Treasure Island

Treasure Island

by Robert Louis Stevenson
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Treasure Island 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 635 reviews.
Cassandraa22 More than 1 year ago
This is one of my favorite adventure stories, for anybody who enjoys action, adventure, and thrill, they should definitely buy this book. This book was so excellent I had to pass it on to somebody else so they could enjoy it just as well. I highly recommend it!
Garfield78 More than 1 year ago
I felt this was a rather good book that seemed to really start the pirate tales that have gone through to the Pirate of the Caribbean movies. I thought that the intro was also good and did explain where Stevenson got his ideas for the book, and much better than the intro for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, which I felt gave the ending away too early. I was hoping the book would be a bit more exciting, but there was enough action throughout. I have read better books, but I have also read worse, so that is why I gave this book 4 stars.
Nazire More than 1 year ago
The Treasure Island is a fascinating read. It has such original characters that has been reinvented throughout the decades. Anyone who likes sea voyage, pirate stories will love the beginnings of such stories in Stevenson's cleverly portrayed novel. The characters are fun and interesting, the plot is actionful there is always another secret to solve in the story.
tfm1066 More than 1 year ago
The novel is, of course, a classic adventure story. Unfortunately, this edition is poorly done. Among other flaws, it lacks an illustration of the treasure map, which is critical to the story. Instead of traditional quotation marks, it uses some odd invention that is distracting. I took the book to my local B & N store, where the clerk agreed with my negative assessment of this edition and where I quickly found an excellent version of the book. I bought it and gave it to my grandchildren, as was planned. The story's book was actually less expensive, too, so this all ended happily. But ditch the edition I ordered online. It is substandard.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Jim, the protagonist, is just a boy, that works at the Admiral Benbox Inn, but he can see that Billy Bones is a nervous man, always alert and watching for stangers arriving at the inn. And he has the right to be nervous, because he possesses a map drawn by Capitan Flint, the most feared pirate to ever roam the high seas.
Well, Flint died, but there's plenty of men who served with Capitan Flint still alive who feel they deserve a fair share of the treasure. The map, though, ends up with Jim Hawkins. (it's a near thing, read the book to find out how that happens). Jim confides in the local doctor and squire, who work together to acquire a ship, a crew, and provisions to sail for Treasure Island. There is a weak link though, because although Squire Trelawney is well-intentioned, he has a big mouth. By the time the Hispaniola is ready for sea, she is boarded by the old murderous mob who sailed with Flint!
There's a scene in the book where Jim, hiding in a barrel on deck, discovers that mutiny is planned. The numbers suggest that the pirates are going to take over the ship and make this journey their own, taking all the treasure for themselves. There are nineteen mutineers and seven honest men, including Jim, aboard the ship.
And now....this book will have you pining to see what happens next. This is a fantastic story of double-crossing and deceit, bravery and cowardice. I don't know how things would have turned out if Jim hadn't been involved. For it is he who finds Ben Gunn, marooned on the island, half-mad with isolation. And it is Jim who single-handedly steals the Hispaniola from under the very noses of the pirates and sails her round the island to a secret beaching place.
And do you know what happens to Long John Silver, the greatest double-crosser of them all? A true classic my dad read to me when I was young.
MacT9997 More than 1 year ago
Not An Ordinary Treasure Hunt By Mac Treasure Island By Robert Louis Stevenson 304 pgs. $4.45. (Young Adult; ages 13 and up) “Reading” is usually something a teenager doesn’t want to hear. But when you read Treasure Island, your mind goes off into to a great land where it is just you and the book. Robert Louis Stevenson created a fiction novel that makes you think. It makes you want to know what is going to happen next. You are more focused on finding the treasure in this book. What starts off a little slow turns into a great adventure on which you will embark with the protagonist named Jim. Robert Louis Stevenson, a Scottish author, wrote “Treasure Island” in 1884. Even though this book has some age on it doesn’t mean it is not good. “Treasure Island” is a classic for many reasons. “Treasure Island” is a book that will take you on an adventure that you will never forget. It starts off with a young boy named Jim. Jim and his parents own a Inn near the ocean. Jim helps out at the “Admiral Bow”. Jim met one “customer” one day that would change his life forever. They called him Captain. Captain was an odd man that created the story. The Captain’s personality was spine chilling. They said he was a mean man. He showed it when the book described this, “The old fellow’s fury was awful. He sprang to his feet, drew and opened a sailor’s clasp-knife, and balancing it open on the palm of his hand, threatened to pin the doctor to the wall.”(17). That just got the book started. There was more to come. Jim, the protagonist, was a very adventurous kid. He had to grow up fast when he learned he had to embark on a journey with a crew of older men. It took them to Treasure Island. The story got a lot more intense as it went on. It even pushed Long John to the edge. He said, “That’s enough, cap’n,” shouted Long John ,“A word from you’s enough. I know a gentleman, and you may lay to that.” (336). Tension gets high when treasure is put on the line. Long, the captain of the crew, wanted to find that treasure. Jim meets tons of people on his journey. He makes friends and enemies. He learns from mistakes. Jim learns that he can put himself apart from others and still accomplish things. As you read this book, you have to remember Jim is not an adult. He is just a really mature kid. The kid shows in him at times when he is a little too curious. He knows he can do what the other crewmembers can. Jim will prove to the people that he is not a little kid anymore. Keep reading this wonderful novel to find out what happens next. You will not want to put down the book once you start. This book will keep you guessing. There is something awesome happening in “Treasure Island”. This adventurous book will make you have chills running down your back. This book has you on the edge. This book shows you the build up to adventure, the adventure, and what happens after the adventure. When you start the journey to Treasure Island, you will be in your own world with Jim and his shipmates. This book would be a 4 out of 5 stars for me. I like it but I really don’t love pirate adventures. This is still a great read and I recommend it to anyone that loves adventure.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very awesome I love Robert Lious Stevenston
Ria Megnin More than 1 year ago
A must read for anyone interested in pirate literature.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It is an ok book but it is kind of confusing but all in all it is a good book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This Classic Literature novel by Robert Louis Stevenson is really good book has shown the  adventure and the action. Stevenson created delightful story of an amazing treasure hunt. As this novel takes place way back into the eighteenth century, the adventure started from a young  boy named Jim Hawkins having a mysterious treasure map from the most feared pirate to ever roam the seas. On this voyage, the author draws attention with rumors of betrayal among the crew. Jim discovers that mutiny is planned and is the hero of the pirate tale. I will recommend to read this book especially  the people who like action, the pirate adventure, and sensation. This has enough action for the reader to keep the interest of what happens to Long John Silver, the greatest double-crosser of the pirates in the ship "Hispaniola". I read this book back in middle school and got really fascinated. Now that I read it again, I love this classic even more.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Do not buy because there is a different book called 25 children books that is $3 and has 25 other stories includeing this title!
Cliffnote More than 1 year ago
A classic. Loved it.
BaltimoreReads More than 1 year ago
The popular image of a pirate has come to be a peg-legged, grammatically-incorrect, rum-fancying gold-seeker, usually of the selfish and corruptible variety (possibly with a parrot perched on the shoulder). Everyone knows a pirate cannot be trusted, because they are either risking their life for gold, or risking the lives of others for their own safety. This universally accepted pirate lore is largely indebted to Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island, a classic novel starring the young Jim Hawkins and his quest for treasure on an abandoned island. The story begins at Jim's home, the Admiral Benbow Inn, where his father is slowly passing away and a dilapidated old seaman has made himself at home. "The captain," as everyone calls him, steers clear of any obvious seamen, and warns Jim of a one-legged sailor. When Jim's father dies and strange and unwelcome men come knocking at the inn in search of the captain, the boy finds himself in the midst of an epic and dangerous adventure aboard The Hispaniola, a ship sailing toward the legendary island where Captain Flint buried his treasure. Treasure Island remains a cherished story to this day for many reasons. For one, Stevenson expertly crafts the protagonist, Jim Hawkins. Jim is a smart and resourceful young man. He has just lost his father, his mother is an ocean away, and the threat of death is around every corner, and yet he does anything but curl up and hide. In fact, his biggest fault is his undying bravery - his tendency to act before really thinking things through, but always in the best interest of his friends. Luckily for Jim and his comrades, such as the intelligent Dr. Livesey and the hardnosed Captain Smollett, his foolhardy actions often work out for the better. As Jim survives close shaves with the treacherous ocean and the backstabbing pirates, readers can see him evolving from a sad and scared young boy into a confident and honorable young man. Another gem within Stevenson's tale is the duplicitous Long John Silver, the peg-legged sailor that is a respected sea-cook one second and a mutinous captain the next. Silver is the ultimate pirate, always conniving and talking his way toward both treasure and survival. One never really knows whose side Silver is on, though it can be certain he is always doing what is best for himself. Stevenson gives Silver the ability to turn words and manipulate his fellow buccaneers - so well, in fact, that I often found myself wondering just what his intentions were. Was Silver really all that bad? Could he get any worse? Treasure Island is filled with mystery, deceit, yo-ho-hos, and bottles of rum - a true pirate's tale complete with plenty of action to keep the pages turning. From Captain Hook to Jack Sparrow to the popular Muppet's Treasure Island, bits of Stevenson's timeless story live on to this day. If you are interested in reading where the world of piracy and treasure-hunting first came to form, X marks the spot on Treasure Island - you're sure to find what you're looking for from the first sentence to the last. Check out BaltimoreReads on wordpress!
Anonymous 4 months ago
This book is probably one of the best books I've read. There's constant action and keeps you entertained the whole time. If you enjoy the stereotypical pirate book, then this is for you. I could read this book again and again. I would definitely recommend this book.
Anonymous 7 months ago
Treasure island is a story that will have you holding on until the end. With nasty pirates, danger on the high sea’s and plot twists around every corner it made it that I couldn’t put the book down. The story is about a young boy named Jim that battles wits with the corrupt villain Long John Silver in search for treasure. The language was archaic which made the book a little more difficult to fallow along with but it adds a good feeling to the novel that a lots of books lack. In this story Jim's parents own an inn on the coast of England. Along with the inn is a one legged retired sea captain that comes to stay there, He informed Jim to look out for his enemy. The one legged captain obviously has something of great importance hidden away, after the captain is killed Jim finds what the peg legged captain has hidden away, a treasure map. After acquiring the map Jim finds someone to fund his voyage to the treasure, a local doctor that is also very interested in Jim’s travels. But Jim’s adventure take a dark turn when the cook on one of the doctors ships is the evil villain himself, Long John Silver. The story moves on to a race between good and evil to see who can get to the treasure first. Jim has to battle to save ship, rescue his friends, and of course find the glorious treasure. Over all though I loved this book and will probably read it again some time. It’s a great read for children and young adults that have a sense of adventure.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is for adventure lovers through and through. It portrays the thrill of adventure to its utmost aspect and adds a few newer ideas into the mix as well. The characters are unforgettable and might just even have you reading the book again later in the future just to enjoy everything that it has to offer. It has a well-balanced gap between the calm and thriller moments with each chapter as well as thematic ideas that will just stay with you for a long while. Rite of passage is a clear theme and is extremely well thought out from this novel. We see a innocence tavern boy turn into a courageous treasure hunter -even if just for a short while- within a matter of chapters. Each side of the passage to adulthood can be witnessed within this book. From the innocent child to the learning teen and ending off with the experienced adult who has been through a couple of fights and knows how to deal with unseemly characters. this book also contains a well thought out beginning and ends off quite satisfying in all aspects of what this book wants to portray. One could say that Jim's life changed when the pirate nation started to barge in (totally not and Avatar reference). This book is for those who want a thrill but not wanting just everything in their face all at once. Everything comes subtly and the reader can figure out what the heck is going on after a bit of reading further. Everything gets explained sooner or later, not a single detail is worthless in this book. Everything comes back to bite you in the butt if you're not careful. Everything from a parrot to a barrel of apples has some kind of significant role with each page. Characters keep getting introduced and reintroduced so it would be mindful to try and keep them all straight. Considering that there is no way you will go into the heart of this book without hearing about a single character at least several times over. I recommend this book to anyone who wants a good read and loves to watch a boy kick some adult butt while using his new found wits and whatever else he can scavenge.
xMarix More than 1 year ago
[ Spoilers ahead! Beware!! ] In my opinion, ‘Treasure Island’ is an alright book. I think it deserves at least three stars, yet no more than that. The beginning of the book happened all so sudden and so quickly, and the reader was immediately pulled into a scenario that was confusing. At least, it felt like that to me. Not much was explained, expect for the fact that the protagonist worked with his parents at Admiral Benbow’s inn. You don’t even learn the protagonists name until page twelve! Jim Hawkins was the protagonist of this story. He was an extremely courageous child, around the age of thirteen or fourteen. Despite his young age, he matured so much near the end of the story. For example, instead of fleeing from Long John Silver, and listening to Dr. Livesey’s advice, he never dared to flee and remained brave. Most parts of the book, including the rising action, climax, and falling action, were quite entertaining. For instance, when Jim and the pirates realized that all the treasure had been already taken from the ground, it was extremely shocking. Climaxes in stories are supposed to be the turning point of the story, and hands down, this surely was. Stevenson had taken time in putting detail into the settings, because the ship of Hispaniola was described so well I could picture it in my mind. Most settings, characters, and events were all described like so, and it sort of felt like a movie reel was playing in my head. Yet the reason I’m giving this novel a three star rating is mainly due to the word choice. Yes, I completely understand the fact that this story was written to thoroughly give an example of the eighteenth century. Taking that into consideration, I was completely open to the word choice. But it was just simply too difficult for a student like me, and I ended up having to look up many of the definitions for many words Adding the factor of the slow paced opening, I just don’t really think this book is all that. Most books have some sort of glitter effect to them, making them so captivating. ‘Treasure Island’ never had that shine and sparkle to the pages, for me at least, and I wasn’t captivated too much until near the end. Due to these factors, this is why I am giving ‘Treasure Island’ a three star rating. Personally, I would not recommend this book to students. If, perchance, I was given the chance to recommend this story to an adult, then I absolutely would. I just think that the word choice is going to be too difficult for a child, while an adult might enjoy the story a lot more. Overall, I don’t consider ‘Treasure Island’ to be “all that”. Despite the interesting characters and stunning plot twists, I think there could have been a lot different to the book to make it much more enjoyable for a younger audience.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I thought this would be a great novel to start reading to my children, however this version is not edited well. Many typos and spacing/layout is quite an issue. Table of Contents is not in a usable format. Spend $.99 and get the headache free version.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love the book and movie thet are great
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
So far so good.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
There was no sample. It was barely a sample. Not buying a 4.99 book for nothing bad!