Treasures of the Louvre

Treasures of the Louvre


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As the largest museum in the world, with a history that spans eight centuries, the Grand Louvre has been described as "a museum, a palace, and a monument." Now, Treasures of the Louvre explores both the masterpieces and the rich history of the Grand Louvre in all of their splendor.

The first section presents an historical overview of the Lourvre—its earliest days as a medieval fortress under Philippe Auguste, its transformation in the sixteenth century under Francois I, the public opening in 1793, and the modern restoration— culminating with the debut of the Grand Louvre in 1993. Also discussed are the key patrons, the political backdrop, and the circumstances surrounding the most prestigious acquisitions.

The balance of the book is devoted to a magnificent display of the artwork housed in the museum itself. There are chpaters—each with its own introudction—on antiquities, sculpture, French painting, European painting, prints and drawings, and the decorative arts. Full-color image of more than 100 of the masterpieces are included, accompanied by incisive commentary.

Treasures of the Louvre celebrates the Grand Louvre as a living institution, reflecting both the history of art and of humanity.

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ISBN-13: 9780760710678
Publisher: Sterling Publishing
Publication date: 10/15/1998
Pages: 137
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