Transforming Pandora

Transforming Pandora

by Carolyn Mathews


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Pandora, 51, childless, and still beautiful, is attempting to come to terms with her husband's death. Having a history of being drawn to the esoteric, yet remaining a healthy sceptic, she reluctantly attends an evening of clairvoyance and raises a spirit who sets her on a new path…Transforming Pandora is Book One in the Pandora Series. The full series is: Transforming Pandora - Pandora Series - Book One - pISBN 9781780997452 - Roundfire - 2013; Squaring Circles - Pandora Series - Book Two -pISBN 9781782797050 - Roundfire - 2014; Pandora's Gift - Pandora Series - Book Three - pISBN 9781785351754 - Roundfire - 2015.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781780997452
Publisher: Roundfire Books
Publication date: 01/16/2013
Pages: 356
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Carolyn Mathews has a background in English Language materials writing and teaching, with an interest in the spiritual, and an awareness of how ridiculous that can seem to others.
She lives in the UK.

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