Trail of Pyres

Trail of Pyres

by L. James Rice

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Murder came to the lords of the Silone Clans upon the Eve of Snows, and the survivors scattered to the sea in a desperate journey to safety. They surrendered Kaludor, their island and home, to the demonic Shadows of Man and the Taken they possess.

Eliles and the twenty souls who stayed behind on Herald's Watch, surrounded by a tower of impenetrable fire, find they are not alone. Ivin, along with other surviving Silone lords, negotiate a desperate peace with the Hidreng of the Hundred Nations, a bargain which could cost his people the Seven Heavens and forfeit his soul. Solineus travels to bargain a treaty with the Edan of the Mother Wood to protect the Silone from the Hidreng. His journey will return him to the frozen Treaty Lands and the Tomb of the Touched. Meliu once again holds the Codex of Sol, and even as she questions her faith in the gods, she finds that her prayers have their favor: She's more powerful than she ever imagined, but it's a power with a terrible risk.

The Silone people are desperate for peace, desperate for food and shelter to survive the coming winter. What they desire is to return victorious to their homeland, but their hope and refuge lies at the end of a path which will leave their dead burning behind them: The Trail of Pyres.

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BN ID: 2940161504512
Publisher: L. James Rice
Publication date: 05/05/2019
Series: Sundering the Gods , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 599,021
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

Having lived in his own world for many years, L. James Rice decided he might as well share that world with folks otherwise trapped in reality, and got serious about writing. He has made enough wine to no longer enjoy wine. He has not eaten enough steak or pizza to no longer enjoy steak or pizza, but is working on it. "Challenges are good," he maintains.

Having managed to graduate high school only rarely turning in homework, he moved on to a university to find it even more forgiving of lax study skills. He celebrated with copious amounts of beer. With scant few memories of either educational facility or anything they reputedly taught him, he refuses to confirm or deny their usefulness. Probably because he is wishy-washy, but I'm not sure of that. 98% sure... or maybe only 50%. Hell if I know.

His proudest success in life does, however, harken back to high school. In geometry class a teacher set a remarkable challenge by saying (paraphrased) "In ten years you might forget everything you ever learned in class, but you will not forget..." Taunted by this teacher's arrogance, L. James Rice managed to not only forget what it was he learned, but the name of it too. And for good measure, the name of the teacher. But not the challenge itself. That would've made the exercise of forgetfulness pointless. To pile on insult to injury, he does remember the name of a spell from the video game Wizardry which he played often during this time: Tiltowait. Take that, geometry!

Born and raised in the midwest, US of A, L. James Rice has a lovely wife and two beautiful daughters, the names and birthdays of whom he remembers most of the time. Plus, two dogs, an unknown number of chickens (always in flux with predators and other natural causes), and a gosling he assumes will someday be a goose who lays non-golden eggs... stupid goose anyhow.

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