Traitor Knight

Traitor Knight

by Keith W. Willis

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When Morgan McRobbie rescues a damsel-in-distress from a dragon, he expects she’ll swoon, murmuring “My hero!” Instead, Marissa has only loathing for the man everyone believes will betray Kilbourne. That’s fine with Morgan. A woman in his life would just complicate things.

A high-level informer threatens the kingdom’s security, and Morgan is out to stop him. Posing as a turncoat himself, he’s walking a fine line between honor and betrayal. A single misstep could result in disaster, and his mission is fraught with distractions: the pesky dragon, a pair of conniving courtiers, and the disillusioned damsel who’s certain Morgan can’t be trusted.

If Morgan’s going to save the kingdom, win the girl, and manage to stay alive, he’ll need to step up his game. Because the traitor is lurking in the shadows, and his scheme calls not just for the betrayal of Kilbourne, but also the destruction of Morgan McRobbie.

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BN ID: 2940152289930
Publisher: Champagne Book Group
Publication date: 09/07/2015
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Traitor Knight 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous 8 days ago
Wonderful beginning to the "Knights of Kilbourne " series. I don't want to say too much and spoil the surprises, so I'll just say " Read this book...and the sequel"
Anonymous 9 months ago
Traitor Knight instantly hooks you in with immediate action: rescuing a damsel in distress from a dragon. However, author, Keith Willis, manages to play with classic motifs with new and fantastical twists and laugh-out-loud humor. Though you follow kings and knights and spymasters through midnight meetings amidst a war against Rhuddlan, charming insertions involving useless counsel from the College of Wizards and unpronounceable Dwarvish names create a robust and enchanting world. The main characters may seem familiar at first, but this is not your typical knight-in-shining-armor or helpless lady-in-waiting. The romance between Morgan and Marissa develops with a clever entanglement of wit and tension. You can't help but be charmed by both characters as they stay true to themselves through thick situations with ruffians and spies. Morgan truly trusts his instincts and does what he needs to do to “sacrifice the honor of his good name upon the altar of higher duty”. An excellent read!
Linda Workman More than 1 year ago
Morgan James McRobbie—Knight-Commander of the Legion of Kilbourne, Viscount of Westdale, damsel defender, friend to the king, and …traitor to the kingdom? For Morgan McRobbie, being known as the Dark Knight due to his mixed heritage wasn’t that bad, but the new double meaning that included “traitor to the kingdom” was quickly becoming an issue. This becomes obvious when he rescues Marissa from the impending jaws of a dragon, an event which she treated as almost trivial, only to be horrified at discovering the identity of her rescuer. Still Marissa agrees to the obligatory dinner to show her gratitude, which turns out to be heart-flutteringly enjoyable for the both of them, until she questions Morgan’s loyalty to Kilbourne, a matter he has made an oath to the king not to discuss. A second date finds Morgan stabbed, Marissa kidnapped by Morgan, and both of them brought face to face with the Rhuddlani spy whom Morgan was trying desperately to avoid. From here, this mostly fast-paced tale includes enough court intrigue, espionage, murder, and mayhem to satisfy the intellectual, while the seemingly star-crossed romance and well-timed humor keep the rest of us involved and entertained. This is a Knight’s tale that satisfies childhood fantasies, as well as the adult mind. The first two-pages of this book are not any indication of the depths we will soon be diving within the realm of Kilbourne. In fact, the first two pages seemed a bit over-the-top and cliché. However, they are extremely important to the rest of the story. I look back upon them as a portal of sorts that allowed me entry to into Kilbourne. I view them as a key to and a caricature of the world that soon follows where humor and sharp wit abound, but where the reader has a bit of work to do to keep up. There is a large number of names to keep track of, especially during a scene that contains a meeting of the Council. It is impossible to know who among these many names will be majorly important later on in the story. I feel strongly that if you are up to taking on this type of challenge, the enjoyment found in this book is well worth every effort. I also recommend buying this particular book in print form. Not only will there will be passages that you will wish to highlight and read again, I think that there is a unique quality to this book that deserves a physical presence. Keith W. Willis has earned himself a fan with Traitor Knight. I believe you may find yourself becoming a fan, too.
LMBryski More than 1 year ago
Traitor Knight by Keith Willis is a fun ride in the fantasy genre. It's a witty look at the difficulties of being a modern style champion in an old fashioned fairy tale. I especially enjoyed the pacing of the plot with its intriguing twists. The chapters are meaty and take you headlong into a story where iconic roles of hero, villain and victim are turned on their heads. I look forward to more, Mr. Willis!
VandeViere18 More than 1 year ago
An Awesome Read!!! Rarely does one find a hiccupping dragon, a witty damsel or a sword-wielding hero with such flair. Willis has the ability to portray every character with such ease and clarity, you leave the book believing you lived the story with them, bringing about the resolution in thanks to your own efforts. Not only is every scene seen with clarity and believability, but with humor and suspense. Never once following the mold of hero saves the damsel and lives happily ever after, he leaves you on the edge of your seat in excitement until the very end! My only complaint? Having to wait for the sequel! Which, it truth, will give me more time to reread Traitor Knight again and again! An excellent read I would recommend to anyone who enjoys romance, humor and fantasy!