Tower of Babel

Tower of Babel

by Sean Morgan



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Tower of Babel by Sean Morgan

Tower of Babel begins with two unlikely characters, Rupert and Dani, as their lives slowly intertwine under strange circumstances made possible only by today's advancements in technology.

Rupert is a pathetic, yet surprisingly lovable 42-year-old man living in his parents' basement in Seattle. He is an ex-Naval intelligence officer who has constructed a devastating computer virus in his spare time. Dani is an independent-minded 16-year-old high school student living in a hell dictated by her mother's abusive boyfriend. Both use the internet as a daily escape from their less-than-perfect lives.

Rupert becomes infatuated with Dani after seeing her picture and profile posted on a website. A few short conversations increase his infatuation, and after reading the horrific descriptions of Dani's abusive life in her online journal, he makes the rash decision to fly across the country to Wisconsin where Dani lives.

After tracking Dani down at a club, Rupert follows her as she is dragged home by her mother's boyfriend, Gordon. From there, their paths are quickly drawn together as each is forced to run from the lives they once knew.

Rupert calls on experiences gained before Dani's birth to school her in the art of freight-hopping-hitching a cross-country ride on a freight train. As the national man-hunt for Dani and her "kidnapper" heats up, the odd pair avoids cities and civilization; camping in abandoned buildings and living off of pop-tarts and trail mix in a harsh Midwest winter. Dani trusts Rupert to lead her and keep her out of danger, while Rupert is intrigued and impressed by Dani's independence and quick-thinking as they approach the one place in America where, Dani at least, will be safe.

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ISBN-13: 9781411646605
Publication date: 09/28/2005
Pages: 212
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.48(d)

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