Traditional Construction Patterns: Design and Detail Rules-of-Thumb / Edition 1

Traditional Construction Patterns: Design and Detail Rules-of-Thumb / Edition 1

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McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing


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Traditional Construction Patterns: Design and Detail Rules-of-Thumb / Edition 1

* A hands-on, well-illustrated reference that helps architects and contractors avoid making common errors in traditional construction details

* Graphical approach allows users to quickly visualize design solutions

* Lists the rules-of-thumb for each detail, and correct and incorrect examples of how to design or construct each detail

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780071416320
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
Publication date: 09/20/2004
Edition description: Net
Pages: 312
Sales rank: 1,106,335
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 10.80(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Stephen A. Mouzon and Susan M. Henderson are architects and town planners, and are principals of PlaceMakers, which is headquartered in Miami, Florida. Steve is a founder of the New Urban Guild. He has authored or contributed to a number of publications in recent years, including the Public Works Manual, Charles Barrett: The Architectural Drawings, Biltmore Estate Homes, and 1001 Traditional Construction Details. He continues to shoot the photographic Catalog of the Most-Loved Places, which currently includes over 25,000 digital images in 52 volumes. The PlaceMakers Pattern Books are currently the only Transect-based pattern books in existence and are meant to be companion pieces to this book.

Table of Contents

The Most-Loved Places1
Why This Book?2
Chapter 1The Story of the Languages of Architecture
The First Realm: The Universal4
The Second Realm: The National Language5
The Third Realm: The Regional Dialect7
The Fourth Realm: The Local Particulars7
How the Languages Were Lost8
How Can We Revive the Languages?9
Chapter 2Three Great Themes of Traditional Architecture
Buildings for People10
Apparent Structure11
Celebration of the Act of Building12
Chapter 3Lexicon
Why Do We Need a Lexicon?14
Chapter 4The Classical Orders
General Principles50
Greek Doric52
Roman Doric54
Chapter 5Basic Principles
Photo Notes59
Configuration Notes59
1Simplicity of Massing60
2Hierarchy of Massing62
3Simplicity of Proportion64
4Symmetry of the Face66
5Regular Arrangement of Columns and Openings68
6Cap, Shaft, and Base70
7Site Arrangement72
Chapter 6Details
Material Notes75
Arm's Length Rule75
Eyes Only Rule75
The Transect75
Chapter 7Walls
8Number of Materials78
9Siding Materials80
10Stone Veneer Wall Material82
15Wall Height92
16Masonry Veneer Walls94
17Brick Coursing at Wall Openings96
18Frame Wall/Masonry Base Alignment98
19Wall Material Joints100
Chapter 8Doors and Windows
20Door Materials104
21Window Materials106
22Storefront Materials108
23Shutter Materials110
24Brick Jack Arch112
25Bay Jamb Material114
26Brick Mold116
27Window Muntins118
28Door and Window Types120
29Door and Window Style versus Building Style122
30Entry Surrounds124
31Window Proportions126
32Window Pane Proportions128
33Garage Door Sizes130
34Bay Window Support132
35Shutter Principles and Details134
36Palladian Window Proportions136
37Casing Principles138
38Head Casing Principles140
39Masonry Lintel Principles142
40Arch Principles144
41Jack Arches146
42Arch/Eave Alignment148
44Sill Casing152
Chapter 9Porches and Balconies
45Column Materials and Proportions156
46Beam Materials158
47Porch Ceiling Material160
48Balcony Materials162
49Railing Materials164
50Column to Entablature166
51Entablature Principles168
53Porch Beam172
54Railing Design174
55Balcony Design176
56Square Column Cap and Base Trim178
57Column Base to Porch Edge180
58Large Square Columns182
59Triglyph/Column Alignment184
60Seam Location at Beam Bottom186
Chapter 10Eaves
61Eave Return Cap Material190
62Trim under Cornice192
63Gutter and Downspout Materials194
64Eave Materials196
65Eave Continuity198
66Eave Overhang and Enclosure200
67Eave Return202
68Gutter and Downspout Shapes204
69Brackets, Corbels, and Modillions206
70Dentil Size and Proportion208
Chapter 11Roofs
73Metal Roofing Material216
74Shingle Roofing Material218
75Tile Roofing Material220
76Ridge Caps222
77Roof Slopes224
78Bay Roofs226
79Overlapping Gables228

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