Traveler's Tool Kit Mexico and Central America: Everything You Need to Know to Eat Well, Stay Healthy, Travel Safely, Save Money, and Have a Ball!

Traveler's Tool Kit Mexico and Central America: Everything You Need to Know to Eat Well, Stay Healthy, Travel Safely, Save Money, and Have a Ball!



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Traveler's Tool Kit Mexico and Central America: Everything You Need to Know to Eat Well, Stay Healthy, Travel Safely, Save Money, and Have a Ball! by Rob Sangster, Tim Leffel

Traveler's Tool Kit Mexico/Central America was named Best Guidebook for 2008 by

Rob Sangster and Tim Leffel are not typical travelers, nor is this a typical travel guide. Instead of rating Mexico's "best" (read: most expensive) hotels, the authors shows how to locate comfortable, affordable lodging anywhere in the country. Traveler's Tool Kit does the same for everything from dining to entertainment to sightseeing in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Belize, Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. Individual sections cover it all: drafting itineraries, calculating costs, eco-sensitive travel, unusual tours, managing money, staying healthy, woman-alone travel, and much more. Sangster and Leffel show how to connect with a network of travelers who've discovered the most enjoyable things to do and can provide guidance on how much to pay for them. The book also tells how to memorialize the adventure through photography and blogging, and even how to earn money from the trip after returning home. Sangster and Leffel are both authoritative and encouraging, drawing on years of experience to help travelers maximize the fun, savings, and security without compromising quality.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780897329842
Publisher: Menasha Ridge Press
Publication date: 06/28/2008
Series: Traveler's Tool Kit Series
Pages: 554
Product dimensions: 8.94(w) x 6.04(h) x 0.56(d)

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments     xiii
What This Book Is About     xv
About the Authors     xix
How Travel Will Change Your Life     1
Why Mexico and Central America Are Today's Smart Destinations     7
Destinations     13
The Best of Mexico and Central America     15
Mexico     15
Belize     41
Guatemala     59
El Salvador     79
Honduras     93
Nicaragua     112
Costa Rica     128
Panama     148
Planning Your Trip     165
How to Plan Your Trip     167
The Changing World     167
Choosing the Destinations Right for You     169
Factors to Consider     169
Deciding How Much Time to Take     175
How Much Do You Want to Spend?     175
Drafting an Itinerary     177
How to Choose and Work with a Travel Agent     178
How to Choose a Guidebook     182
Planning Adventures     186
Travel Resources on the Internet     187
Other Sources of Travel Information     191
How to Choose the Ideal Travel Partner     195
TheIdeal Travel Partner     195
The Organized Tour     201
Reasons to Travel with a Tour Operator     202
Reasons Not to Travel with a Tour Operator     203
Types of Tours: High Cost to Low Cost     206
How to Choose the Best Tour Operator     210
Ecological Responsibility     213
Unusual Tour Opportunities     215
Tour Operators Active in Mexico and Central America     220
Getting Ready to Go     223
Going into Action     225
Documents You Will Need     225
Hotel Reservations     237
Adventures     240
Travel Insurance     241
Checklist: What Needs to Be Done When     248
Checklist: Travel-information List     249
How to Save Money     251
Airfare     251
Lodging     265
How to Prepare a Reliable Budget     267
How to Manage Money Successfully     273
Currency     273
Traveler's Checks     273
Credit Cards     275
ATM Cash Cards     277
Debit Cards     278
Receiving Money Overseas     278
Taking Foreign Currency Along      278
Exchanging Money     279
The Merchant Shuffle     282
Bargaining: When and How     282
Travel Gear     287
Travel Light!     288
Baggage Limits     288
Choosing Luggage     290
How to Pack     298
Choosing Clothing     300
Checklist: Clothing     302
Checklist: Toiletries     306
Checklist: Miscellaneous Gear     307
Checklist: Documents to Take Along     310
Checklist: Optional Equipment     310
Checklist: What Not to Take     313
Medicine     313
Jewelry     313
Camping     313
Keeping Healthy     315
Prevention     316
13 Practical Tips     318
Minor Health Problems: How to Avoid and How to Fix     322
Checklist: Matching Medicines with Minor Annoyances     335
Major Health Problems and What to Do about Them     336
Checklist: Matching Medicines with More-serious Problems     357
Travel-medicine Kit     358
Checklist: Shots to Get before You Leave     359
When It's Time to Go     363
Checklist: Last-minute Tasks     363
Checklist: Guardian Angel     366
On The Road ("Go!")     369
The Day You Get There     371
Through the Airport     371
The Ride into Town     372
Tourist Information     373
Lodging     375
How to Find Great Places to Spend the Night     376
How to Choose Lodging That's Best for You     378
Other Innovative Choices     384
Eating and Drinking     389
How to Find Food You Really Like     389
How to Eat and Stay Healthy     391
How to Drink and Stay Healthy     394
Safety and Security     399
What Countries to Skip     401
How to Protect Yourself with a Magic Cloak     402
Where Trouble Comes from-and How to Avoid It     406
Losing Your Valuables     423
Woman on Her Own     427
How to Travel Safely     428
Language     433
How to Overcome a Language Barrier     434
Where to Get Information and Help     437
When Speaking English     438
How to Ask Questions     438
Transportation     441
Traveling by Air     442
Traveling by Bus     450
Traveling by Train     455
Local Transport     457
Car Rental     460
Traveling by Water     470
Hitchhiking     474
Etiquette     477
Customs     477
Begging     482
Tipping     484
Bribes     485
Doing Favors     486
Meeting People     487
Meeting Local Folks     487
Meeting Other Travelers     488
Romance on the Road     490
How to Get the Most Out of Your Trip     493
Communications     499
E-mail on the Road     499
Telephones     500
Mail     504
Shopping and Shipping     507
How to Prepare Yourself before Buying     508
How to Tell If It's the Real Thing     508
How to Get What You Bought     509
How to Get It Home     509
Customs     510
Remembering     515
Keeping a Journal     515
Taking Fine Photographs     517
Cameras     523
Remembering People and Places      528
The Finish Line     529
Home Again, Home Again     531
Index     533

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