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Transactions of the International Astronomical Union / Edition 1

Transactions of the International Astronomical Union / Edition 1

by Jean-Pierre Swings

ISBN-10: 9027723214

ISBN-13: 9789027723215

Pub. Date: 08/31/1986

Publisher: Springer Netherlands

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Springer Netherlands
Publication date:
International Astronomical Union Transactions (Closed) Series , #19
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10.00(w) x 7.00(h) x 1.44(d)

Table of Contents

I.Inaugural Ceremony — 19 November 1985.- - Address by Prof. M.G.K. Menon, President of the National Organizing Committee.- - Address by Prof. R. Hanbury Brown, President of the International Astronomical Union.- - Address by Shri Ram Niwas Mirdha, Minister of Posts and Telegraphs.- - Address by the Prime Minister of India, Shri Rajiv Gandhi.- - Address by Dr. A.P. Mitra, Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee.- II. Report on the XIXth General Assembly.- Agenda.- First session (19 November 1935).- - Opening of the 1st Session, Presidential Address.- 1. Formal Opening.- - Representatives of other Organizations.- - Message from ICSU.- - Members deceased since the last General Assembly.- 2. Appointment of Official Interpreters.- 3. Report of the Executive Committee 1982–84.- 4. Report of the General Secretary (January–November 1985).- a) IAU Membership nominations.- b) Report by the General Secretary.- 5. Report on the Work of the Special Nominating Committee.- 6. Announcement of.- a) Official Representatives of Adhering Organizations.- b) Representatives to vote on the Nominating Committee.- c) Acting Presidents of Commissions.- 7. Appointment of the Finance Committee.- 8. Appointment of the Resolutions Committee.- 9. Revisions of the Statutes and By-Laws.- 10. Resolutions submitted by Adhering Bodies.- 11. Resolutions submitted by Commissions or by Associated Inter-Union Commissions.- Second session (28 November 1985).- 12. Report of the Finance Committee.- 13. Financial Resolutions of the Executive Committee.- 14. Resolutions submitted by the Executive Committee Resolutions proposées par le Comité Exécutif.- 15. Resolutions proposed by the Resolutions Committee Résolutions proposées par le Comité des Résolutions.- B1: Responsibility for Time Responsabilité de l’Heure.- B2: Reference Frames Systémes de Référence.- B3: CCIR Actions Actions du CCIR.- B4: Radio Frequency Transmissions from Space Transmissions Radioeléctriques à partir de l’Espace.- B5: VLBI Coordination.- Coordination Relative à l’lnterférometrie à Tre's Grande Base (VLBI).- B6: Protection of Observatory Sites Protection des Sites d’Observatoires.- B7: Danger of the Contamination of Space Danger de la Contamination de l’Espace.- B8: Tycho’s Observatories Les Observatoires de Tycho Brahé.- B9: Endorsement of Commission Resolutions Soutien des Résolutions des Commissions.- Resolutions proposed by Commissions Résolutions proposées par les Commissions.- C1: Astronomical Constants Constantes Astronomiques.- C2: Reference Systems Systémes de Référence.- C3: Astronomical Designations Désignations Astronomiques.- C4: Space Astrometry Astrométrie Spatiale.- C5: Data Handling for Solar Research Distribution des Données de Recherche Solaire.- C6: Carrington Reference System Systéme de Référence de Carrington.- C7: Adequate Network of Solar Observatories Réseau Adéquat d’Observatoires Solaires.- C8: Working Group on Planetary Surveys Groupe de Travail sur des Etudes Planétaires Systématiques.- C9: Polarimetry and Large Telescopes Polarimétrie et Grands Télescopes.- C10: Designation of Supernovae Affectation de Noms aux Supernovae.- C11: Stellar and Solar Research at Mount Wilson Recherche Stellaire et Solaire au Mont Wilson.- C12: Recommendations of Radio Source Nomenclature Recommandations sur la Nomenclature des Radiosources.- C13: Faint Standard Stars Studies Etudes d’Etoiles Standard Faibles.- C14: Future High-Energy Space Missions Futures Missions Spatiales en Astrophysique des Hautes Energies.- 16. Appointment of the Special Nominating Committee.- 17. Nomination of new Members of the Union.- 18. Application for IAU Membership.- 19. Changes in Commissions.- a) Presidents and Vice-Presidents of Commissions (1985–1988).- b) Organizing Committees of Commissions.- c) Changes in Names of Commissions.- 20. Place and Date of the XXth General Assembly.- 21. Election to the Union of a President, six Vice-Presidents, a General Secretary and an Assistant General Secretary.- 22. Address by Prof. R. Hanbury Brown, President 1982–85.- 23. Address by Prof. J. Sahade, President 1985–88.- 24. Closing Ceremonies.- - Address on behalf of the Registered Guests by Mrs. T. West.- - Address by the retiring General Secretary, Dr. R.M. West.- - Address by the newly elected General Secretary, Dr. J.-P. Swings.- III. Report of the Executive Committee (1982–1984).- IV. Reports of Meetings of Commissions Comptes Rendus Pes Seances Pes Commissions No. Commission.- 4 Ephemerides Ephémérides.- 5 Documentation and Astronomical Data Documentations et Données Astronomiques.- 6 Astronomical Telegrams Télégrammes Astronomiques.- 7 Celestial Mechanics Mécanique Céleste.- 8 Positional Astronomy Astronomie de Position.- 9 Instruments and Techniques Instruments et Techniques.- 10 Solar Activity Activité Solaire.- 12 Radiation and Structure of the Solar Atmosphere Radiation et Structure de l’Atmosphére Solaire.- 14 Atomic and Molecular Data Données Atomiques et Moléculaires.- 15 Physical Study of Comets, Minor Planets and Meteorites Etude Physique des Cométes, des Petites Planétes et des Météorites.- 16 Physical Study of Planets and Satellites Etude Physique des Planétes et des Satellites.- 19 Rotation of the Earth Rotation de la Terre.- 20 Positions and Motions of Minor Planets, Comets and Satellites Positions et Mouvements des Petites Planétes, des Cométes et des Satellites.- 21 Light of the Night Sky Lumiére du Ciel Nocturne.- 22 Meteors and Interplanetary Dust Météores et Poussiére Interplanétaire.- 24 Photographic Astrometry Astrométrie Photographique.- 25 Stellar Photometry and Polarimetry Photométrie et Polarimétrie Stellaires.- 26 Double and Multiple Stars Etoiles Doubles et Multiples.- 27 Variable Stars Etoiles Variables.- 28 Galaxies Galaxies.- 29 Stellar Spectra Spectres Stellaires.- 30 Radial Velocities Vitesses Radiales.- 31 Time L’Heure.- 33 Structure and Dynamics of the Galactic System Structure et Dynamique du Systéme Galactique.- 34 Interstellar Matter Matiére Interstellaire.- 35 Stellar Constitution Constitution des Etoiles.- 36 The Theory of Stellar Atmospheres La Théorie des Atmosphéres Stellaires.- 37 Star Clusters and Associations Amas Stellaires et Associations.- 38 Exchange of Astronomers Echanges d’Astronomes.- 40 Radio Astronomy Radioastronomie.- 41 History of Astronomy Histoire de 1’Astronomie.- 42 Close Binary Stars Etoiles Doubles Serrées.- 44 Astronomy from Space L’Astronomie à partir de l’Espace.- 45 Stellar Classification Classification Stellaire.- 46 Teaching of Astronomy Enseignement de 1’Astronomie.- 47 Cosmology Cosmologie.- 48 High-Energy Astrophysics Astrophysique des Hautes Energies.- 49 The Interplanetary Plasma and the Heliosphere Plasma Interplanétaire et Heliosphére.- 50 Protection of Existing and Potential Observatory Sites Protection des Sites d’Observatoires Existants et Potentiels.- 51 Bioastronomy: Search for Extraterrestrial Life Bioastronomie: Recherche de la Vie dans 1’Univers.- Working Group for Planetary System Nomenclature Groupe de Travail sur la Nomenclature du Systéme Planétaire.- V. Functions and Statutes of the Union.- VI. Membership.- 1. List of Adhering Countries.- 2. Membership of Commissions.- 3. Alphabetical List of Members.

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