Training Circular TC 3-04. 43 Aircrew Training Manual, OH-58 Kiowa and TH-67 Creek Helicopter May 2012

Training Circular TC 3-04. 43 Aircrew Training Manual, OH-58 Kiowa and TH-67 Creek Helicopter May 2012

by United States Government US Army


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The Training Circular (TC) 3-04.43 standardizes Aircrew Training Programs (ATPs) and flight evaluation procedures. This aircrew training manual (ATM) provides specific guidelines for executing Observation Helicopter (OH)-58A/C and Training Helicopter (TH)-67 aircrew training. It is based on training principles outlined at the Army Training Network, located on the web at:, under the Training Management tab. The OH-58A/C and TH-67 ATM establishes crewmember qualification, refresher, mission, and continuation training and evaluation requirements. This manual applies to all OH-58A/C and TH¬67 crewmembers and their commanders in the active Army, the Army National Guard (ARNG)/Army National Guard of the United States (ARNGUS), and the United States. Army Reserve (USAR) unless otherwise stated.

This manual is not a stand-alone document; all requirements of Army Regulation (AR) 600-105 (Aviation Service of Rated Army Officers), AR 600-106 (Flying Status for Non-rated Army Aviation Personnel), National Guard regulation (NGR) 95-210 (Army National Guard: General Provisions and Regulations for Aviation Training), and training circular TC 3-04.11 (Aircrew Training Program [ATP] Commander's Guide to Individual Crew and Collective Training) to the ATP must be met. If differences exist between the maneuver description in the operator's manuals, this manual is the governing authority for training and flight evaluation purposes only. The operator's manual is the governing authority for operations of the aircraft. Implementation of this manual conforms to AR 95-1 (Aviation Flight Regulations) and TC 3-04.11. If a conflict exists between this manual and TC 3-04.11 then TC 3-04.11 will take precedence.

This manual will help aviation commanders, at all levels, develop a comprehensive ATP. By using the ATM, commanders ensure that individual crewmember and aircrew proficiency is commensurate with their units' mission and that aircrews routinely employ standard techniques and procedures.

Crewmembers will use this manual as a "how to" source for performing crewmember duties. It provides performance standards and evaluation guidelines so that crewmembers know the level of performance expected. Each task provides a description of how the task should be completed to meet the standard.

Standardization officers, evaluators, and unit trainers (UTs) will use this manual and TC 3-04.11 as primary tools to assist the commander in developing and implementing the ATP.

ATP commanders of active Army, NG and AR units operating the OH-58A/C and/or the TH-67 will use this ATM and TC 3-04.11 to develop individual commander's task lists (CTL) for assigned aviators. ATP commanders with assigned contract pilots (PIs) will develop individual commander's task lists tailored to the current contract position using this ATM, TC 3-04.11, AR 95-20 (Contractor's Flight and Ground Operations [Note: this is also AFI 10-220]), current flight training guides (FTGs) and/or local command directives.

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