Trade in Services in the Asia-Pacific Region / Edition 1

Trade in Services in the Asia-Pacific Region / Edition 1

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University of Chicago Press

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Trade in Services in the Asia-Pacific Region / Edition 1

In recent years the tremendous growth of the service sector—including international trade in services—has outstripped that of manufacturing in many industrialized nations. As the importance of services has grown, economists have begun to focus on policy issues raised by them and have tried to understand what, if any, differences there are between production and delivery of goods and services.

This volume is the first book-length attempt to analyze trade in services in the Asia-Pacific region. Contributors provide overviews of basic issues involved in studying the service sector; investigate the impact of increasing trade in services on the economies of Taiwan, Korea, and Hong Kong; present detailed analyses of specific service sectors (telecommunications, financial services, international tourism, and accounting); and extend our understanding of trade in services beyond the usual concept (measured in balance of payment statistics) to include indirect services and services undertaken abroad by subsidiaries and affiliates.

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ISBN-13: 9780226386775
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
Publication date: 02/28/2003
Series: National Bureau of Economic Research East Asia Seminar on Economics Series
Edition description: 1
Pages: 424
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.30(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction - Takatoshi Ito and Anne O. Krueger
1. Measuring the Cost of Barriers to Trade in Services
Philippa Dee, Kevin Hanslow, and Tien Phamduc
Comment: Fukunari Kimura
2. Shaping Future Roles for Trade in Services: Lessons from the GATS
Aaditya Mattoo
Comment: Anne O. Krueger
3. Regulating Services Trade: Matching Policies to Objectives
Richard H. Snape
Comment: Takatoshi Ito
Comment: Edwin L.-C. Lai
4. Taiwan's Accession into the WTO and Trade in Services: A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis
Ji Chou, Shiu-Tang Wang, Kun-Ming Chen, and Nai-Fong Kuo
Comment: Ponciano S. Intal, Jr.
Comment: June-Dong Kim
5. The Growth and Potential of Taiwan's Foreign Trade in Services
Li-min Hsueh, An-loh Lin, and Su-wan Wang
Comment: Philippa Dee
Comment: Mario B. Lamberte
6. Liberalization of Trade in Services and Productivity Growth in Korea
Jong-Il Kim and June-Dong Kim
Comment: Kazumasa Iwata
Comment: Mahani Zainal-Abidin
7. The Private Sector's View of Trade Liberalization in Services: A Hong Kong Perspective
Clement Yuk Pang Wong and Anming Zhang
Comment: Chong-Hyun Nam
8. Korea's Telecom Services Reform through Trade Negotiations
Nae-Chan Lee and Han-Young Lie
Comment: Ramonette B. Serafica
Comment: Chayun Tantivasadakarn
9. Korea's Liberalization of Financial Services Trade
Sang In Hwang, Inseok Shin, and Jungho Yoo
Comment: Kazumasa Iwata
10. A Study of Competiveness of International Tourism in the Southeast Asian Region
Kuo-Liang Wang and Chung-Shu Wu
Comment: Keiko Ito
Comment: Mahani Zainal-Abidin
11. Globalization and Harmonization: The Case of Accountancy Services in Japan
Fukunari Kimura
Comment: Edwin L.-C. Lai
Comment: Aaditya Mattoo
12. Services Trade in East Asia
Shujiro Urata and Kozo Kiyota
Comment: Ponciano S. Intal, Jr.
Comment: Richard H. Snape
13. Foreign Direct Investment and Services Trade: The Case of Japan
Kyoji Fukao and Keiko Ito
Comment: Mario B. Lamberte
Comment: Chong-Hyun Nam
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