Tripped Up Love

Tripped Up Love

by Julie Farley


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ISBN-13: 9781620155387
Publisher: Libertary Co.
Publication date: 09/21/2014
Pages: 220
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Julie Farley lives in Richmond, VA with her husband, four rarely quiet children, and her 50 pound lap dog. She chronicles her adventures on her blog at

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Tripped Up Love 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Ariesgrl More than 1 year ago
Heather Nester Meadows thought she had her happily ever after. She was married to her childhood love and had three delightful kids. However her world was tossed upside down when she unexpectedly lost her husband. Trying to manage the kids, staying strong on the outside and fending off the waves of friends filled with pity, became her daily routine over the past year and a half. That is, until a pothole struck her down during one of her morning jogs. Peter Adamson saw Heather fall and immediately rushed to her aide, but what he can’t explain is why he seems drawn to this complete stranger. Julie Farley has created a sweet romance that develops in a completely relatable world. Readers will be able to connect with Heather on an emotional level as she struggles to find her own happiness. The point of view switches between Heather and Peter, which is confusing in the beginning. Even though this is an adorable romance, the author covers two very important topics through Heather’s behavior. The first being survivor’s guilt. Throughout this whole book, Heather is coming to terms with her loss, while learning when it is okay to be happy again without feeling as though she is betraying her lost husband. The other thing that Heather struggles with is something that every reader can relate to: the role of social media. In this technology-obsessed society, has human nature suffered a blow to self-confidence due to humans being consumed with how their actions will be taken by others? During the development of this book, readers will be cheering for Heather and by the end, they will be anxious to read the rest of her story in the next book.   Notes: The author of this book, provided a copy in exchange for an honest review. This review was originally posted on the Ariesgrl Book Reviews website.
JerseyGirlBookReviews More than 1 year ago
Tripped Up Love is the wonderful story of a woman's journey of moving forward and getting a second chance at love after the death of her husband. Heather Meadows is a forty year old widow with three children, who is still grieving from the unexpected death of her husband Hank, who passed away eighteen months ago from a heart attack at the age of thirty-eight. Hank and Heather had been together for thirty-two years, he was her life, her world, her everything ... now her happily ever after was over and she feels lost and unable to move forward in her life. As a stay-at-home mom with a Masters degree, Heather's dream was to be a writer, and as she searches for a way to find normalcy in her life, she plans to finish writing her 'memoir' about Hank, their life and his death, and to get it published. While out running, Heather falls into a pothole and is rescued by Peter Adamson, a NY Times bestselling author, who was driving by when she stumbled into the path of his car. What starts out as a shining knight in armor rescuing a damsel in distress, leads to a journey of new beginnings and an unexpected second chance at love. Author Julie Farley weaves a wonderful tale of love, loss, family, and second chances. You can't help but feel compassion for Heather as she struggles with the grief over her husband's unexpected death, and the awkward transition of becoming a single mother of three children, with a myriad of humorous trials and tribulations to deal with while trying to find balance and a sense of normalcy for her family. I really enjoyed the unexpected meeting between Heather and Peter. Her clumsiness brought an unexpected and perfect man into her world, and as their relationship slowly develops, Peter would be the one to show Heather that her life can have a new beginning with a second chance at love. This is a lighthearted and humorous romance that doesn't play heavy on the sorrow of the husband's death, rather it realistically shows a woman's struggle and journey to move forward with her life as a single woman and mother after the death of her husband, and how a sweet new romance added a touch of hope into the mix. Tripped Up Love is a heartfelt and touching romance story that will give you a warm fuzzy feeling and put a smile on your face. Tripped Up Love is the first book in The New Ever After Series.
sneps More than 1 year ago
Fall in Love with this Series! Julie Farley is a gifted writer!! Within the genre of chick-lit, she balances a beautiful story that deals with the death of a loved one and the beginning of a new love. Without getting too dark, Julie still manages to create a character that is challenged with being a single mom, balancing her writing and motherhood, as well as trying to keep some sense of normalcy for herself, her children, and her family….all while under the microscope of a very nosey, tight knit community. Having lived there all her life, Heather knows the community simply want to help her deal with the grief of the sudden passing of her husband, however she really just wants to be left alone. While out running, she falls, meets a man who will not only help her pick up the pieces of her heart, but learn that it is okay to love someone else without discrediting the love and commitment she had with her husband. The story doesn’t give much detail about Heather’s relationship with her late husband, Hank. However, there are snippets that Heather reflects on, as she tries to come to grips with the fact that she is possibly falling in love with Peter, 18 months after Hank’s death. It was quite interesting to see how at ease Heather’s in-laws are with Peter, and the support they give them. Hank’s sister, while at first hesitant, does come around when she realizes that the love Heather has for Hank will never change and that both women will still be close friends. Heather’s children experience normal grief, which is both comical and heartfelt. What I loved most about the book, is that it is writtenin a way that doesn’t make the storyline so heavy, that is easily slips out of the chick-lit genre. Written with a trilogy in mind, I am hopeful that Julie will consider including more about the relationship Heather and Hank in one of the future books…especially considering how they met and at what age. Overall, I loved this story! It’s one that will make you feel good, root for Heather, and have you buying the next book: The New Ever After!-BooksintheBurbs
CoffeeGoddessTK More than 1 year ago
'Tripped Up Love' was an unexpected treasure. I happened upon this book when browsing similar titles to books that I'd purchased. I really didn't have any expectations, but I was hooked from the very beginning, and thoroughly enjoyed this story. It's so nice to see a 'real' person in a romance, a woman entering her middle years, with all of the things that often go along with it, kids, errands, just the average daily life of a lady whose life has already been well-established. I really liked every character in this book, and, even though things progressed really quickly, appreciated everything as it unfolded. I would definitely recommend 'Tripped Up Love,' and would really enjoy reading more about Peter, Heather, and all of their crew.