Space Marine Adventures - Labyrinth of the Necron

Space Marine Adventures - Labyrinth of the Necron

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The Necron Overlord has arisen, and he seeks to take over the galaxy! Standing between this tyrannical maniac and his ultimate prize are five Space Marine heroes - mighty battle-brothers who have sworn to halt his evil plans. Space Marine Adventures is a fast-paced cooperative game for 1-4 players, pitting a squad of brave Space Marine warriors against the menace of the alien Overlord and his robotic footsoldiers in the dark and dangerous labyrinth of the Necrons. There are three levels to complete, each offering a different challenge. In order to win a game you must successfully fulfill the mission objective for a level. Advance rules and challenge cards allow you to tailor the difficulty of each level, and all three levels can be combined into a single campaign - the true test of a Space Marine hero!

  • 30-45 minutes play time
  • 1-4 Players (Co-op)
  • Dungeon bash in the 41st Millennium
  • 3 levels - Easy, Medium, Harder then a free play deck
  • 5 beautifully detailed colored plastic push off the frame push fit miniatures (no glue needed)
  • Box Contents - 5 Space Marine miniatures, 16 Page rule book, 3 Card Corridors, 23 Necron counters, Objective marker, 4 mission decks, 3 double sided game boards, 3 portal counters
  • 5 six sided dice.
  • 1 Cloth bag for the Necron counters
  • Rules and quick reference sheet on back of rule book

    For Ages: 8+

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    UPC: 5011921107728
    Manufacturer: Games Workshop
    Publication date: 01/08/2018
    Age Range: 8 Years

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