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Triumph Over Hepatitis C: An Alternative Medicine Solution

Triumph Over Hepatitis C: An Alternative Medicine Solution

3.7 6
by Lloyd Wright

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Eight Years Ago Lloyd Wright was diagnosed with Chronic Hepatitis C. If experience is the best teacher, then Lloyd Wright is truly an expert. As a Hepatitis C researcher and author. Lloyd has developed more substantial credentials than many doctors or scientists currently treating and researching the virus. Lloyd had Hepatitis C and beat it. Standing up against a


Eight Years Ago Lloyd Wright was diagnosed with Chronic Hepatitis C. If experience is the best teacher, then Lloyd Wright is truly an expert. As a Hepatitis C researcher and author. Lloyd has developed more substantial credentials than many doctors or scientists currently treating and researching the virus. Lloyd had Hepatitis C and beat it. Standing up against a legion of medical doctors who insist there is no cure, he researched this disease and he proved them wrong. Now he wants to share this cure with other Hepatitis C sufferers.

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Triumph Over Hepatitis C: An Alternative Medicine Solution 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was extremely disappointed in this book. I bought it looking for information about natural healing for hepatitis C, which it does contain. However, in order to get to that information you have to read through page after page of Mr. Wright's diatribes about the medical profession and all kinds of unrelated political opinions. Do I care what he thinks about prayer in school or abortion? NO!!!! I was so disgusted by Mr. Wright's loose cannon approach that I stopped reading the book. There are lots of great books outh there about natural healing and hepatitis C. You don't need to suffer through this idiocy to get good advice.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I agree with one of the readers. Don't waste your money. There are better, up to date books out there. Check out "Hepatitis C Survival Secrets" from Ralph Napolitano. Lloyd Wright claims to have cured his Hep C. Maybe so, but from all the information and books I read on the subject, you can never really eradicate the virus but you can keep it in check.
Guest More than 1 year ago
It is not often that one is fortunate enough to be helped and guided by someone whose intentions are truly altruistic and from the heart. I feel blessed to have stumbled upon Lloyd Wright's book and now have even more confidence in its healing suggestions after having met the author myself. Having 'procured' the Hepatitis C virus from a blood transfusion at age 13, I only discovered that I was carrying this deadly killer in my blood, about a year ago at age 32. Not yet sick enough to be tempted to even try the frightening Interferon, I felt frozen and powerless in what I could possibly do. I had avoided alcohol since diagnosed, yet my liver level enzymes were still increasing way beyond normal. By chance, someone handed me Lloyd Wright's book and feeling I should become a bit more familiar with what I now have, I casually began to read his words and soon found myself unable to put it down. In fact, after finishing the book, I immediately phoned Mr.Wright (even though it was 2:30 am!) because I felt certain that from what I had just read, he could very well be my ticket to health through a self-empowering, natural, positive healing regimen. Despite his chaotic schedule of a life now entirely devoted to helping others 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, he kindly acquiesced after my insistance to come and see him right away. I found Lloyd Wright to be a beacon of light; he has spent more energy, time and effort educating himself fully on all aspects and all treatments for Hepatitis C. Rarely do we meet people such as Lloyd, who truly know what they are doing and care enough to help others. He is a guide, an angel, a healer and a gift to anyone who has Hepatitis C. I have only just begun the treatment, but I can already feel a new energy, a positive perspective and I have total faith in what he prescribes. Additionally, the herbs he recommends are organic, beneficial and life-enhancing... where's the harm? There is none. Only a journey to health.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Finally, the reality of the medical industry and it's employees has been uncovered. This book has given me hope that I will survive, even though my doctors put a time limit on my life. Thank you Mr. Wright for sharing your journey through sickness to health, and also for sharing your remedy for it has certainly changed my life for the better. Using the herbs and supplements you suggested has made me feel like living my life again and I know that I would not be alive today if it weren't for you and your goodness! Thank you again for sharing with us your will to live.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have known Mr. Lloyd Wright for a number of years. I observed first hand his struggle with the ravishes of hepatitis c and his frustration with the ignorance and arrogance he experenced with the traditional medical establishment, just as he describes it in his book. I saw how sick he was, and I thought he would die, which he graphicly describes in perfect detail. I also saw the effects of the healing process he went through, and how he has recovered. Mr. Wright felt compelled to share his Triumph Over Hepatitis C with lay people so they might benefit from what he learned and practiced without their going through the agony and great financial cost that he experenced. His book is not a treatise on Hepatitis C; but an account, often times humorous, of his perilous journey through traditional approaches to discovering and practicing an alternative and holistic approach with herbs, foods, and other natural products. His book, Triumph Over Hepatitis C, is a 'no holds barred' authenic account of an ordinary human being in his struggle for survival. Not only does he document the struggle, but he also lists specific remedies. Throughout the book, the author is able to interject a sense of humor and hope into what otherwise would be just a factual account. I wittnessed Mr. Wright's going from being at death's door to becoming well. I have read his book more than once and would give it a five star rating Sincerely Lyla Duguay, Ph.D. Retired Health Care Executive
Guest More than 1 year ago
I reviewed Mr. Wrights book, Triumph Over Hepatitis C prior to plublication and conferred with him on the published edition. I have read the entire volume. Mr. Wright was a patient of mine beginning in 1996 and I worked with him in developing the remedy he describes in Triumph Over Hepatitis C. I reviewed the blood tests, which are displayed in the book as he used the natural supplements and monitered a steady decline in his AST 210 (1-41) normal and ALT 245 (0-45) normal. He was bedridden, and he could not tolerate interferon treatment, which he describes in a brutally honest and hillarious fashion. Then with a good nutritional program along with a concentrated effort to take everything in the remedy he describes in his book, he started to feel much better right away, and a year later he was healthy and virus free---they couldn't find the virus in him. He has been hepatitis c free for nearly 3 years and has a liver enzyme readings of AST 23 and ALT 12.Mr. Wright's account of the events he encountered from contraction of hepatitis c to his complete recovery and the remedy that saved his life is a must read for anyone with hepatitis c, cancer, HIV and aids. This is a true patient to patient testimonial which can save new patients a lot of disappointment, trouble and money. It also is a good story that gives real hope for the patient with dire diagonosis. It would not surprise me if this book is made into a movie in record time.