Tragic Desires (Tragic #2)

Tragic Desires (Tragic #2)

by A.M. Hargrove
4.6 15

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Tragic Desires (Tragic #2) by A.M. Hargrove

* This book is a Contemporary Romance with explicit sexual content and is NOT suitable for readers under 18 years of age.

** This is a STAND ALONE companion novel to TRAGICALLY FLAWED

My name is Gemini Sheridan. At least that�s what I thought it was for 23 years. Then one day a slight adjustment on the wheel of my mountain bike set into motion a series of catastrophic events that changed my life forever. Now I�m running from the headaches that threaten to destroy me� from the assassins that threaten to kill me� from the truth that exposes who I really am� and from the man that wants to save me. Because he now owns my heart and I fear him above all others.

My name is Drexel Wolfe and I�m a private investigator. Nothing ever stands in the way of what I want because when I see something I just take it. All of that changed the night my life collided with Gemini Sheridan�s and now everything is one hot damn mess. And the worst part of it all is that I�m trying to save her ass and I don�t know why the hell I�m even bothering. Well, that�s not exactly true. Fact is, I can�t stop thinking about her. She�s crawled into every thought I own, asleep or awake. I have serious plans for her that include making her mine. What she doesn�t know is that when I play, I play for keeps. Nothing and no one will get in my way or stop me� not even Gemini Sheridan herself.

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BN ID: 2940148287773
Publisher: A.M. Hargrove
Publication date: 02/15/2014
Series: Tragic , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 334
Sales rank: 323,897
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About the Author

A.M. Hargrove lives in South Carolina with her husband and family. After spending years in the corporate world, she now enjoys writing fiction while she is fully caffeinated. She also thinks coffee and chocolate should be added to the USDA food groups. Oh, and ice cream too!

Other books by A.M Hargrove include Tragically Flawed, Exquisite Betrayal, Edge of Disaster, Shattered Edge, Kissing Fire, The GUARDIANS OF VESTURON Series (Survival, Resurrection, Determinant, Beginnings and reEMERGENT) and Dark Waltz (A Praestani Novel).

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Tragic Desires (Tragic #2) 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
CMFoster More than 1 year ago
**Provided ARC for Review** Umm, I really don’t know where to start with this one. This book hooked me in right from the start and didn’t let go until the very last page. Even then I was wanting more. The book starts with Gemini doing what she loves to do, mountain biking, when disaster strikes. She is left with a head injury that causes so much pain she begins seeking relief with illegal drugs. When Drexel first sees Gemini his whole life changes. He can’t explain why he is drawn to her, but knows he has to protect her. When she is almost abducted he comes to her rescue and learns there is more than what meets the eye. They soon come to learn that a terrorist group as well as the CIA are after Gemini for information they think she has. We follow them through twist and turns as they try to uncover the mystery of why so many people want her. During the course of the story both come to realize they love each other and would do anything to protect the other. I love the funny banter between Gemini and Drexel, to me it personalizes the book. I love a book that can weave in suspense, mystery, love, humorous banter and a HEA altogether. Since I don’t believe in giving out any spoilers, you will not find any of that here. Go get your copy today, I promise you will not be disappointed!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This novel is very fast paced so it held my attention well. Its also very sexy. I didn't like the end that much. After how complicated everthing was in the book, the ending seemed too simple and they wrapped it up too neatly and easily.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Soso good
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Enjoyed every part of the book. That there were so many realistic details makes it more realistic. Definetly worth reading!
Lisa-Lou More than 1 year ago
My rating: 5 of 5 stars Tragic Desires by A.M. Hargrove is the second book in her Tragic series and focuses on Drexel whom we met briefly in the first book, Tragically Flawed. Drexel is dreamy (sigh)! So, the book is about Gemini. She is a mountain biker who suffers an accident and concussion, the concussion leaving her with debilitating migraines. Her boyfriend leaves her, her mother dies, she moves to Texas. She gets through her days (and the pain) by sleeping the days away and drinking and doing drugs in the bars at night. Drexel enters the story as a favor to a pal who is on a case of missing girls. Drexel sees Gemini and immediately feels a pull towards her. He also sees her as a potential next victim and while on his "undercover" assignment for his friend, he saves her from actually being kidnapped. Things only escalate from there. Secrets about Gemini's past are revealed to her and the danger escalates... This is a fast-paced book, with perfectly developed characters and lots of intrigue and mystery to spice up the already steamy bedroom scenes. I have thoroughly enjoyed A.M. Hargrove writing and she is on my list of fave's.
foxreads11 More than 1 year ago
This is more realistic than most books. It shows that some people are embarrassed talking about intimacy or their body parts. I liked that. Since I work in Labor and Delivery, I see a lot of that. Women use lots of names for their vaginas and that&rsquo;s the way Gemini was. It was too cute! I like that she used headaches in her book and showed how debilitating they can be. At the end, A. M. Hargrove shares her own story of headaches. Again, more realistic. My hubby suffers from them after a terrible motorcycle accident and I have migraines too. So, I could relate. I liked watching how Gemini wanted to die from them and how she also wanted to get back to living her life again and goes mountain biking and how Drexel could help get rid of them for her. You&rsquo;ll have to read the book to figure out how he does it. &ldquo;Wink Wink&rdquo; Gemini learns after she has a biking accident that her mom had sheltered her for a reason. She isn&rsquo;t really Gemini Sheridan but someone else and her mother had kept it from her. She was protecting her from someone and people who want something from her but Gemini has no idea what that is! Her mom did leave her clues but they were very hard to find.  When Gemini had the accident her life started to spiral out of control. She didn&rsquo;t know anything about her mother really. She had to learn trust all over. Could she trust Drexel or even believe in her deceased mother or her former lover? Now Gemini&rsquo;s on the run with Drexel at her side and she just doesn&rsquo;t want anyone to be hurt, most of all Drexel. The scene in the hospital where Drexel is on a morphine drip was hilarious! The two of them like each other a lot. As in they can&rsquo;t get enough of each other a lot! What I didn&rsquo;t like: OK, this just shows how much I thought about this book. This book is a mystery and suspense and it gets you thinking.  I obviously was thinking too much, because, when I was driving home after being in classes late at night, I ran over something that looked like a bag with something in it. It sounded like it attached to the bottom of my car. I started thinking that someone had a remote button and my car was going to blow up?!! I was seriously freaking out!  No laughing allowed! Quotes: <blockquote>My voice is gruff with emotion. &quot;When two people love each other, they share their hopes and dreams along with their fears. They don't run, Gem. Please don't ever run from me again. I've loved you from the start. I felt it from the first moment I saw you. You didn't, but it didn't take long for you to figure it out. We've never just liked each other. We didn't fall in love. We plummeted. It's been hard and fast for us since the first time we slept together. After that, I knew my life was going to change and that you would be the reason. Only I didn't know how much or that I would go to any lengths to make sure you were safe. I kept asking myself why I was doing all these things for you. But deep in my heart I knew. I knew all along.</blockquote>
lauralovesreviewingLT More than 1 year ago
If you&rsquo;ve read Tragically Flawed, you may remember Drexel. If not, you won&rsquo;t forget him after reading Tragic Desires. Gemini ignores her boyfriends concerns and takes her mountain bike on the trails alone. The water softened path gives way and sends her tumbling down the hill. She survives, but her concussion leaves her with headaches that are so severe, she can no longer function and she turns to alcohol and pills to get through each day. After her boyfriend breaks up with her she has no reason to stay and moves back to Texas. Her life is a living hell and she establishes a pattern. Curl up and hide during the day, cruise the bars at night, make her drug connection, go home and crash, repeat. Drexel is a private investigator and agrees to help out his friend from the FBI with a suspected human trafficking case. While casing a bar in the Dirty Sixth district for a likely victim, he spots Gemini and keeps an eye on her. When the traffickers snatch her, he rescues her but it turns out someone else is after her too. Gemini was a strong, self-confident, go &ndash; getter before her accident. At first I thought her actions when Drexel rescued her would foolhardy, not believable. But I was talking to my sister and it made me pause. She&rsquo;s not that person anymore. She&rsquo;s gone from fearless to afraid to even drive a car. She&rsquo;s in a fog from pain and meds and who would be able to react rationally with that going on. Drexel turned me off at first. His thoughts when he first meets Gemini were sexual and it rubbed me wrong. He&rsquo;s supposed to be preventing her kidnapping and he&rsquo;s thinking about getting her in bed? What&rsquo;s with that? Then I realized I was reading this from a man&rsquo;s point of view. They say a guy thinks about sex every&hellip;.well, when isn&rsquo;t he? So once I adjusted my thinking, it worked and I let myself experience Drexel as a man, not how I would think, but how he thought. Then he grew on me. With terrorists determined to get their hands on Gemini, her mysterious past and a letter from her dead mother revealing something that rocks her to her core, and Drexel&rsquo;s troubling past, the romance between these two was intense. They say sex is a natural reaction after traumatic events and these two were already attracted to each other so keeping their hands to themselves went out the window. It made this story that much more believable and exciting. This is definitely not for younger readers. I was blushing and feeling like I was going to get caught doing something naughty, like peeking through a keyhole. Lots of suspense and danger to go with the romance and can be read as a stand alone. As usual I got more than I was expecting from A.M. Hargrove.
twimom101 More than 1 year ago
I loosen my grip and when I do, so does he. But this whole thing has unhinged me. Nothing is the same. My entire life has been rewritten. I&rsquo;m a character in a novel and I&rsquo;m not sure how this story is going to end. *** This book was not at all what I was expecting. I am not even sure what I was expecting, because I had forgotten over time what the book was even about. That is a little habit of mine. I read the blurb, then by the time I read the book, it has been some time and I have no idea what it is about. Another thing, I know this author will give me a good read no matter what. But with this story&hellip;it was an absolutely thrilling read. You get so caught up in everything going on, that you forget about the going-on of the real world. I was so caught up this story that I didn't realize I had spent hours captivated by the book. Missed lunch? Who cares! Drexel is enough to satisfy my hunger. This guy was intense and fiery! He comes charging in and you just have to give him all your attention. He demands it and we readers gladly hand it over. He is very confident of himself, but not in an annoying cocky way. He knows what he wants and he goes after it. But that is all on the outside. Inside, he has a few issues that he has to work through. Issues from his past that have wrecked his life in more ways than one. But with Gemini entering his world, he is able to face those issues head on. And I really loved reading about him. Gemini is another character that you just have to love. I had a connection with her from beginning, starting with the prologue. She was once an adventurous girl with big dreams until her biking accident. Now she is just a shell of a girl that is just existing, getting by with a little help from her friends...her meds and illegal drugs. They help her get through her crippling migraines. Throw in some terrorists that are after her and life just seems to be getting better and better for her. *insert sarcastic sigh here* This book was a definite page turner and I was gladly giving up a day of cleaning to see how it all worked out in the end. Hubs? Yeah not so much. He just doesn&rsquo;t see the justification of a dirty house just to read a book. Men! What do they know? I will say this&hellip;this book is perfect for any gender. There is action and suspense that will appeal to the men in your life. Read it and recommend it to them. TRAGIC DESIRES is so very suspenseful, an absolute thriller, and amazingly hot! Hargrove gives us not just a book full of words but an adventure so intense, it will have you hanging on to every word. 5 Suspenseful Stars!
kvsgrimes More than 1 year ago
WOW!! The things I learned in this book...LOL!!! But that isn't the main point here... What you need to know is that this story is different.  It is suspenseful and action packed. Full of intrigue surrounding the mystery of Gemini, you are sucked in on the whirlwind journey to discover secrets left behind. And thank goodness for Drex..OMG...he is all MAN and takes the lead to solve the questions that have been asked. You are immediately drawn to him...with his elusive nature, you want to pull back each layer to expose the raw soul of this passionate sexy man... With a perplexing storyline, you are caught up in the lives of these two immediately.  I was astounded at what Gemini had been through.  Her battles and struggles cause your heart to bleed for her... And then walks in Drex...WHEW!!! A fantastic tale that keeps you guessing at the who's, why's and how's!! A definite must read!!
DelphinaReadsTooMuch More than 1 year ago
Once again, AM Hargrove has written a book that has kept me glued to my kindle and up far too late into the night.  Well, actually too dark and early in the morning.  My favorite book of hers is Tragically Flawed and I was really unsure how she was going to continue the series because it ended just how I would have hoped.  Then I read that it was about Drex and knew I had to read it.  The double awesome thing about it being about Drex is that his life intersected the lives of those in Tragically flawed when he helped Shan  find Rivieria and this is about his life, not theirs.  That means that if you never read a book by AM Hargrove, you can start here and not feel like you are missing a thing.  I LOVE that! It truly is a stand alone. Gemini's whole life has been a lie and she has no idea.  Not only has her life been a lie, but she suffered a head injury that makes the life she is living beyond painful.  Drex crosses her path while on a mission.  Little does he know that by saving her he is opening himself up to much more than the human trafficking he was trying to stop.  Filled with suspense, heat, love, action, and self discovery, this book was a fantastic read.  I love getting lost in these types of stories.  Setting reality aside while enjoying the ride!  It was clear that the author had done her homework Gemini's condition, a condition I think people need to be more aware of.  I truly hope this is not the last of the tragic series. 
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
Love your sizzling romance with edge-of-your-seat intrigue and action? Love an over-the-top pure male, alpha hero with strength, compassion and the need to protect, all while scorching the letters off the pages with sensual steam? Want your heroine to have enough backbone to be worthy of said hero? Grab a quiet corner, hang out the do NOT disturb sign and get ready for the ride of your life! <b>Tragic Desires</b> by A. M. Hargrove is proof beyond doubt that her writing just keeps getting better and better! Gemini, a girl raised by an over-sheltering mother, who knows no other family, crosses paths with an ex-Black Ops PI working a human trafficking case in conjunction with the FBI. Drexel is bowled over by her mysterious beauty and her eyes that are telling him a story he cannot latch on to, but she is the perfect target and he follows her, only to have to save her from a back alley attack outside a trendy bar where other disappearances have occurred. Suffering from debilitating accident-related, migraines, Gemini lives in a drug and alcohol induced haze to blur the pain. There is more to Gemini than meets the eye, she is strong, alone and someone is after her, but she has no idea why and it&rsquo;s not trafficking related. Together they uncover a past Gemini never knew existed and she has become the target of international zealot terrorists. Calling in all of his favors, his contacts, and with the help of the government, as well as his own expertise, Drexel will do anything to protect Gemini. But is she ready for his all-consuming love? A. M. Hargrove has created the perfect romance, the perfect fast-paced thriller, and two wonderfully matched characters that grow closer as each day passes. Her characters are very realistic, very-well developed and completely likable and strong! They have honor, determination and a grit that had me rooting for everything Drex and Gemini! Never mind that the heat between these too is both sweet and raging hot! Ms. Hargrove keeps raising the bar, book after book. I received an ARC edition in exchange for my honest review.
TanaT More than 1 year ago
Tragic Desires by A.M. Hargrove A.M. Hargrove has yet again written another outstanding novel. Her writing is what I would say is outstanding! In my opinion A.M. Hargrove's writing is only getting better with each new book she publishes. The characters in this story are well written, plot is fast paced and filled with an intriguing story line. Tragic Desires is one of those books that you cannot stop reading, even though you have to work in the morning the story is too compelling to stop. I stayed up pretty late trying to finish this book. Tragic Desires has everything you want in a great novel; mystery, suspense, murder, fear, sexy alpha males and an added bonus is the steamy romance that takes place. This by far the best book I&rsquo;ve read recently. We meet Gemini Sheridan who has just recently had a horrible bike accident that has left her with headaches/migraines that are debilitating. Losing her boyfriend and her plans for her future she comes to the decision to leave school and move on. To cope with the pain she suffers Gemini turns to using drugs and alcohol. The internal pain of losing her mom, boyfriend and her future leaves her with not much of a will to live. Then in comes Drexel Wolf who has been hired by a friend to help find some missing young women. While he is on a stake out he sees Gemini in one of the bar&rsquo;s they are watching, he believes this striking woman could be the next target for whoever is taking these women. Keeping his distance he decides to keep an eye on her. Upon saving Gemini he realizes he has to have her, but first he needs to figure out what exactly going on and who is after Gemini. The chemistry between these two is off the charts and Drexel Wolf will do anything within his power to keep her out of harm&rsquo;s way. Tragic Desires was a fantastic read, it is by far the best book A.M. Hargrove has written to date. I have rated Tragic Desires a 5 star rating and if I do say so myself I would rate it 10+ stars if I could. I recommend this story to anyone who loves a great, hot, sexy, steamy, mystery, suspense romance novel, you will not be disappointed!
RipeForReader More than 1 year ago
My rating: 5 of 5 ¿¿ Raised rather sheltered by a single mom, Gemini Sheridan finds her freedom in mountain biking after her mother passes away. When after a biking accident she is left with daily migraines that cannot be controlled, her boyfriend leaves and she slowly slips into an alcohol and medication fuelled haze. Anything to numb the pain of her migraines and losing her dreams. Mindlessly hanging around clubs and bars, drinking and dancing until one night she ends up at the mercy of two men who have nothing good in mind. Ex Black Ops operator and current PI working with the FBI on a missing girls investigation, Drexel Wolfe is just in time to intercept an abduction in progress and manages to chase off two suspects when suddenly what was a regular investigation, turns into a full on agency affair. Something to do with the victim who might know more than she is telling. But no matter how hard they look or how much they question, the woman named Gemini claims to know nothing about anything.  When it becomes obvious Gemini holds interest for quite a few people, and she is in danger, something compels Drexel to use all  his resources to protect her. Gemini's head is reeling as she tries to comprehend how she has ended up in the middle of an international plot and how it is possible that what she knew to be her life may have all been a lie. But the man who has firmly placed himself by her side, and in front and behind her, is doing whatever he can do find the answers for her. Drexel is determined to keep her safe, even from herself. Overwhelmed by feelings of betrayal, guilt and a growing attachment to Drexel, Gemini is starting to feel claustrophobic and her instincts are to run. But Drex can't let her go too far, or someone else will get her first...... ***** Superb!! Oh my!! This book hit me in all the right spots!! And now I have to try and find the words to try and tell you why..... First off, I identify with chronic pain conditions and know what they do to the psyche. Devastating potential...... That was the first thing that hooked me in.... Gemini and I have some common ground. The loss of ability to pursue passions and activities....a life that others take for granted, limited by involuntary responses of the body to central nervous system impulses completely out of the conscious control is infuriating. It involves a huge amount of grief, with all its related phases that is difficult to understand by those who don't 'live it'. A daily battle to rise above pain is utterly exhausting.  The fact that Ms. Hargrove is able to put this down in a character I can identify with, is huge to me. And it shows me a tremendous amount of insight. The action and suspense in what is a phenomenally beautiful love story, is excellent. I actually feel like I've read two books after finishing this story. The full satisfaction of an emotional and rich love story and the adrenaline rush of an intricate and action filled suspense. I don't quite know how Ms. Hargrove managed it, am sitting her trying to figure it out, but there it is...... The connection between the characters is friggin' honest and direct. No games played. No subliminal messaging. No high school antics. Mature communication, with feelings out in the open, risking hearts and sanity, going all out.......simply beautiful and courageous. It is as if they couldn't help themselves but rip off all pretence and bare themselves to the other.  The action, the intrigue was top notch, with great build up and time suspended periods where I would here the 'Jaws' mood score in my head....knowing something was about to happen. That delicious tension right before all hell breaks loose.  I can't tell you how highly I recommend this book, if you love your action suspense.....and you equally love a good romance with lots of honest feeling, this really is a book for you! ¿A story as sharply chilling as it was fiercely passionate.¿ **ARC provided in return for an honest review.**