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Capsters: Make Bottlecaps into Great Works of Coolness

by Klutz
Capsters: Make Bottlecaps into Great Works of Coolness


Art can be found in the weirdest places. Atop a soda bottle, for example, sits one of the coolest frames for graphics and dimensional assemblages imaginable. To you it may be just a bottle cap but really, to those in the know, it's a capster waiting to be born. Capsters, the book, is the ultimate introduction to this new pop art form.

To make a capster, take a bottle cap (included) and add a round piece of art (included), specially sized to fit neatly inside the cap. You might want to add a small charm (included) or perhaps some craft gems and glitter (included and included). Squirt some special goo (included) over your creation.

Overnight the goo will dry into a super-shiny, clear, hard coating and - voila - you've got yourself a capster. Finished capsters make terrific backpack danglers or fridge magnets. Hang them off your belt loop or embellish your purse straps. Collect a ton or swap them with friends. Whatever you do with them, you'll never look at a bottle cap the same way again.

For ages 9 - 12.

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8 - 11 Years

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