Transformation in Psychotherapy: Corrective Experiences Across Cognitive Behavioral, Humanistic, and Psychodynamic Approaches

Transformation in Psychotherapy: Corrective Experiences Across Cognitive Behavioral, Humanistic, and Psychodynamic Approaches

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American Psychological Association
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Transformation in Psychotherapy: Corrective Experiences Across Cognitive Behavioral, Humanistic, and Psychodynamic Approaches

This volume fills the gap in the literature on a hitherto obscure-but crucial-aspect of psychotherapy: the corrective experience as a harbinger of transformative change in the therapy process. Psychotherapy scholars Castonguay and Hill bring together leading researchers on the theoretical bases of corrective experiences and on transformative breakthroughs across various client perspectives, different psychotherapeutic forms, and treatments for specific problems such as generalized anxiety disorder and anorexia nervosa. Written for the therapist as well as the researcher in psychotherapeutic process and outcome, Transformation in Psychotherapy is a well-grounded read filled with fresh insight into the therapeutic process.

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ISBN-13: 9781433811593
Publisher: American Psychological Association
Publication date: 06/15/2012
Pages: 390
Product dimensions: 7.20(w) x 10.20(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

Contributors xi

Acknowledgments xiii

Chapter 1 Corrective Experiences in Psychotherapy: An Introduction Louis G. Castonguay Clara E. Hill 3

I Theoretical Perspectives on Corrective Experiences 11

Chapter 2 The Corrective Experience: A Core Principle for Therapeutic Change Marvin R. Gottfried 13

Chapter 3 Corrective Emotional Experiences From a Psychodynamic Perspective Brian A. Sharpless Jacques P. Barber 31

Chapter 4 The Corrective Emotional Experience: A Relational Perspective and Critique Christopher Christian Jeremy D. Safran J. Christopher Muran 51

Chapter 5 A Cognitive Behavioral Perspective on Corrective Experiences Adele M. Hayes J. Gayle Beck Carly Yasinski 69

Chapter 6 Corrective Experience From a Humanistic-Experiential Perspective Leslie S. Greenberg Robert Elliott 85

Chapter 7 Corrective (Emotional) Experience in Person-Centered Therapy: Carl Rogers and Gloria Redux Barry A. Farber Arthur C. Bohart William B. Stiles 103

Chapter 8 An Expectancy-Based Approach to Facilitating Corrective Experiences in Psychotherapy Michael J. Constantino Henny A. Westra 121

Chapter 9 Corrective Experiences: What Can We Learn From Different Models and Research in Basic Psychology? Franz Caspar Thomas Berger 141

II Empirical Investigations of Corrective Experiences 159

Chapter 10 Clients' Perspectives on Corrective Experiences in Psychotherapy Laurie Heatherington Michael J. Constantino Myma L. Friedlander Lynne E. Angus Stanley B. Messer 161

Chapter 11 Corrective Relational Experiences: Client Perspectives Sarah Knox Shirley A. Hess Clara E. Hill Alan W. Burkard Rachel E. Crook-Lyon 191

Chapter 12 Relational Events in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Three Clients With Anorexia Nervosa: What Is Corrective? Margit I. Berman Clara E. Hill Jingqing Liu John Jackson Wonjin Sim Patricia Spangler 215

Chapter 13 Corrective Experiences in Cognitive Behavior and Interpersonal-Emotional Processing Therapies: A Qualitative Analysis of a Single Case Louis G. Castonguay DanaL. Nelson James F. Boswell Samuel S. Nordberg Andrew A. McAkavey Michelle G. Newman Thomas D. Borkovec 245

Chapter 14 Varieties of Corrective Experiencing in Context: A Study of Contrasts Timothy Anderson Benjamin M. Ogles Bemadette D. Heckman Peter MacFarlane 281

Chapter 15 The Stream of Corrective Experiences in Action: Big Bang and Constant Dripping Martin Grosse Holtforth Christoph Flückiger 317

Chapter 16 Corrective Relational Experiences in Supervision Nicholas Ladany Arpana G. Inman Clara E. Hill Sarah Knox Rachel E. Crook-Lyon Barbara J. Thompson Alan W. Burkard Shirley A. Hess Elizabeth Nutt Williams Jessica A. Walker 335

III Conclusions 353

Chapter 17 Corrective Experiences in Psychotherapy: Definitions, Processes, Consequences, and Research Directions Clara E. Hill Louis G. Castonguay Barry A. Farber Sarah Knox William B. Stiles Timothy Anderson Lynne E. Angus Jacques P. Barber J. Gayle Beck Arthur C. Bohart FranzCaspar Michael J. Constantino Robert Elliott Myrna L. Friedlander Marvin R. Goldfried Leslie S. Greenberg Martin Grosse Holtforth Adele M. Hayes Jeffrey A. Hayes Laurie Heatherington Nicholas Ladany Kenneth N. Levy Stanley B. Messer J. Christopher Muran Michelle G. Newman Jeremy D. Safran Brian A. Sharpkss 355

Index 371

About the Editors 389

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