Employing a wide range of interpretive and theoretical approaches, this collection brings together distinguished James scholars from four continents to elicit new and exciting readings of a diverse array of James's fiction and non-fiction. Through their transformative acts, the essays investigate James's life-long engagement with cities, places, and tourist sites; offer theoretically informed readings of his work's textual richness; and explore his intricate involvement with social and cultural issues, such as gender and sexuality, economics, friendship and hospitality, and visual culture. Arranged under rubrics which signal the complex interrelations of Henry James as a historical individual and of the works he authored with a web of social, cultural, aesthetic, and philosophical discourses, the contributions collected in this book make a convincing case for the ongoing productivity of James's oeuvre when interrogated from new critical angles and, therefore, for its enduring centrality to the concerns of literary and cultural studies.

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Publication date: 05/01/2013
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Anna De Biasio is Assistant Professor of American Literature at the University of Bergamo, Italy. She has written essays on a number of nineteenth-century American authors and is the author of Romanzi e musei: Nathaniel Hawthorne, Henry James e il rapporto con l'arte (2006), a study of the rise of museums, tourism, and the art novel in the US. Anna Despotopoulou is Assistant Professor of English Literature and Culture at the University of Athens, Greece. She is the co-editor of Henry James and the Supernatural (Palgrave Macmillan, 2011) and Reconstructing Pain and Joy (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008) and author of several articles on Henry James and nineteenth- and twentieth-century authors. Donatella Izzo is Professor of American Literature at L'Orientale University, Naples, Italy. A former President of the Henry James Society, she is the author of Portraying the Lady: Technologies of Gender in the Short Stories of Henry James (University of Nebraska Press, 2001) and of several other books and essays.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements ix

Abbreviations xi

Introduction: Transformations Anna De Biasio Anna Despotopoulou Donatella Izzo 1

Part I Geographies of Memory and Belonging

Chapter 1 Young Henry James: The Outsider David McWhirter 10

Chapter 2 The Aliens: Italians (and James) in Italy and America Martha Banta 24

Chapter 3 Manic James: The Early Letters and Roderick Hudson Leland S. Person 40

Chapter 4 Rome as Pure Experience: Henry's and William's Early Letters Susan Gunter 54

Chapter 5 Rome Changing: James's "Lugubrious Modern Capital" Rosella Mamoli Zorzi 65

Chapter 6 Aftertastes of Ruin: Uncanny Sites of Memory in Henry James's Paris J. Michelle Coghlan 77

Part II Literary Tourism

Chapter 7 The Author's House as Tourist Space Anna De Biasio 94

Chapter 8 Traveling with(in) the Master: Tourist Rhetoric in Henry James's Theory of Fiction Carlo Martinez 110

Chapter 9 The Real Fiction: Tourism, Modern Italy, and a "Conscious and Cultivated Credulity" Tatiana Petrovich Njegosh 128

Chapter 10 "Specimens Indeed of Human Greed": The Museum of Popularity in "The Papers" Gianna Fusco 145

Part III Jamesian Friendship and Hospitality

Chapter 11 Henry James: c'est nous; Jamesian Afterlives, Part 2 Julie Rivkin 164

Chapter 12 "We Shall Never Be Again as We Were." Friendship and Fiction in Henry James Collin Meissner 179

Chapter 13 Transforming Hospitality and Friendship in Henry James: From "A London Life" to The Awkward Age Merle A. Williams 196

Part IV Jamesian Sexualities

Chapter 14 Verena Tarrant, Basil Ransom, and Compulsory Heterosexuality in The Bostonians Pierre A. Walker 212

Chapter 15 What Nanda Knew: A Truth not Universally Acknowledged in The Awkward Age Alan M. Nadel 226

Chapter 16 "If You've Had Your Woman, I've Had … My Man": May Bartram's Ambivalence in "The Beast in the Jungle" Leslie Petty 242

Chapter 17 Hysteric Subjects in The Wings of the Dove Beth S. Ash 256

Chapter 18 "The Dear Little Tobacconized Salon": Henrietta Reubell as Queer Salonnière in Henry James's Paris Paul Fisher 271

Part V Refraining James's Social World

Chapter 19 The American's Options and Futures Nan Z. Da 288

Chapter 20 Class Ties in "The Pupil" Manuela Vastolo 304

Chapter 21 Value in James's "Paste" (1899): Understanding James as a Microsociologist Maya Higashi Wakana 319

Part VI Jamesian Narrative and Textuality

Chapter 22 The Half-Life of Figures Sheila Teahan 336

Chapter 23 Disavowal and the Dialogic Late lames Style Christine McBride 350

Chapter 24 The Mystery of Character and Jamesian Antipsychology: Bersani, Cameron, Ohi Lee Mitchell 366

Chapter 25 Textual Monuments / Crumbling Idols; or, What we never knew about Henry James (and never thought to ask) Michael Anesko 381

Chapter 26 "Extravagantly Colloquial": James's Oral Phase Melanie H. Ross 401

Part VII Visuality in/and Henry James

Chapter 27 Transformation and Anamorphosis: Aspects of James's Late Artistic Vision in Relation to Holbein Alex Dougherty 418

Chapter 28 "Born but Once": Photographic (Self-)Representations and the Sociocultural Investment of Singularity in Henry James's "The Real Thing" and "The Private Life" Serena Fusco 434

Contributors 451

Index 457

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