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Tripping With Jim Morrison And Other Friends: With an introduction by Timothy Leary

Tripping With Jim Morrison And Other Friends: With an introduction by Timothy Leary


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An artist's search for beauty, art and identity.

It is the 1960s, the hip are experimenting. What is real, what is cinema? Michael's friend Jim Morrison shares his poems as Michael shares his painting and sculpture. He makes portraits, writes about his Felliniesque childhood in Rome meeting Errol Flynn and Laurence Olivier. He discovers antiquity, Charles Chaplin and the beauty of art and style. He wants to be famous like his friend Jim! Private encounters with John Huston, Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Judy Garland, Paul Bowles, Jacques Lipchitz and others offer Michael's imagination inspiration.

A mysterious older woman takes Michael travelling, teaching him secrets in exotic locales. Listening to the Beatles, they drift East to a peaceful Afghanistan. It is all a wonderland. A time of flow. Collecting the poetry of the moment. A unique self-portrait of an artist as a young man.

Michael Lawrence's art, described by Roy Lichtenstein as "vibrant, joyous and colourful" is well-known amongst collectors. His fine, poetic words and funny stories are destined to become equally so in this coming of age tale like no other.

"My road is long. Jim's was cut far too short. These are some of our salad days, when we sat in the front seat of unfolding realities, our Venice LA and beyond. I too am Jim's fan and friend, who deeply cherishes these memories I am sharing with you. Jim's sweetness and mischievous promptings...his gracefulness, his poetic avant garde nature, his writings." Michael Lawrence, 2016

"This book is a genuine trip, a joyous, inspiring tour of the '60s." Daniel Klein, author of Travels With Epicurus

“You have poems inside your head and you have learned to explode them with firecracker tubes of paint” Ray Bradbury

“The guys from your UCLA days sent me your way, claiming your memories and stories of Jim are among the most important” Jerry Hopkins (Co-author of the Jim Morrison biography No One Here Gets Out Alive)

“I won’t try to compete with you in the word department except to say how much I enjoy reading yours.” Roy Lichtenstein

"Here is a wealth of impressions! People, places and events, famous and personal, sit side by side in curious metaphors that softly draw the reader into meditation." Timothy Leary

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780993307034
Publisher: Blackbird Digital Books
Publication date: 09/05/2016
Pages: 252
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

1. Pancakes with Jim And Mom
2. Blake's Little Lambs
3. Poem For A Helicopter
4. View From My Dashboard
5. Clay Portraits And Judy Garland
6. Salvador Dalí At The Seaside
7. Descending The Staircase With Duchamp And Jean Harlow
8. Peace Pipe
9. Ten Year Old Antique
10. Chaplin And Other Early Heroes
11. Behind A Curtain Of Flannel Pyjamas
12. Tripping With Jim
13. Poetic Ammunition
14. Self-Realization Center
15. Working With The Boys
16. Spilt Popcorn
17. Boudoirs Of Young Girls
18. Adventures With Don Quixote
19. Magical Dancing Trees
20. Beauty And Genius
21. Endless Bazaar
22. Plumtree's Potted Meat
23. Shuttlecock
24. The President's Analyst
25. Living Inside A Gaudí Building, Casa Milà
26. Candlelight On Nixon
27. A Dalí Dream, Soft Time
28. Cauliflower Opera
29. The Three Ring Circus
30. Powwow With Jim
31. The Mirror Without A Face
32. I Spent A Kiss Dreaming
33. Paris, Let Me Swim In Your Streets Forever
34. Turner, Fuckin' Turner
35. Les Deux Magots
36. Walking Into A Paul Klee World
37. Rocky Raccoon
38. Readymade Planet
39. A Passport For Jim Morrison
40. There Are No Goodbyes
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