Transit of Saturn

Transit of Saturn

by Marc Robertson


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Life’s major crises can be clocked by the passage of Saturn through the signs, houses, and quadrants. Each reflects an attitude—a very personal way of looking at the world. This individual view is challenged by Saturn’s return to its natal position.

The author explains and defines growth patterns and hidden purposes in light of a total person. He has created a special approach to the effects of Saturn through ego projection, struggle, action, analysis, perfection, distribution, reorientation, and finally, mutation leading into the next thirty-year cycle.

There are ages when your personal awareness and assertiveness are know only to you, and other periods when you focus on public involvement. These are simply dynamic releases of energy within a total cyclic flow of energy. Drastic changes can be devastating to one person, yet help a friend or partner delve into the deeper purposes and contents of these same activities. Look at ways to use climax periods, to move outside your intimate surroundings, or to seek sanctuary.

Natal Saturn represents the structural form of consciousness, and its movement from the birth place is one of the cycles to which people most powerfully respond because it represents changes in the projection of individual identity into the world.

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ISBN-13: 9780866901499
Publisher: American Federation of Astrologers, Incorporated
Publication date: 01/28/1976
Pages: 74
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1, Defining a Transit

Chapter 2, Saturn in the Signs

Chapter 3, Growth Set by Quadrant

Chapter 4, Saturn in the Quadrants

Chapter 5, Your Growth in Cyclic Pattern

Chapter 6, The Vital Sun Cycle

Chapter 7, The Personality Cycles

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