Trade Secrets: Decorating Ideas from Trendsetting Stylemakers

Trade Secrets: Decorating Ideas from Trendsetting Stylemakers

by Better Homes & Gardens, Vicki Ingham (Editor)




Decorating today is about personal style and comfort, expressing your own vision rather than slavishly following the latest fashion. But how do you define and develop your vision?

Take a tip -- or several tips -- from the 24 design entrepreneurs featured in this book. They live and breathe design, whether they create trendsetting home decorating products, devise beautiful interiors, sell distinctive objects at retail, or work with photographers to make the rooms shown in catalogs and magazines look fresh and inviting. Through their work, these professionals and others like them influence how you think about your own spaces, inspiring you with new ideas for decorating. Although these professionals create style for others, it's in their own homes that they reveal their clearest design vision and most personal style. This book takes you inside their creative world and shows you ideas you can use in your own home.

Be prepared for some surprises: When is new better than antique? When you're shopping for seating -- antique frames were made for smaller people and are often uncomfortable to people today. Is recessed lighting always best? Not if you want to create rooms that encourage people to sit and relax -- pools of light that glow on the lower half of a room foster a sense of cozy intimacy. Decorating styles range from modern and urban industrial to cottage and European eclectic. Shop the pages for ideas and inspiration, then check out the "Get the Look" spreads following each home tour. These tips highlight the decorating strategies and principles that each design professional embraces. "Prop Closet" focuses on the must-have elements that each uses to stamp his or her home with personal style. Although the individuals featured in this book agree on many points -- bare windows, the importance of editing, the unexpected use of large-scale objects -- they disagree on others, offering readers many perspectives and points of view. All offer insights and practical advice for creating your own personal style.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780696217531
Publisher: Meredith Books
Publication date: 03/16/2004
Pages: 216
Product dimensions: 9.20(w) x 9.90(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Product designers6
Nature at his doorstep: An eclectic mix of updated classics and natural objects in a tiny cottage8
Modern by design: A restrained palette of stone and tile plus 1950s furniture in a modern apartment18
At home in the studio: Hand-printed fabrics in a cottage that's both home and studio28
Chapter 2Interior designers36
Mastering the mix: A sophisticated mix of modern and traditional in a 1960s house38
The fashionable farmhouse: Strong pastels, soft slipcovers, and open storage in a Victorian farmhouse50
Climate controlled: Architectural details and elegant French pieces in a classic Florida house62
Industrial style: Metal and concrete paired with warm woods and leather in a city loft72
The well traveled decorator: Vintage objects from around the world against a fearless backdrop of color78
From town to country: Dressed-up city apartment and a relaxed weekend retreat88
Southern with a twist: Elegant fabrics and traditional furniture relaxed for today's Southern lifestyles100
Chapter 3Shopkeepers110
French lessons: A playful approach to French style in a 1920s house112
Living above the shop: Casual contemporary with an Asian twist in a home above the store124
Objects of their affection: Studio-made crafts in a 1930s house updated with open spaces and color132
The curiosity shopper: Curiosities and collections in a contemporary concrete house142
The softer side of modern: Organic modern colors and furniture in a 1950s house150
Sentimental shopkeepers: Vintage and modern pieces from Europe in a simple stone cottage160
Chapter 4Photo stylists168
The garden within: Muted colors, modern metals, and rustic collections in an 1800s farmhouse170
Quick-change artistry: Collected objects and punches of color in a basic 1950s ranch184
Just what the stylist ordered: Dressed-down furniture and unfussy fabrics in a Spanish-colonial house192
Paradise found: Found objects and a neutral palette in a vintage apartment204

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