Transforming Universities of Pakistan into Effective Organizations: Through Empowering Students

Transforming Universities of Pakistan into Effective Organizations: Through Empowering Students

by Nadeem Abbas Haider


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This book has been written in the light of significant cultural experience in the educational industry of Pakistan. This book highlights weak areas of the country's educational system and how it destroys any potential of being creative in the local students. Secondly, it conceptualizes the need to have notable level of changes in the fashion in which local educational industry is operating. However, the focus of the work is specifically on making managerial sciences more practical in nature. The opening chapter of the book establishes a clear divide between dead information and living knowledge. Knowledge is that piece of information that can be used in order to bring betterment in human life. The research conducted in Pakistani management and social sciences institutions has no practical value in the eyes of the industrialist who is majorly responsible for carrying the process of economic growth forwards. However, the work profoundly states that educational institutions must focus on real and sincere practical application of knowledge which is being professed. The universities must work in order to develop new conceptual products and services and sell them to the industrialist.The key objective of the book is to make educationalists realize the fact that they are needed to apply what they teach in order to enhance its meaningfulness. The book also discussed the role a university can play in terms of helping the students in the process of moneymaking while they study on campus. Finally, the work presented a model of modern university in the terminal chapter of the work.

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