TPA Flight 028

TPA Flight 028

by Tristan Psionic



During the two-year period between the release of their debut and TPA Flight 028, Tristan Psionic did more than just run Sonic Unyon, they also developed their sound substantially, shucking straight-ahead pop numbers for more intricate arrangements reminiscent of Pavement or Sonic Youth. They hadn't quite found their own voice yet on this release, but they were certainly coming along nicely -- and you've gotta like a band who can record a song titled "Donut Rock City."

Product Details

Release Date: 10/07/1997
Label: Sonic Unyon Metal
UPC: 0621617002821
catalogNumber: 28


  1. Air Traffic Control  -  Tristan Psionic
  2. Divided  -  Tristan Psionic
  3. Lucky Star  -  Tristan Psionic
  4. Professional Human  -  Tristan Psionic
  5. Secret  -  Tristan Psionic
  6. Puke  -  Tristan Psionic
  7. All of the Important Things I've Done  -  Tristan Psionic
  8. 3 Am (Circa 1996)  -  Tristan Psionic
  9. Trans Am Kid  -  Tristan Psionic
  10. Zone of Compass Unreliability  -  Tristan Psionic
  11. Donut Rock City  -  Tristan Psionic

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