Trojan Women

Trojan Women


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Trojan Women

Eleni Karaindrou has beaten the odds -- and macho Greek society -- to become one of her country's most celebrated composers for theater and film, and her music for Euripides' Trojan Women goes a long way to demonstrating just how. The performance on this ECM release, which originally took place at the ancient theater of Epidaurus, takes an excitingly avant-garde approach to this hoary classic, as Karaindrou all but jettisons Western instrumentation for the folk tones from Asia Minor. The sounds, she writes in the notes, are the sounds of her home, but ones recognizable "in all the countries wetted by the Mediterranean," from the Balkans to Turkey. Thus they are led by the Constantinople lyra, the chiming of the kanonaki (a zither) and outi (a Greek cousin of the oud), as well as the breath of the ney, a flute, and the beat of the bendir and daouli. Karaindrou's music is not "Greek music" in the folkloric sense, even as it borrows from the armory of folk instruments. Rather, it's Greek in its sense of place, her themes suffused with light and strident clarity. Building on monumental laments and themes, voiced by the Trojan Women and featuring the soprano Veronika Iliopoulou, Karaindrou makes manifest the aims of Euripides when he wrote the tragedy as a polemic against senseless war. It's a lesson that seems as relevant in the first years of the 21st century as it did in the playwright's day, and this contemplative, stirring, and at times jarring work from the cradle of Western civilization is a timely reminder.

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Release Date: 05/14/2002
Label: Ecm Import
UPC: 0028947213925
catalogNumber: 472139
Rank: 107493


  1. Voices (Constantinople lyra, ney, harp)
  2. Lament I (Constantinople lyra, ney)
  3. Desolate Land I (laouto, Constantinople lyra, harp, ney, kanonaki)
  4. Lament II (kanonaki)
  5. Hecuba's Lament (Constantinople lyra)
  6. Parodos (The land I call home) (harp, ney, kanonaki, Constantinople lyr
  7. Parodos (Home of my forefathers) (harp, kanonaki, Constantinople lyra,
  8. Parodos (I wish I'm given there) (harp, kanonaki, Constantinople lyra,
  9. Cassandra's Theme (Constantinople lyra, ney, harp)
  10. Cassandra's Trance (bendir, laouto, ney kanonaki, santouri, harp)
  11. First Stasimon (An ode of tears) (laouto, harp, Constantinople lyra, ka
  12. First Stasimon (For the Phrygian land a vast mourning) (harp, kanonaki,
  13. Andromache's Theme (laouto, Constantinople lyra, harp, ney, kanonaki)
  14. Andromache's Lament (kanonaki)
  15. Terra Deserta (santouri, daouli, kanonaki, ney, Constantinople lyra)
  16. Astyanax' Theme (suling, harp, lyra)
  17. Hecuba's Theme I (harp, Constantinople lyra, ney, kanonaki)
  18. Hecuba's Theme II (harp, Constantinople lyra, ney, kanonaki)
  19. Second Stasimon (Telamon, you came to conquer our town) (harp, laouto,
  20. Second Stasimon (The city that gave birth to you was consumed by fire)
  21. An Ode of Tears (Constantinople, kanonaki, ney)
  22. Desolate Land II (laouto, Constantinople lyra, harp, ney, kanonaki)
  23. Lament III (Constantinople lyra, ney)
  24. Third Stasimon (In vain the sacrifices) (laouto, kanonaki, harp, ney, s
  25. Third Stasimon (My beloved, your soul is wandering) (kanonaki, harp, la
  26. Hecuba's Theme (harp, Constantinople lyra, ney, kanonaki)
  27. Lament for Astyanax (Oh bitter lament, my bitter boy) (harp, Constantin
  28. Exodos (santouri, daouli, kanonaki, ney, Constantinople lyra)
  29. Exodos (Accursed town) (ney, harp, Constantinople lyra, bendir, santour
  30. Astyanax' Memory (suling, harp, Constantinople lyra)

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