experience Network, "A Man Called Milton [Klonsky]: Experiments in Consciousness. Also included are a few samples of unprogrammed computer printouts that psychically reorganize what was on the screen. Drawing it all together is the theme: "the magnitude of human potential."


"The wonderful aspect of these cloud pictures is that it leaves the reader to be him/herself and to see that as adequate and good . . . rather than floundering around trying to see something that won't quite come into focus for that person."

Taken from a review by Virginia Parrott Williams, Ph.D.

President, Williams LifeSkills; Co-Author LifeSkills, Anger Kills; Author, Surrealism, Quantum Philosophy and World War I.

"This is Margaret A. Harrell's gift, . . . the images and the writing that goes with them. . . . [She is] an energy manifester and she's bringing it through these energies. . . . This is not only an art book, it's not only an intellectual book, it's about raising consciousness. . . . [The images are] something uniquely different . . . aren't in the Earth archetypes."

Mariah Martin

Intuitive, Light Path coach, Channel for Light Beings, Educator, Minister and Author

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ISBN-13: 9781420801491
Publisher: Author Solutions Inc
Publication date: 02/28/2005
Pages: 124
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.32(d)

Table of Contents

Microscopically Speaking. From the Flea GLASS to the PARIS GLASS, the Plate-Glass Window / p. 9
Once Lucid, I Dreamed / p. 10
Clouds as Abstract and Figurative Paintings / p. 11
Photo: Milton Klonsky / p. 15
Love in Transition-Let's Take It from the Top / p. 17
 Extract: "A Man Called Milton: Experiments in Consciousness" / p. 23
 Including the Topics: "Starting with Death" and the Cosmic Christ
 References / p. 40
"A this-way, that-way"-Milton Klonsky / p. 41

How I Went from Fiction Writer to Consciousness Researcher, who believes THERE IS NO FICTION.  
Cast of characters, from the Soul level, the Emotional body. Jungian structure discovered in the Unconscious, then studied in the Jungian Institute / p. 43
Excerpt from Volume II / p. 44
 Including the Topic: Qualities from the Past-Riding Them into the Mainstream.
Excerpt from Volume III / p. 54
 Interception of the Life Plan (a normal process), Consciousness peeping up as the tip of the
  iceberg, arrival of the title of the series, Precognition of Universal Events (international,  
 planetary issues of the 21st century announced in the mid-'80s), the plane of the collective Christ
  and transpersonal/personal Human Christ
Excerpts from Tienen Initiation (partially unpublished), chronologically after writing Volume III / p. 62
Excerpt from Volume IV-Time as "All One Tense": Introducing the Universal Mind / p. 75
Space Encounters: Chunking Down the 21st Century-I, II, III
 About the Books / p. 79
 Excerpt: Inserting Consciousness into Collisions / p.80
From "The Gift of the Natural Mind" / p. 84
Subjects, Themes, What This Series Is Concerned With: Energy Inductors / p. 91
PK, Psychokinesis, Mind Through Matter (Chaos in the Printer)-Samples / p. 93
 Our Natural Instinct To Imprint Matter; our instinct "to order" through our drive to know
An Aspect or Aspiration of the Human Condition / p. 102
"Prismatic Intelligence" / p. 104
Photos from the Above: Whitman Updated / p. 105
And the Below / p. 106
Photography Museum (Out of the Dream) / p. 108
About the Author / p. 114
Praise for the Series / p. 115


Speaking Categorically

 Everything is energy. Energy is traceable back to the fact of atoms. Everything is atoms. Me, you, frogs, trees, stones, books. Everything that is nature, human, chemistry, inorganic chemistry-a fragrance. It is due to the organization of atoms. That means that because these atoms move about and run into each other, colliding, annihilating, changing, being born into a higher or lower energy, they therefore continue carrying the energy of the universe into new situations, new positions, NEW STRUCTURES.
 If this were not so, there would be no universal order or law, no universe-not the way we know it. These laws are called laws of physics. Where the intersection-the controversy and "problem"-comes in is that certain things seem to violate these laws, yet they are also composed of atoms. And atoms obey laws. There is the mind, the soul, the higher mind, the higher realms-could they be responsible and be beyond the laws of physics? But the laws of physics are also theoretical, as is metaphysics. The laws of physics, when we get to quantum mechanics, bring us down to the smallest common forms that all life and everything in the universe SHARE. These atoms, visible through the MOTION they instill in what is around them. Visible at first BY IMPLICATION. Cloud chambers and then huge super accelerators were set up, to view the results of particle collisions and sometimes catch the energy or move it into specific TASKS. All of this, in cross-connections-tracks the energy makes BETWEEN DISCIPLINES. This book studies us as creatures from the atomic realm (behind that from Light, and the fiery furnace in which the universe, as it first existed as far back as we can trace, emerges)-who therefore, to create more comprehensible human laws, need to know something of atomic laws. Because in us, and in our cells, governing such basics (sometimes called fatalities) as whether we live or die (whether our cells, unknown to us, have a program, a decision-NOT IRREVERSIBLE-to live or die), are these atomic laws, of motion, conservation; that is, exchanging energy evenly, giving out and replacing so as to have overall stability (what diminishes in one form, in parallel, increases in another, a form change). Not that that means individual stability. The balance in the universe subsists inside a system in which things are moved around. One location intensifies, when another loses. (Alternately, things are at rest, but they still have energy POTENTIALLY).
 BUT DOES THIS ENERGY EXCHANGE OF THE UNIVERSE HAVE TO BE REFLECTED IN HUMAN COMPETITION, which makes us therefore carbon copies, or mere mechanical reminders, of this universal law of conservation-which (if unconscious) makes the human condition one of universal competition?
 Higher up, however, where we come in, are laws of love and compassion, justice, mercy, which (qualitative) do not necessarily obey-or not with the same results-these physical laws of conservation of energy, by removing energy from one place if it is added in another. On the other hand, for application, they require a kind of detachment, so as to have fields of objectivity. We call this humanly possible position "nonattachment."
 So these connections-in universal law and the human condition (that is, what it means to be inside physical reality but with the impression that it is NOT MOVING, when in fact, not just in physical objects but in the consciousness always emitted by and born from events, it is)-are some of the preconditions that allow this series to be written, always striving to say something before the very observation of it changes the meaning and emphasis. For the reason, partly, that to describe (observe) might have the effect of removing the energy-thus shifting it to SOMEWHERE ELSE. To hammer that point in, there are the printouts of the pages, which illustrate-where common sense and our level of mastery of physical law do not-that there is some way to override a programmed instruction to the computer. BY SOME ENERGY LAW.

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