Train to Glory

Train to Glory

by Lisa Y. Potocar


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Home after having escaped the gallows for spying on the Confederacy, Jana Brady returns to Virginia in search of her soldier-sweetheart, Keeley Cassidy, who is missing from battle. She finds him suffering from amnesia, and she brings him to the Brady farm to recover. Months pass and Keeley's inability to remember their love or fall in love with Jana all over again constantly frustrates her and confuses him. To give Keeley some breathing room, Jana agrees to travel around New York speaking about her time in uniform. She hops aboard her Train to Glory with high hopes of advancing the cause for women's suffrage and equal rights.

Jana is kidnapped, and further scare tactics beyond her release attempt to thwart her ultimate goal of speaking before the 88th state legislature. With a wealthy philanthropist funding her tour and her cavalry comrades and Pinkerton agents watching her back, Jana determines to see her commitment through. She especially refuses to give up when it appears her absence from home is making Keeley's heart grow fonder for her. But a real threat of assassination looms over her. Will Keeley come around to Jana in time to reconcile their love? Will Jana elude death again? In her sequel to Sweet Glory, Lisa Potocar masterfully interweaves adventure romance and suspense into a sweeping portrayal of the women's suffrage and equal rights movement and the courage of key figures in history.

Acclaim for Train to Glory


First-Place Winner, Arizona Authors’ Association Literary Award for Children’s Literature

Finalist, in Young Adult Fiction: Arizona Book of the Year

Dante Rossetti Award, Chanticleer Book Reviews & Media


Finalist in Young Adult Fiction, Desert Rose (Romance Writers of America) Golden Quill Award

Train to Glory is a fascinating novel that has adventure, romance, action, and intrigue and a cast of interesting, well-defined characters … is a well-written story that readers will find thought provoking and informative.”

—Michelle Stanley, Readers’ Favorite Book Reviewer

“The prose is impeccable and the powerful descriptions paint a sizzling setting for readers to revel in. Fast paced and very entertaining, this book will come across as a great source of entertainment for many young and adult readers.”

—Divine Zape, Readers’ Favorite Book Reviewer

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ISBN-13: 9781682378922
Publisher: Tate Publishing & Enterprises, L.L.C.
Publication date: 05/10/2016
Pages: 344
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.72(d)

About the Author

Lisa Potocar lives in Upstate New York with her husband and two cuddly keeshonds. Her passion for writing and research stems from her former work in healthcare administration and as a professor. When not tracking some morsel of history to shape into a story, she is a tomboy at heart who loves to hike and bike and has traveled the world to do it. Come chat with Lisa about the American Civil War or the craft of writing right here on Amazon or at her website & blog:; FB Page:; or Goodreads Author Page:

Her debut novel, Sweet Glory, won First Place in the Young Adult category of the 2009 Maryland Writers' Association's and SouthWest Writers' Novel Contests. Additionally, it captured the Grand Prize in the 2013 Sarasota County Film & Entertainment Office (SCFEO) "TV ME!" contest and a Bronze Medal in the 2016 Readers' Favorite Choice Awards, and it advanced as a Semi-Finalist in the 2010 Amazon Breakthrough (YA) Novel Award.

Her second novel, Train to Glory (sequel to Sweet Glory), won First Place in the Children's Literature category in the 2016 Arizona Authors' Association's Published Novel Contest, and it was a Finalist in 2016 for the Arizona Book of the Year and the Chanticleer Books' Dante Rossetti Awards and in 2017 for the Desert Rose (Romance Writers of America) Golden Quill Award-the latter two for YA Historical Fiction.

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Train to Glory 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
ReadersFavorite4 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Benjamin Ookami for Readers' Favorite A sequel to Lisa Y. Potocar's Sweet Glory, Train to Glory is set in the mid-1860s. Before returning to her home in Elmira, New York, Jana disguised herself as a man to join the Tenth New York Volunteer Cavalry Regiment. It was during this time that Keeley fell in love with her. Keeley is missing, but it doesn't take long for Jana and her army friend, Leanne, to find him, but something has changed. Because someone had decided to hit Keeley with the butt of rifle on his head, he doesn't remember a thing. Jana wishes for Keeley's memories as well as his love for her to return, but for that to happen, she has to become the voice of all women seeking equal rights around the country and put her life in danger. Nothing is made simple for Jana and Keeley. The author quickly thrusts readers into an America at war during Abraham Lincoln's time when Jana, Leanne, and a Keeley - who doesn't remember her - have to come to the aid of a woman who is alone at home. The author paints her characters beautifully, both with her descriptions as well her characters' dialogue. Readers won't constantly feel that they should've read Sweet Glory before Train to Glory. The author generously lets readers in when it comes to what happened during Jana's time as a disguised soldier and as a spy. She proves that elements of suspense can be integrated into novels set in any time. It's a wonderful novel that I would easily recommend to all fans of historical fiction.
ReadersFavorite3 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Michelle Stanley for Readers' Favorite Train to Glory is a young adult novel by Lisa Y. Potocar. Jana Brady returns home after escaping the gallows for spying on the Confederates. Her soldier-beau, Keeley Cassidy, goes missing while engaged in a battle so Jana and friends search for him. They find Keeley, but he has amnesia and doesn’t remember Jana. Keeley stays at the Brady farm while Jana accepts a contract on behalf of the women’s suffrage movement. She is to speak about her roles as soldier and spy. However, not everyone is pleased to have a woman competing in a man’s world and Jana is kidnapped. She is released and Jana continues her tour under the protection of her friends and Pinkerton agents, but the assailants are relentless. Train to Glory is a fascinating novel that has adventure, romance, action, and intrigue, and a cast of interesting, well-defined characters. Jana and her friends are strong and supportive. Their complex personalities and witty dialogue made the story come alive. The women’s suffrage movement experienced both positive and negative reactions from females and men who held firm beliefs about women’s roles in society. Lisa Y. Potocar made these issues that Susan Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Frederick Douglas struggled to lobby for seem more convincing. It also made me more aware of the dangers and significant contribution women like Jana made to perform their various duties in the Civil War. Train to Glory is a well-written story that readers will find thought provoking and informative.
ReadersFavorite2 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Katelyn Hensel for Readers' Favorite Jana Brady has already had a rough ride. After nearly being hanged for treason and espionage against the Confederates, she returns home to hopefully fall into the arms of her waiting love, Keeley. But Keeley has been left without any memory of Jana, and though she tries to help him recover, months go by and Jana is left alone. She decides that she needs to get some fresh air and heads across New York to try to sort out her life and maybe win women some more rights than they've got. Throughout it all, she deals with death threats, kidnappings, and the threat of a lost love. Train to Glory by Lisa Potocar is a fascinating blend of adventure, romance, and excitement. Lisa Potocar has a deft mind that easily transitions between larger plot points and individual character interactions that help the story grow into a great piece. Jana is such a lively character that you can't help but root for her to win. You just want everything to turn out okay for her. In addition to the excellent story, the appearance of the book stayed consistently great throughout. The cover of Train to Glory immediately captures the tone and imagery of the novel and gets you in the mood for a lovely historical story. Overall, Train to Glory is an engaging and enthusiastic historical fiction that's woven together by threads of reality, grit, and truth. Potocar makes you feel for the characters while you're enjoying the ride of the plot. I will definitely be on the lookout for future books from her!
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Lisa McCombs for Readers' Favorite After escaping the gallows for spying on the confederacy, Jana Brady’s heroism is tested further when she receives reports that her true love and fellow soldier, Keeley Cassidy, has gone missing. With a heavy heart, Jana returns home to the loving arms of her parents and sisters, who believe that Jana has served her time providing nursing assistance in the trenches. She doesn’t relish disclosing her true participation in the war, but the desire to enlist their aid in finding Keeley overrides the discomfort she anticipates. With her comrade, Leanne, at her side, Jana finds her love suffering from amnesia. Although her parents fall in love with Keeley, Jana fears that his memories of their love will remain dormant. In an effort to allow his mind space from her presence and time to heal, Jana agrees to take her experiences in the trenches on tour as she travels across New York State to present the importance of women’s rights, while supporting the efforts of such historical persons as Susan Anthony. Train to Glory by Lisa Potocar is an historically accurate account of one woman’s quest to exemplify the importance of women in our society. Potocar’s dialogue is intriguing in its genuine authenticity. Although this is fiction, it reads with the intent of an actual biography. I believe that the target audience could include young readers as well as adults. This is a story of bravery and adventure that deserves a space on the shelves of many book stores. Awesome!
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Divine Zape for Readers' Favorite From the award-winning author of Sweet Glory comes an exciting love story, Train to Glory. Jana Brady is finally home after her period of spying on the Confederacy, a job filled with many dangers. Now she must find her sweetheart, Keeley Cassidy, who’s gone missing from battle. The only problem when she finds him is that he’s lost all memory of his past and can’t remember they have been lovers. How Jana plans to win his heart back is an adventure that will take readers to very exciting places, including her kidnapping, the appearance for the 88th State Legislature event, and her brilliant speech. Lisa Y. Potocar certainly wins the hearts of readers looking for romance with a twist. Train to Glory is the first book by Lisa Y. Potocar that I have read and although it’s her second book in the series, it doesn’t feel so dependent on her earlier work, which means any reader can feel immediately connected with the characters and with the story right from its opening pages. Beginning with the arrival of Jana in her hometown and her psychological state, the author introduces tension by portraying the conflicting and intense emotions the young soldier harbors in her heart. The tension only grows stronger and when readers feel that it’s reached a climax, another wave of surprise hits them. I loved the way Jana is depicted, brave and daring, an unstoppable woman, and the very epitome of the life every woman craves. The prose is impeccable and the powerful descriptions paint a sizzling setting for readers to revel in. Fast paced and very entertaining, this book will come across as a great source of entertainment for many young and adult readers.