Trinitarian Ontology and Israel in Robert W. Jenson's Theology

Trinitarian Ontology and Israel in Robert W. Jenson's Theology

by Sang Hoon Lee


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Can Christian theology overcome its long-standing supersessionism without diluting its Trinitarian faith? Can Christian faith remain genuinely Christian when it fails to recognize the covenantal significance of the Jews? In his later career, leading Trinitarian theologian Robert Jenson's theology moves in a post-supersessionistic direction. That said, the conceptual nexus between his Trinitarian theology and his post-supersessionism is not always patent on the surface of his texts. In this book, Lee traces the post-supersessionistic development of Jenson's Trinitarian theology and uncovers the reasons why Jenson's Trinitarian theology sets out to embrace the existence of the Jews. This book seeks to show that Jenson's revisionary--historicized, ""carnalized,"" hermeneutical, and eschatological--Trinitarian ontology allows for genuine confession of the eternal triune God as the God of Israel, and that it thereby lays a firm basis for a properly Christian post-supersessionism.

""Dr. Lee seeksto clarify a relation that lies deep in my theology,and to defend my construal of it against those who see in it a fatal flaw.In my obviously prejudiced opinion, he succeeds handsomely.""
--Robert Jenson

""Lee's work points up the real and vital connection between Robert Jenson's revisionist theological metaphysics and his no less revisionist treatment of the question of 'Israel' in Christian theology. The positive possibilities for new thinking concerning the relation between 'Synagogue and Church' opened up by Jenson's account of temporality and embodiment on radically Christian theological grounds are as fascinating as they are important.""
--Philip G. Ziegler, Professor of Christian Dogmatics, University of Aberdeen

""Sang Hoon Lee exposits the post-supersessionist Trinitarian theology of Robert W. Jenson with an intellectual elan that recalls Jenson himself.Surefooted and insightful, this is one of the best monographs yet on America's foremost living theologian.""
--Kendall Soulen, Professor of Systematic Theology, Candler School of Theology, Emory University

Sang Hoon Lee received his PhD from the University of Aberdeen, UK.

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About the Author

Sang Hoon Lee received his PhD from the University of Aberdeen, UK.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments vii

Abbreviations ix

Introduction 1

1 God's Decision upon His Being: Temporal Actualistic Ontolog toward Post-supersessionistic Theology 13

2 God's Bodily Being: Body Ontology toward Post-supersessionistic Theology 33

3 God in the Jewish Flesh: Michael Wyschogrod's Theology of Israel 59

4 The Two in the One Israelite Body: Jenson's Response to Wyschogrod 89

5 God's Being in the Word-Torah: Hermeneutical Ontology 119

6 God's Spirit: Eschato-pneumatological Ontology 146

Conclusion 173

Bibliography 179

Author Index 187

Subject Index 189

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