by Doreen Gildroy


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Trilogy is comprised of three related books that make a single work. Celestial Room is about a child’s serious illness and the fear of mortal danger. Uncreated Light is about grief, a “book of the dead”; from a family in which both the speaker’s parents and her two brothers have died, she is the only one left to speak. Labyrinth On My Table, the third book of the trilogy, is about writing and poetry and voice as the means to discovering what’s authentic in one’s life. The subject of Trilogy as a whole is voice: how work is a dialogue with self, with “otherness,” and an answer to the craving to be true to the particular vision the work itself is trying to articulate: how giving rise to this articulate voice may embody the essence of being.

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ISBN-13: 9781936970520
Publisher: New Issues Poetry and Prose
Publication date: 04/06/2018
Series: Green Rose Series
Pages: 154
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 9.60(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Doreen Gildroy is the author of The Little Field of Self, published by the University of Chicago Press, winner of the John C. Zacharis First Book Award from Ploughshares magazine.

Table of Contents

Celestial Room

In The Bed 9

The House I Am In 12

Looking At The Fountain In The Sun 13

The Solitary Darkness 14

A Burning 17

Evening Song 18

Deep, Abiding 19

For Little Bodies Bodily Thrones: For Spirits Invisible 20

Viva Vox 21

How She Moves Her Hand 22

Everything Was Moving, And Not 23

As Though I Were Awakening From A Sleep 24

Anamnesis 25

My Fortieth Year 27

Offering The Agony 28

Mysterium Tremendum 29

What He Brings Me In The Morning 33

Under The Tall Trees 34

Human Documents 35

In A Museum 37

The View Of The World As She Sees It 39

The Air When She Turns Three 40

Celestial Room 42

Works And Days 43

Restive 44

Mirae Speculationes 45

Leaving The Rest Unseen 46

An Ancient Face 47

Creature Feeling 48

Museum We Enter Again 49

Night Watch 50

The Day With Both Of Them 53

Correspondence With The Heavens 54

Uncreated Light

In The Chamber Of The Voices 61

The Funeral In My Head 68

The Field 69

In The Book Of Love, For The Not Living 70

In The Heat, The Body 71

Blue Partridge 72

Uncreated Light 73

A Chorus 74

In My Mind, The Idea Of House 77

In The Open Field 80

It Is Night, In My Study 81

The Child's Dreams 83

I Will Perform The Exercise 84

The Fennel In The Garden Grows High 86

Temple Hymn 88

If I Kiss Your Forehead 89

Family Photographs 90

Though I Walk Through The Valley 94

Clear Instrument 95

Green Lion 96

In The Light (The Haze) Of The Field 98

A Requiem For The Self 99

Every Time I Am Gentle 100

A Picture Of The Universe 101

And I Would Hold You In My Arms 103

Night Bird 104

Architecture Of Light 105

With Friends In Provincetown 107

Looking Into The Natural Order 109

Cello Lessons 111

Could I Have Opened My Eyes Without You 112

When My Daughter Speaks Of The Heavenly Meadows 113

Labyrinth On My Table

Marguerite Speaks 119

The Voice 120

The Being Toward Which She Tends 121

Aperture 122

A Desperate Attempt At Beauty 123

Of The Work Of Love And Why She Has This Book Made 131

Her Professed Religion 132

More Free, And Very Free 133

Nothing Other Than To See 134

Like Wax From A Seal 135

Labyrinth On My Table 136

Ravishing Farnearness 137

When My Body Leaves My Soul 138

Her Last Name Is: Oblivion, Forgotten 140

Nor Do I Have Any Other Practice 141

Explicit 142

Inquiry 143

The Approval 144

She Is Where She Loves 145

Because She Has Given Him All She Has 146

For They Cannot Find Her In Their Works 147

Because No One Could Tell Me About Him 148

Into My House And Everything Surrounds 149

Three Beautiful Considerations 151

Here One Speaks 152

Reason And Fear And This Insatiable Will 154

In The High Mountain, Above The Winds 155

How Reason Is Surprised That This Soul Has Abandoned The Virtues 156

Deep, Large, Supreme, And Sure 157

Deo Gratias 158

Repose 159

The Soul Is The Precious Parchment 160

From The Ancient World 161

My First Born Daughter 162

An Addendum: The Voice (1977) 163

What People are Saying About This

Stephen Berg

“The so-called wall between two worlds is erased in Doreen Gildroy’s Trilogy. The tone is original and based on reverence and awe. The reader feels the mind of the speaker hard at work trying to say the unsayable. This is scary in the best sense because the so-called spiritual becomes the actual spiritual because of the writing—the delicacy of touch like much of Debussy—profound carved bewildered—a convincing rare vision delivered by a voice otherworldly but clear in a tone that captures something like unconscious prayer, unforced prayer, unorthodox prayer. The pauses and breaks are necessary to the entire effect of authentic reverence, authentic seeking. To make this kind of thing a contemporary work is a terrific achievement. It lays down a truthful visionary songtalk, addressed to the Other. Auden says ‘a real book reads you’ and Trilogy did that to me. It completely drew me into its strange grief and wonder.”

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