Tropical Interiors

Tropical Interiors

by Elizabeth V. Reyes, A. Chester Ong
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Tropical Interiors 1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As we entered the history classroom, we all knew at once thatour fears had just been confirmed. BORINGGGGGGGGG!!! Everything, and i mean everything either had a third layer of dust or just plain boring stuff that had rotted over the years. The room was pretty much i winecellar without wine. It wa cold, drafty and it reeked of old stuff. The tables were set up in rows so eberyone would be facing each other during class. There were books stacked to the brim of the shelves that went all alon the perimeter of the room, even the door. I took my seat across from this girl named maddy, and on either side of him were a boy named tom and a girl named emily. I talked with them for a few minutes about marder and the origami until a finger touched us on the shoulder. Yes, i know wjat your thinking, US! AS IN ALL OF US! So at the same time, everybody turned around to find walls of book shelves. Nothing. We searched around the room and suddenley stopped when we heard a soft raspe chuckle. We slowly turne back around to find us all staring at a man, lying right there on the table, with a ruler raised and aimed at a boy who was using his com. CRACK!!! The ruler struck home. A soft cry of pain, and then a whistle through the air as the com hit the man smack in he face. Next part coming!!! Darksunstar