Tree Magic: Connecting with the Spirit & Wisdom of Trees

Tree Magic: Connecting with the Spirit & Wisdom of Trees

by Sandra Kynes
Tree Magic: Connecting with the Spirit & Wisdom of Trees

Tree Magic: Connecting with the Spirit & Wisdom of Trees

by Sandra Kynes


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Trees provide a gateway into a wider world of spirit and magic. This book helps you explore their timeless mysteries and work with their unique energy. Popular author Sandra Kynes shows you how to connect with the wonder of the forest and develop a deeper understanding and relationship with trees.

This practical guide introduces you to more than sixty varieties of trees, providing illustrations, lore, botanical and historical information, ritual and magical uses, associated deities, and more. Sandra offers an abundance of resources, including correspondence charts, tree and rune calendars, and the Celtic ogham. Learn about tools from the woods like staffs, wands, and wreaths. Discover what items you can use to connect to a particular tree when it's not available in your area. Whether you're looking for a tree aligned with Venus or one to aid your divination, Tree Magic is the ideal resource to bring the magic, spirit, and wisdom of trees into your life.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780738761930
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
Publication date: 06/08/2021
Pages: 368
Product dimensions: 7.53(w) x 9.28(h) x 0.00(d)

About the Author

Sandra Kynes (Mid-coast Maine) is a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids and the author of seventeen books, including Star Magic, Llewellyn's Complete Book of Correspondences, Mixing Essential Oils for Magic, and Sea Magic. Additionally, her work has been featured in Utne Reader, The Portal, and Circle Magazine. Sandra's writing also appears regularly in Llewellyn's popular almanacs and datebooks. Visit her at

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xv

Introduction 1

The Wood Wide Web 3

About This Book 3

Part 1

Chapter 1 Living History 7

Life and Creation 8

Sacred Groves and Forests 9

Mundane Gathering Places 11

Sacred Trees and Holy Water 11

Chapter 2 Getting Started 15

Working with Auras 15

Getting to Know a Tree 16

Feel the Energy 18

Move Inward 18

Chapter 3 Trees in Magic and Ritual 21

How to Incorporate the Power of Trees 22

General Purpose 22

Balance and Harmony 22

Banish and Release 22

Binding 23

Blessings and Gratitude 23

Divination, Communication, and Psychic Work 23

Fertility and Sexuality 24

Health and Healing 24

Love 24

Protection 24

Success 25

How to Use Tree Symbolism 25

Chapter 4 Tools from the Woods 27

Leaves and Flowers 28

The Leaf and Flower Altar Cloth 29

Wands 29

Walking Sticks and Magic Staffs 31

Wreaths 31

Cleanse, Consecrate, and Charge Items for Magic 32

Chapter 5 Liquid Tools and Purchased Items 35

Oils, Hydrosols, and Essences 35

Uses in Magic and Ritual 36

How to Make a Hydrosol 37

How to Make Infused Oil 38

When a Tree Is Not Available for Magic 39

Chapter 6 The Celtic Ogham 41

Ogham Inscriptions 42

The Ogham Alphabet 43

The Ogham in Magic 47

How to Make Ogham Staves 47

Chapter 7 Tree Calendars and Runic Half Months 49

The Celtic Tree Calendar 49

The Alternate Tree Calendar 51

The Runic Half Months 53

The Runic Alphabet 55

Part 2 The Tree Profiles

Acacia 61

Alder 64

Almond 68

Apple 71

Ash 75

Aspen 79

Bamboo 83

Beech 86

Birch 90

Blackthorn 94

Box 98

Cedar 101

Cherry 105

Chestnut 108

Crabapple 111

Cypress 115

Dogwood 119

Elder 122

Elm 126

Eucalyptus 130

Fig 134

Fir 138

Frankincense 142

Gorse 146

Hackberry 149

Hawthorn 152

Hazel 156

Heath and Heather 160

Holly 164

Hornbeam 168

Ivy 171

Juniper 175

Larch 179

Laurel 183

Lemon 187

Lilac 190

Linden 193

Locust 197

Maple 200

Mistletoe 204

Mulberry 208

Myrtle 211

Oak 214

Olive 219

Orange 222

Palm 226

Peach 230

Pear 233

Pine 236

Pomegranate 240

Poplar 244

Quince 248

Reeds, Rushes, and Cattails 251

Rose 255

Rowan 259

Spindletree 263

Spruce 266

Is That a Spruce, Pine, or Fir Tree? 268

Sycamore 270

Tamarisk 273

Vine/Blackberry 277

Vine/Grape 281

Walnut 284

Willow 287

Witch Hazel 291

Yew 294

Conclusion 299

Appendix A Magical Powers and Attributes 301

Appendix B Magical Connections 309

Trees by Associated Zodiac Sign 309

Trees by Associated Planets 310

Trees by Associated Elements 311

Appendix C Trees by Date 313

Bibliography 327

Index 341

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