Tropical Infectious Diseases: Principles, Pathogens and Practice E-Book

Tropical Infectious Diseases: Principles, Pathogens and Practice E-Book

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Tropical Infectious Diseases: Principles, Pathogens and Practice, by Drs. Richard L. Guerrant, David H. Walker, and Peter F. Weller, delivers the expert, encyclopedic guidance you need to overcome the toughest clinical challenges in diagnosing and treating diseases caused by infectious agents from tropical regions. Sweeping updates to this 3rd edition include vaccines, SARS, hepatitis A-E, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus, tick-borne encephalitis and Omsk hemorrhagic fever, human papilloma virus, and mucormycosis. New full-color images throughout allow you to more accurately view the clinical manifestations of each disease and better visualize the life cycles of infectious agents. Definitive, state-of-the-art coverage of pathophysiology as well as clinical management makes this the reference you’ll want to consult whenever you are confronted with tropical infections, whether familiar or unfamiliar!

  • Obtain complete and trustworthy advice from hundreds of the leading experts on tropical diseases worldwide, including cutting-edge summaries of pathophysiology and epidemiology as well as clinical management.
  • Get the latest answers on vaccines, SARS, hepatitis A-E, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus, tick-borne encephalitis and Omsk hemorrhagic fever, human papilloma virus, mucormycosis, and much more.
  • Implement best practices from all over the world with guidance from almost twice as many international authors - over 100 representing more than 35 countries.
  • Accurately view the clinical manifestations of each disease and visualize the life cycles of infectious agents with new full-color images throughout.

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ISBN-13: 9781437737776
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Publication date: 04/05/2011
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About the Author

Richard L Guerrant MD

Thomas H Hunter Professor of International Medicine

Director, Center for Global Health, Division of Infectious Diseases and International Health

University of Virginia School of Medicine



David H Walker MD

Carmage and Martha Walls Distinguished University Chair in Tropical Diseases

Director, WHO Collaborating Center for Tropical Diseases

Professor and Chair,

Department of Pathology

University of Texas Medical Branch




Table of Contents


1. Principles of Parasitism: Host Parasite Interactions
2. Factors in Influencing Geographic Distribution and Incidence of Tropical Infectious Diseases
3. Epidemiology in Tropical Medicine
4. Population Dynamics of Infectious Diseases in the Tropics
5. Social and Cultural Factors in Tropical Medicine
6. Nutrition-Infection Interaction
7. Micronutrients in Infection
8. Host Genetics and Susceptibility to Infection
9. Disease Eradication and Control
10. Travelers’ and Immigrants; Health
11. Military Populations
12. Vector Biology
13. Animal Poisons in the Tropics
14. Plant Toxins in the Tropics
15. HIV and AIDS in the Tropics
16. Immunology, Host Defense, Immunodeficiencies, and Vaccines
17. Tropical Infectious Diseases and Malignancy
18. Chemotherapy of Parasitic Diseases
19. Chemotherapy of Bacterial, Fungal, and Viral Diseases
20. Surveillance for Emerging Diseases
21. Distinguishing Bioterrorism from Endemic Tropical Infections


A. Bacterial and Mycobacterial Infections

22. Eneric Escherichia coli
23. Typhoid Fever
24. Nontyphoidal Salmonellosis
25. Shigellosis
26. Campylobacter Infections
27. Cholera
28. “Noncholera” Vibrio Infections
29. Enteric Clostridium Infections
30. Helicobacter pylori Infections
31. Meningococcal Infections
32. Genococcal and Other Neisserial Infections
33. Haemophilus Infections
34. Calymmatobacterium granulomatis Infections 37. Pertussis
38. Legionellosis
39. Meliodosis
40. Diptheria
41. Tuberculosis and Atypical Mycobacterial Infections
42. Leprosy
43. Anthrax
44. Bartonelloses
45. Brucellosis
46. Plague
47. Tetanus

B. Spirochetal Infections

48. Treponemal Infections
49. Relapsing Fever
50. Leptospirosis

C. Chlamydial Infections

51. Trachoma
52. Chlamydia trachomatis Infections of the Genital Tract
53. Psittacosis

D. Rickettsial and Ehrlichial Infections

54. Spotted Fever Group Rickettsioses
55. Typhus Group Rickettsioses
56. Scrub Typhus
57. Ehrlichioses
58. Q. Fever

E. Fungal Infections

59. Dermatophytosis
60. Mycetoma
61. Chromoblastomycosis and Phaeohyphomycosis
62. Histoplasmosis, Blastomycosis, Coccidiodomycosis, Paracoccidiodomycosis
63. Penicilliosis marneffei
64. Candid Infections
65. Enomophthoramycosis, Lobomycosis, Rhinosporidiosis, and Sporotrichosis
66. Pneumocystosis

F. Protozoan Infections

67. Enteric Amebiasis
68. Intestinal Flagellate and Ciliate Infections
69. Intestinal Coccidial Infections
70. Malaria
71. Babesiosis
72. African Trypanosomiasis
73. American Trypanosomiasis (Chagas’ Diseases)
74. Leishmaniasis
75. Free-Living Amebae
76. Non-intestinal Flagellates
77. Systemic Coccidian
78. Microsporidiosis

G. Nematode Infections

79. FilariasisLoiasis and Mansonella Infections
80. Onchocer
85. Angiostrongyliasis
86. Other Tissue Nematode Infections
87. Enterobiasis
88. Trichuriasis
89. Ascariasis
90. Hookworm Infections
91. Strongloidiasis

H. Cestode Infections

92. Overview of Cestode Infections
93. Taeniasis
94. Cysticercosis
95. Diphyllobothriasis
96. Echinococcosis
97. Other Cestode Infections

I. Trematode Infections

98. Schistosomiasis
99. Liver, Lung, and Intestinal Fluke Infections

J. Viral Infections

100. Measles
101. Human Herpesvirus
102. Smallpox and Monkeypox
103. Influenza Virus
104. Enterovirus Infections, Including Poliomyelitis
105. Rotavirus Infections
106. Calicivirus Infectins
107. Astrovirus
108. Hepatitis
109. Overview of Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers
110. Arenavirus Infections
111. Bunyaviral Fevers
112. Hantavirus Infections
113. Other Bunyavirus Infections
114. Filovirus Infections
115. Yellow Fever
116. Dengue and Dengue Humorrhagic Fever
117. Alphavirus Infectins
118. Rabies

K. Retroviral Infections

119. AIDS and AIDS-Related Infections

L. Ectoparasitic Infections

120. Arthropids, Tongue Worms, Leeches, and Arthropod-Borne Diseases


121. Health Advise to International Travelers
122. Gastrointestinal Symptons
123. Fever and Systemic Symptoms
124. Eosinophilia
125. Cutaneous Lesions
126. Hepatobiliary Diseases
127. Pulmonary Diseas
133. The Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Coinfecting Tropical Infectious Diseases
134. Travel-Related Health Concerns Associated with Extremes of the Environment

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