Traditionalism and the Ascendancy of the Malay Ruling Class in Malaya

Traditionalism and the Ascendancy of the Malay Ruling Class in Malaya

by Donna J. Amoroso


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ISBN-13: 9789971698140
Publisher: Nus Press Pte Ltd
Publication date: 05/26/2014
Pages: 312
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Table of Contents

List of Table and Map ix

List of Abbreviations and Acronyms x

Foreword I Audrey R. Kahin xi

Foreword II Francis Loh Kok Wah xvii

Acknowledgements and From Dissertation to Book: A Second Acknowledgement xxxi

Chapter 1 Introduction 1

Preservation and Change under Colonial Rule

Traditionalism as a Mechanism of Survival

The Ideological Struggle Underlying Nationalism

The Study and the Sources

Chapter 2 British Power and the Reordering of Malay Politics 21

Britain as Paramount Power

The Wages of Resistance: Payoffs and Payrolls

Standardisation of the Malay State: Internal and External

The Bureaucratisation of Malay Chiefs

Chapter 3 Rituals of State and the New Malay Rules 65

Centralising Impulses of Malay Rulers and British Imperialists

The New Malay Ruler

The Royal Person

Public Ceremonial

The Ruler's Visibility

Self-invention or British Creature?

Colonialism and the Reification of Malay Tradition

Chapter 4 Challenges to Traditionalism 99

Change in Prewar Malay Society

War and Occupation

Colonial Restoration

Political and Press Freedom under Restored Colonial Rule

Chapter 5 Aristocratic Ascendancy and the Use of Tradition 135

The Malayan Union Struggle

Rulers and Chiefs in the Malayan Union Struggle

The Crisis of Protection

Tradition versus Progress


A New Tradition: Malay Rulers as Icons of the Malay Nation

Chapter 6 Politics and Nationalism 167

The Development of a National Political Public

Nationalism and the Practice of Politics

Propaganda and the Press

A Modern Hero: Onn bin Jaafar as National Leader Symbols of Nation

Gathering in Defence of Bangsa Melayu: Demonstrations and Drilling

Chapter 7 Epilogue 211

Depoliticising Nationalism

Traditionalism, Nationalism and the State in Late- and Postcolonial Malaya

Glossary of Non-English Terms 229

Bibliography 233

Index 243

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