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Tragedy to Grace: A personal history of perseverance and growth through God

Tragedy to Grace: A personal history of perseverance and growth through God

by Daniel S. Pokorney


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Almost every person will have tragedies in their lives, some more than others. Tragedy to Grace is an autobiographical look at the life of one man, who when beset by tragedies, was given the grace of God to move forward. He did not, as some people do, fall into the trap of using destructive outside influences to cope with loss. Tragedies are not always a loss of a life, but can be addictions, financial ruin, and a host of other problems that happen unexpectedly. This book will tell the stories of this man’s tragedies and the grace that he received through faith in God.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781946970954
Publisher: redbat books
Publication date: 09/11/2018
Pages: 214
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.45(d)

About the Author

Daniel S. Pokorney is a retired millworker whose life has been rocked by episodes of tragedy. Through it all he has eventually seen the grace of God following each tragedy.
This book project was in the planning stage for about five years. On Easter Sunday of 2018, Daniel felt compelled by God to start the book. The book was finished in 56 days and it is Daniel's belief that God wrote the book, he merely pushed the keys on the keyboard.
Daniel's many years of community service includes eight years on the local school board, four years on the local city council, and four years as the Mayor of La Grande, Oregon, a city of 13,000. This is Daniel's first book.

Table of Contents


Author’s Preface

Ch 1: A Finality … Or Is It?

Ch 2: The Legacy that Formed My Life Mission

Ch 3: Birth to 6 Years Old

Ch 4: Bad Things Happen to Good People

Ch 5: Aftermath—Where and How Do We Start?

Ch 6: Starting a Different Life

Ch 7: Going to “Town School”

Ch 8: Learning the Farm Life

Ch 9: The Family Changes

Ch 10: High School Years and God is Present

Ch 11: Higher Education or Have a Good Time

Ch 12: Starting Our Life as Married Folk

Ch 13: Oregon: Our New Home

Ch 14: Settling into a New Phase in Our Lives

Ch 15: Becoming Homeowners and Changing Jobs

Ch 16: Boise Cascade—A Chance for Long-Term Employment

Ch 17: Growing up Together as a Family

Photo Section

Ch 18: Our Young Family Faces Hard Times

Ch 19: A Big Chance and Some Big Decisions

Ch 20: Ready or Not, Here We Come

Ch 21: The Voters say Yes and Another Setback for the Family

Ch 22: Life Settles Down but Remains Busy

Ch 23: One graduated and Two Just Starting School

Ch 24: We Welcome a New Family Member

Ch 25: Our World is Turned Upside Down

Ch 26: Going Down the Final Road

Ch 27: How Do We Go On?

Ch 28: God Changes My Life in Many Ways

Ch 29: Day Shift, Mayor, and Other Changes

Ch 30: Another Addition to the Family and My Community Service is Over

Ch 31: My Heart is Broken and My Life Will Not Be the Same

Ch 32: Answers and Tributes

Ch 33: Retirement and Another Family Loss

Ch 34: Final Thoughts and Updates


About the Author

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