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Springer Netherlands
Transition Metals in Supramolecular Chemistry / Edition 1

Transition Metals in Supramolecular Chemistry / Edition 1

by L. Fabbrizzi, Antonio Poggi
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ISBN-13: 9789048144839
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 12/07/2010
Series: Nato Science Series C: , #448
Edition description: Softcover reprint of hardcover 1st ed. 1995
Pages: 436
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.04(d)

Table of Contents

Preface. Supramolecular chemistry and photophysics. Energy conversion and information-processing devices based on transition metal complexes; V. Balzani, A. Credi, F. Scandola. Transition metal redox active ligand systems for recognising cationic and anionic guest species; P.D. Beer. Ligand design for enhanced molecular organization -- selectivity and specific sequencing in multiple receptor ligands, and orderly molecular entanglements; D.H. Busch. Metal-ions: a self-assembly motif in supramolecular oligomers; E.C. Constable. Biomedical targeting: a role for supramolecular chemistry; K.A. Miller, E.A. Deutsch, S.R. Cooper. Redox chemistry of metal ion complexes: preparation of new materials; L. Echegoyen, E. Perez-Cordero. pH and redox switches based on metal centres; G. de Santis, M. di Casa, L. Fabbrizzi, M. Licchelli, C. Mangano, P. Pallavicini, A. Perotti, A. Poggi, D. Sacchi, A. Taglietti. Schiff base macrocycles and metallo-biosite modelling; D.E. Fenton. Self-assembly of mono and dinuclear metal complexes; oxidation catalysis and metalloenzyme modelling; B.L. Feringa, O.-J. Gelling, M.T. Rispens, M. Lubben. Artificial porphyrins containing cyclopropane units functioning as electron shuttles; C. Floriani. Homo and heterobinuclear metal complexes with bis-macrocyclic ligands; Th.A. Kaden. Ferrocene as a building block for supramolecular systems; A.E. Kaifer. Macrocyclic polyamine complexes beyond metalloenzyme models; E. Kimura, M. Shionoya. Towards molecular wires and switches: exploiting coordination chemistry for nonlinear optics and molecular electronics; J.A. McCleverty. Molecular interactions between metalloproteins involved in electron transfer processes: tetrahaeme cytochrome c3 flavodoxin. 1H NMR and molecular modelling studies; P. Nuno Palma, J. le Gall, J.A. Wampler, J.J.G. Moura. Supramolecular models of metalloproteins; P.A. Gosling, R.J.M. Klein-Gebbink, A.P.H.J. Schenning, M.C. Feiters, R.J.M. Nolte. The role of macrocyclic receptors in the organization of metal centres; A. Bencini, A. Bianchi, P. Paoletti, E. Garcia-España. Metallomacrocycles and clefts, receptors for neutral molecules and anions; D.M. Rudlevich, W.T.S. Huck, F.C.J.M. Van Veggel, D.N. Reinhoudt. Chiral recognition by functionalized cyclodextrin metal complexes; G. Maccarrone, E. Rizzarelli, G. Vecchio. Transition metal-directed threading and knotting processes; J.-C. Chambron, C.-O. Dietrich Buchecker, V. Heitz, J.-F. Nierengarten, J.-P. Sauvage. Expanded porphyrins. Receptors for cationic, anionic and neutral substrates; J.L. Sessler, A.K. Burrell, H. Furuta, G.W. Hammi, B.L. Iverson, V. Král, D.J. Magda, T.D. Mody, K. Shreder, D. Smith, S.J. Weghorn. Following the self-assembly process in solution; A.F. Williams, C. Piguet, R.F. Carina. Author Index. Subject Index.

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