Troll Or Derby

Troll Or Derby

by Red Tash


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In Troll Or Derby, fifteen-year-old Roller Deb is singled out by town bullies for both her skates, and for being different. When her popular homecoming queen of a sister is kidnapped by a scuzzy drug dealer, Deb must flee the trailer park in which she's grown up, and rescue her. Along the way, Deb becomes enmeshed in the magical realm of trolls and fairies, and the blood-thirsty version of roller derby at which these beings excel. But spending too much time among the fairies comes with a price. Will Deb choose to save her sister, with the aid of a mysterious troll? Or will she be lost to the lures of roller derby, and the blonde temptress April, forever?"Red Tash delivers again with this tale of rockin', rollin' and full metal fantasy! I love this damn book." ~Axel Howerton, author of Living Dead at Zigfreidt & Roy"This book has it all. Prophecies. Destinies. Royalty, trust, revenge. Sex, drugs, and rock and roll are doused in humor and lit ablaze with quirky snark. I blew through this book incredibly fast because I couldn't put it down. If you want a solid, fun read, then pick up Red Tash's Troll or Derby." ~Mercedes Yardley"Roller Deb is the perfect amalgam of Heather Graham (Boogey Nights) and Ellen Page (Whip It), she's a sexy ass-kicking heroine and I can't help but adore the chick! All that unleashed power is both scary and fascinating, it feels like staring into the sun. And Harlow, with his swoon-worthy name, is the kind of troll you want to fall in love with. Overall the story is crazy exciting and so fast paced you'll just keep on flipping the pages." ~ Braine of Book Reviews

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ISBN-13: 9781477583722
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/14/2012
Pages: 262
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.55(d)

About the Author

Red Tash is a journalist-turned-novelist of dark fantasy for readers of all ages. Monsters, SciFi, wizards, trolls, fairies, and roller derby lightly sautéed in a Southern/Midwestern sauce hand-canned from her mama's recipes await you in her pantry of readerly delights. Y'all come, anytime.

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Troll Or Derby 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
LilyElementBookReviews More than 1 year ago
Deb (aka Roller Deb) is an outcast that looks after her drug addict sister, Gennifer. The book starts with Deb saving her sister from a burning trailer and quickly escalates to other events that kept my on my toes. When Gennifer goes missing, Deb goes to rescue her from the drug dealer boyfriend Dave. In Deb's adventure to save Gennifer, she meets Harlow, a hunky troll that I couldn't get enough (more Harlow please!). Harlow is drawn to Deb from the first second he lays eyes on her. When he finally catches up to Roller Deb he helps her find her way throughout the paranormal aspects of the world she never knew existed. I absolutely loved Harlow's character; he's the sexy, quiet guy that isn't afraid to get his hands dirty to save his woman. So pretty much he's the guy that every woman wants in their life. I was so happy while reading because Red Tash mixed it up and had alternating points of view each chapter between Deb and Harlow. This allowed me to get a more well rounded view of the main characters and how both of them think versus how they act. Troll or Derby is one of the most unique books I've ever read. It effortlessly blends roller derby, romance, finding oneself, rescue and more in a tidy package. I found myself flipping the pages and saying "just one more chapter" so I could see what would happen next. If you enjoy paranormal books, Troll or Derby is a must buy.
JBronder More than 1 year ago
Deb lives in the small town of Bedrock Indiana. It is a little farming town and she stands out like a sore thumb. Unlike her beautiful sister that is always winning beauty titles and is spoiled by their drunken mother, Deb is into roller derby and wears dark, unpopular cloths. Because of that, she is constantly the victim of bullies and harassment. Deb tries not to let that affect her while she spends her time looking after her big sister Gennifer. Gennifer has been hanging around this drug dealer Dave and we start the story with Deb rescuing her from a meth lab fire. But things are not what they seem. Dave is actually a troll providing faeth, a version of meth that has fairy dust mixed into it that really messes up humans. Dave is also part of a mafia like family that is running the area. Then there is Harlow. He is a troll that is compelled to help Deb out that has trouble remembering his past. Harlow is linked to Deb and is willing to fight Dave and the rest of the family to keep Deb safe. I really liked this story. I love how it is told from both Deb and Harlow’s point of view. I enjoyed the story and really liked the different situations that they get into. I couldn’t figure out how the roller derby was going to come into play but it flowed smoothly. I can’t think of anything that I didn’t like about this book. I really hope that there is going to be a sequel. I will definitely be watching out for other books by Red Tash. If you like young adult fairy tales, this is one book that you will not want to miss. I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.
Daniela07 More than 1 year ago
Poor Deb can't seem to fit in anywhere. She's made fun of for her roller skating skills, her mother barely even talks to her, and her sister is the 'favorite one' who's dating the wrong kind of guy. And yet, Deb won't let these things get to her. She's tough and hard-headed, but when Deb's sister gets herself kidnapped by her drug-dealer boyfriend (who's not as human as he pretends to be), the dam slowly starts to break. Now Deb is left to face the shocking truth, she's adopted. Yeah, and her 'mother' isn't really happy with the fact that her only daughter, Gennifer, has been kidnapped. So she forces it on Deb to rescue her 'sister', or else all hell will break loose. Except, Deb's sister is in more trouble than she thinks. Because once fairies and roller-skating gets involved, just add a pinch of prophecy, mix it with a badass attitude, add some troll trouble, top it with a fierce temptress with a skating rink and viola! The perfect recipe for disaster. Troll or Derby was a whole new take on fairies that I couldn't get enough of. It was super fast and I was bursting out in laughter the entire time. I probably lost about ten pounds with the amount of laughing I was doing. This was rabid Disney on a wild rampage with a killer Tinkerbell on the loose. It was a hilarious twist that was far from disappointing. Just think about the nastiest roller-skating rink ever... got it? Okay, now multiply it by twenty and add the most rebellious, badass, female roller-skaters ever... plus all the blood and rock and roll. It's like rugby mixed with roller skating. And Tash's writing was just so absorbing that it felt like I was actually standing on the sideline, watching the events unveil. The book is split into two POVs: Halow's and Deb's. Deb is the not-so-delicate 15-year-old roller skater with the mouth that would make even a sailor blush. It was kind of funny, since she's sort of small and she cusses like all the kids at my high school bunched together into one. I loved her witty comebacks and the pure defiant attitude that made the atmosphere of the book so much more realistic (even with the killer fairies and trolls). She was the most conflicted character, torn between the choice of saving her sister or falling deeper in lust with the dangerous April. Harlow is the opposite of Deb. For starters, he's a troll and a rockstar. He's more of a protective guardian, but I loved the caring tone he gave to his point of view. The plot was impressively unique. Timeless! I have never read something like this before. The characters were original and immensely refreshing. I got hooked on the twisted version of pixies, fairies, and trolls Tash has created. There was no pause when it came to this book. I found myself staying up to the wee hours of the morning, laughing my butt off until I pr actically woke the whole neighborhood up. Troll or Derby was one of those stories that will stay with me forever. I would definitely go back to reread this one over and over again. I recommend this one to the older young adult readers. It's an amazing read that had me grinning so hard my cheeks ached badly by the end of it.
Bookblogger More than 1 year ago
Not your typical fantasy novel. Red Tash has taken some fairly standard character types (trolls, fairies, etc...) and done some pretty new crazy stuff with them. When a young woman's shallow sister goes missing she begins to find things out about herself she never would have guessed. Her (adopted) mother is screaming at her about how it is her job to protect her sister since that was the deal. Deb, the young woman, begins a hunt for her sister that will unmask some strange realities in her world including the truth about her past. The chapters in this book switch viewpoints from Deb to Harlow, her troll protector. There were a few times where the time change that accompanied a view change took some time to reorient, but other than that it was a very useful tool enabling the reader to get a much broader view of the story. The story's strength is in it's originality, the characters are great, the scenes well done, and the pacing is nearly perfect but having trolls and fairies living among us, participating in roller derby really set this book apart for me.
KCareyKC More than 1 year ago
Wow... Its been a while since books have yanked me in so far, that I almost have to pull myself back into the real world. Between Lady of the Veils and Troll or Derby, I've been reminded of why the very idea of Urban Fantasy, by my definition, appeals to me. The reader is in for a unique, one of a kind trip out of the world we know and into a world filled with variations of the fairy world we all know and love. The trip Red Tash takes the reader on is fast paced and filled with action. Each switch between Deb and Harlow leaves you wanting to know more of what you'd left, before trapping you in where you're going. While different, I enjoyed the approach of switching back and forth, as the first person view gives you insight into both of these interesting characters that wouldn't be possible in any other writing style. I picked up the book last night and started it this morning in bed. Each time I put it down was only because I had to be pulled to other things, literally forcing me to put the book down. Being out and about didn't stop me however from finishing it up when I could. To say I enjoyed the book is putting it lightly. I truly loved this story.
heather_adkins More than 1 year ago
Troll or Derby is a fast-paced, snarky ride from beginning to end. It incorporates sharp-toothed fairies, obnoxious pixies, faeth-dealing trolls, and an unwitting couple--fairy Deb and Harlow the troll--who manage to bumble along, all the while slashing through enemies, carrying around teeth and skates, and doing a little growing up in the process. Red Tash is an eloquent writer, and Troll or Derby is a fresh take on the YA genre; many people write about fairies, but not quite like this. Recommended for all ages and sexual orientations ;) LOVED!