Tron: Evolution - Prima Essential Guide: Prima Official Game Guide

Tron: Evolution - Prima Essential Guide: Prima Official Game Guide

by David Knight


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Tron: Evolution - Prima Essential Guide: Prima Official Game Guide by David Knight

*Spiral bound so you can keep your place and keep both hands on the game
*All the essential strategy you need to beat the game
*Compact size to stay where you play
*Find every TRON file and Abraxas shard!
*Upgrade your skills with breakdowns of all characters and derezz tactics for all enemies.
*Become a Game Grid champion with multiplayer tips!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780307470836
Publisher: DK Games
Publication date: 12/07/2010
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 5.10(w) x 7.80(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

Welcome to the game guide for TRON: Evolution. Now that you know the backstory, it’s time to enter the Grid. The information in this guide includes everything you need to complete the Story Mode and perform with confidence on the Game Grids. Here’s a quick look at the guide’s content.
Introduction The Story So Far How to Use This Guide System Initialization Interface and Controls Mobility Interactive Objects Combat Combos Core Discs Vehicles Light Cycle Light Tank Versions System Upgrades Collectibles Tron Files Abraxas Shards Use rs and Programs Main Characters Kevin Flynn Anon Tron Quorra Clu Radia Abraxas Zuse Gibson Enemies The Infected Sentry Scout Sentry Heavy Sentry Black Guard Light Cycle Light Tank Recognizer Story Mo de Reboot Shutdown Arjia The Combatant Identification, Friend or Foe The Approach End of Line Multiplayer Getting Started Gameplay Elements Game Modes Maps Appendix Version Stats System Upgrades Light Cycle Stats Tron File Locations Abraxas Shard Locations Achievements and Trophies

Reading Group Guide

System Initialization: In Tron Evolution, you take on the role of Anon, a System Monitor program created by Kevin Flynn. This chapter, starting on page 5, covers everything you need to know to survive in the Tron world. Learn every disc combo to triumph in combat, including every power attack associated with the Heavy, Bomb, Stasis, and Corruption discs. Primers for piloting Light Cycles and Light Tanks are also discussed, complete with controls for each vehicle.
Users and Programs: The Grid has evolved significantly since the fall of the MCP. Flip ahead to page 21 to read-up on the main characters and factions involved in the system’s complex societal and political structure. Every enemy is also covered, revealing each virus and program’s strengths and weaknesses. Use the derezz tactics included to defeat each enemy and vehicle you encounter in the game’s Story Mode.
Story Mode: Following several cycles of peace and prosperity, a new threat has emerged endangering the future of the Grid. As Flynn’s new System Monitor program, it’s up to you to investigate and eliminate this threat before it infects the entire system. Starting on page 35, the Story Mode chapter provides a step-by-step walkthrough through Anon’s adventure. In addition to providing detailed instructions for completing every battle and platforming sequence, the walkthrough also points out where and how to earn the various achievements and trophies. The locations of all Tron files and Abraxas shards are also revealed, helping you uncover even more of the story.
Multiplayer: Even after you complete the Story Mode, the action is far from over. Enter the Game Grids and test your skills against friends and other online opponents in a variety of maps and game modes. This chapter, starting on page 162, provides everything you need to get started in a multiplayer match, including the rules and victory conditions for every game mode as well as tips for each map.
Appendix: Flip to page 175 at the back of the guide for several quick reference tables including detailed information on all Versions, System Upgrades, Light Cycle stats, as well as an index of each Tron file and Abraxas shard location. Criteria for each Xbox 360 achievement and PlayStation 3 trophy are also revealed, including developer tips on how to earn each one.

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