Towards World Class Manufacturing, 1993: Proceedings of the IFIP TC5 - Wg5.3 Conference on Towards World Class Manufacturing 1993, Litchfield Park, Arizona, USA

Towards World Class Manufacturing, 1993: Proceedings of the IFIP TC5 - Wg5.3 Conference on Towards World Class Manufacturing 1993, Litchfield Park, Arizona, USA



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ISBN-13: 9780444818508
Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology Books
Publication date: 04/28/1994
Series: IFIP Transactions
Pages: 468
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.45(h) x (d)

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Design and Product Realization. A synthetic reasoning method for conceptual design (M. Ishii, T. Tomiyama, H. Yoshikawa). A design for manufacturing aided system based on functional and knowledge aspects (F. Féru, C. Vat, A. Timimoun, E. Cocquebert, C. Rouchon). Features and algorithms for tooling cost evaluation for stamping (P.V. Mahajan, C. Poli, D.W. Rosen, M. Wozny). Facilitating rapid product realization with a high-level CAPP system (W.H. ElMaraghy, H. Jack). Procedural CAD models from range data (V. Koivunen, J.M. Vezien, R. Bajcsy). Concurrent Engineering. Virtual manufacturing as a basis for concurrent engineering (F. Kimura). Improved competitiveness through concurrent activities and handling of product changes (A. Rolstadås, B. Moseng, D. Blankenburg). Towards open architecture concurrent engineering frameworks (M. Mäntylä). TIBAS: Concurrent engineering and cooperative problem solving design tools for interaction between the automotive industry and its suppliers (G. Jacucci, S. Longano, B. Von Rekowsky, P. Patelli et al.). Architecture and methodology for concurrent engineering (G. Doumeingts, N. Ould Wane, P. Girard, F. Marcotte). Enterprise Architectures and Integration. Architectures for integrating manufacturing activities and enterprises (T.J. Williams, P. Bernus, J. Brosvic, et al. CIMOSA: integrating the production (J. Vlietstra). Integration of the information base: organizational problems and controls (F. Biennier, J. Favrel). Enterprise integration - metrics for improvement and benchmarking (M. Andersin, M. Reinikka, L.A. Wickstrom). Information based control architecture for CIM (A.L.Osório, L.M. Camarinha-Matos). Creation of virtual manufacturing devices by means of information system models (E. Rondeau, T. Divoux, F. Lepage, M. Veron). Product data integration framework for synergetic CAD systems (J.J. Shah, S.D. Urban, S.P. Raghupathy, M.T. Rogers). Rapid Prototyping and its Integration. Boundary evaluation for solid freeform fabrication (S. Guduri, R.H. Crawford, J.J. Beaman). Engineering plasma sprayed films by knowledge based simulations (G. Jacucci, M. Marchese, C. Uhrik). Selection and eveluation of SFM systems (D. Kochan). Integration of rapid prototyping into product development (C.L. Atwood, G.D. McCarty, B.T. Pardo, E.A. Bryce). Rapid prototyping to support flexible computer integrated manufacturing (J.A. Bachinsky, B.A. Pienkoski). Manufacturing Planning, Processes, Systems and Education. Parametric fixture layout models for operative process planning (J. Opas, M. Mäntylä). Evaluation and derivation of process plans in turning (A.F. Barakat, D. Dutta). Model-based performance measurement of manufacturing logistics (H.P. Wiendahl, W. Ullmann). Development of low-cost flexible manufacturing cell (A.W. Tredgold, E.R. Fielding). Accounting of tooling costs in optimization of cold forging processes (G. Yang, Y. Maekawa, K. Oka). A prediction method and in-process monitoring system of die-life in hot forging (Y. Maekawa, S. Hamaya, G. Yang). Manufacturing systems theory in manufacturing education (K. Wang, Ø. Bjørke).

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