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ISBN-13: 9781138550742
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 06/30/2017
Pages: 216
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.20(h) x (d)

About the Author


Jens A. Andersson is a rural development sociologist who has worked on smallholder farming and migration in Southern Africa. He coordinates the 'Competing Claims on Natural Resources' programme, a collaboration between Wageningen University and several universities in Southern Africa.

Michel de Garine-Wichatitsky is an ecologist and a veterinarian who has worked on livestock-wildlife interactions in Southern Africa. He coordinates the collaborative research platform 'Production and Conservation in Partnership'.

David H.M. Cumming is an ecologist who has been working in conservation in Southern Africa since the early 1960s. He is presently an Honorary Professor at the University of Cape Town, a Research Associate at the University of Zimbabwe, a freelance consultant, and advisor to the AHEAD-GLTFCA initiative.

Vupenyu Dzingirai is a social anthropologist based at the Centre for Applied Social Sciences at the University of Zimbabwe. He has worked intensively in the Zambezi Valley among indigenous communities threatened by development activities.

Ken E. Giller is an agro-ecologist who works principally on sustainable intensification of smallholder farming systems in sub-Saharan Africa. He is leader of the 'Competing Claims on Natural Resources' programme.


Frederic Baudron, Alexandre Caron, Petronella Chaminuka, Chaka Chirozva, Hervé Fritz, Chloé Guerbois, Eleonore Hellard, Ferran Jori, Billy Mukamuri, Collen Matema, Steven Matema, Jessica Milgroom, Marshall W. Murphree, Chrispen Murungweni, Amon Murwira, Tendai Nzuma, Davies M. Pfukenyi, Xavier Poshiwa, Wayne Twine and Fadzai Zengeya.

Table of Contents

Foreword. Professor Marshall W. Murphree. 1. People at Wildlife Frontiers in Southern Africa 2. TFCAs and the Invisible Peoples 3. Defining the Edge: Boundary Formation and TFCAs in Southern Africa 4. Population and Livelihoods on the Edge 5. Ethnic Heterogeneity and its Implications for Natural Resources Management on the Edge 6. On the Edge of State and Economy 7. Resource Gradients and Movements Across the Edge of Transfrontier Parks 8. Consequences of Animals Crossing the Edges of Transfrontier Parks 9. Land and Natural Resource-Based Livelihood Opportunities in Transfrontier Conservation Areas 10. Whither TFCAs and People on the Edge in Southern Africa? Index

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