A Treatise On Diphtheria

A Treatise On Diphtheria

by William Tod Helmuth


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ISBN-13: 9781425510169
Publisher: University of Michigan Library
Publication date: 09/13/2006
Pages: 140
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autopsy, however, was permitted, and therefore the extent of the cardiac disorder could not be fully ascertained. CHAPTER III. Diagnosis between Diphtheria and other Diseases. Although, as ageneral rule, the diagnosis of Diphtheria is not very difficult, yet there are cases that have come under my own observation, and from records, under the care of others, that have been somewhat perplexing, both to the medical adviser and to those interested in the care of the patient. Among these may be noticed—mumps, scarlet fever, croup, and gangrenous pharyngitis. In any one of these diseases the locality involved and the presence of the false membrane is the pathognomonic indication, together with the odor before alluded to. Before however proceeding with any differential diagnosis, it gives me great pleasure to quote a' most interesting and at the same time rather singular case from an interesting paper of my friend Dr. Ludlam, which was read before the Illinois State Homoeopathic Association, in May, 1863. He writes thus : "In exceptional cases, the only apparent local affection in Diphtheria will be found Vide Ludlam's Albuminuria in Diphtheria N.A. Journal of Homceopatby, Vol. XII, p. 94. in the kidneys. There is no doubt but this has sometimes been the cause of errors in diagnosis and consequent want of success in its treatment. To illustrate: A professional friend, who is no mean diagnostician, brought me a bottle of urine. ' This,' says he, ' is from a little patient whose case is an obscure one, and I want you to confirm or invalidate my diagnosis.' The urine was found to be slightly albuminous. The little floculi which were barely visible to the naked eye, and floatedin great numbers in the fluid, proved, upon microscopical examination, to be pseudo-membranous i...

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